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Cannabis prohibition is criminal

The war on pot has not made society safe.

The war on pot has made the only known non toxic anti cancer treatment illegal.

The war on pot was always a populist, self serving lie.

The war on pot has criminalized normal human behavior.

The war on pot is the best thinking of our worst politicians.

The war on pot benefits drug dealers.

The war on pot is the child of the war on communism.

The war on pot wasn’t intended to be won.

The war on pot is racist.

The war on pot exposed the whole world to American government tyranny.

The war on pot has destroyed human freedom.

The war on pot teaches us to put ideology ahead of scientific fact.

The war on pot highlights the systemic corruption in politics.

The war on pot created the for profit prison industry in America.

The war on pot makes criminals rich and police rich.

The war on pot means police are the enemy.

The war on pot means children can easily access drugs from criminals.

The war on pot allows violent men to legally be violent.

The war on pot distracts the pubic from the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs.

The war on pot is a war on nature.

The war on pot is supposed to be everlasting.

The war on pot means liver failure to chronic pain sufferers.

The war on pot was forced on us by old, white, racist men.

The war on pot made it easy to divide and conquer the public.

The war on pot is morally wrong.

The war on pot shows us we need to wake up and revolt against the system.

The war on pot allows police to bully and harass gentle hippies.

The war on drugs protects big pharma’s drug dealing turf.

The war on pot has failed just like alcohol prohibition failed before it.

The war on pot has perverted our justice system.

The war on pot is America’s fault.

The war on pot has failed.

The war on pot must be resisted.

The war on pot is a war crime on humanity.

Cannabis is medicine and big pharma doesn’t want you to have that kind of control over your own life. Come join us defeat the war on pot. Jai Kali Ma

Cannabis is medicine, just ask GW Pharmaceutical

sativex medical cannabis

Clark French is a multiple sclerosis sufferer. Out of all the medication availabe today, cannabis is his best option. The UK government allows cannabis to be grown and processed by a company called GW Pharmaceutical. They put cannabis extracts into a bottle, label it Sativex and hey presto, cannabis is legal in the UK. What a beautiful little trick. Cannabis is clearly illegal to grow in the UK but when a bunch of pharmaceutical executives lobby their friends in government, Sativex is born.

Cannabis is schedule 1, which means it has no medicinal benefit, Sativex is schedule 4. GW has made something very illegal into something very useful and all for a huge profit. Until money leaves medicine, we must always be wary of anything they say. Big pharma have and will continue to sell us drugs that are dangerous to human health. Cannabis is in the process of destroying the old big pharma world. Today it is understood by the progressive element in society that pot is a powerful medicine. The older you are, the better cannabis is for your health. If you are sick, at the very least, your pain will decrease, you will sleep and eat better and you will get high. GW have scientists and doctors telling you that cannabis is good for you. UK government officials are fighting to have Sativex sold in as many countries around the world as possible. We have to tolerate this situation until our slower witted members of society figure out that cannabis is the cure to ill health rather than the cause. Up to half of pharmaceutical drugs can be replaced by cannabis. The video below highlights the problem of sick citizens being denied affordable health care. Big business can be replaced by Buy local. We don’t have to have giant corporations holding our health in their profit accounts.

So now it is your turn. Talk about the hypocrisy of legal GW cannabis and illegal everyone else’s. Join or start your own activist group and lets start taking back control over our lives. Our governments don’t know what is best for us, and they certainly have no authority over how we choose to heal ourselves.

Last summer for German cannabis prohibition

Claudia Roth cannabis Germany


How many German politicians does it take to legalize cannabis? The Vice-President of their Bundestag (parliament), Claudia Roth is the latest senior politician to call for a sensible approach to the plant. Her Green party is pro cannabis. In a recent interview she spoke of the strange reality of allowing six million drunk people party in the streets for Oktoberfest but then turning around and jailing cannabis users. Cannabis is a safe, healthy alternative to alcohol. Conservative German politicians may have a problem with cannabis, but when you look at the science, legalizing the plant is the only rational course of action.

Germany is at a tipping point. The prohibition of marijuana has failed. We have made convicts out of decent human beings and given huge sums of money to criminals. Instead of discussing grow hygiene standards and best practices we are stuck debating the legal status of the plant. For the rest of the German politicians, just in case you didn’t hear, cannabis is a health supplement. Coffee is more dangerous than the plant and after following our capitalist masters to the brink of planetary destruction, I think it is finally time to stop digging this petroleum fueled hole and take a break. Prohibition of something that is healthy for you is both insane and criminal. If some old German political leaders are uncomfortable with change, then they can find a bunker and try to wait it out, but for the rest of the politicians, it is time to embrace cannabis.

If you are in Germany, you can support your local cannabis social clubs or help set up a new one. This will be our last summer with prohibition so enjoy watching the crusty old politicians flap about in confusion. The evil plant was not evil, it was just marketed that way by big pharma and other commercial competitors. They say, in order for bad men to triumph, it only requires good people to do nothing. Well, we have made doing nothing an art form. Our world is polluted and our food is toxic. Your government doesn’t give a fuck about you so it is time to start thinking for yourself. Join the cannabis revolution and help put science in charge of public policy rather than a bunch of joyless, old, white hypocrites.



England about to fall to cannabis

europe cannabis England

In politics, sometimes they float an idea before publicly adopting it. Police commissioner Ron Hogg was that ballon. Last week he announced that his force would not be pursuing individuals for growing and using an amazing health supplement(cannabis). How did the public react? They didn’t care. A few of the hysterical conservative types threw a bit of a fit but most had nothing to add or were supportive.

Now the fun really starts. Cannabis is a big part of English society. This has been hidden from view but the changes in the way police deal with this issue means that normal, peaceful human beings can get on with their lives without some uptight official judging them with the force of law. There are organizations and individuals that have been working hard for this moment. Norml, encod and community groups like Teeside cannabis club have taken the fight to the authorities and guess what, they have won! It is now up to the cannabis community to finish off the job. Get involved in cannabis activist groups or go along to events to show your support. The summer of 2015 will go down in English history  as the year that saw an end to the nonsense of police trying stop people healing themselves with a God given herb!

A poem to the end of cannabis prohibition

cannabis prohibition

Feet dangling from this dock, fresh ocean breeze swirling.
Sunrise, sunset.
Waiting for the mad dust to settle down.
The herb is healthy. No amount of wealthy campaign contributions will change that.
Broken bodies needlessly filled with toxic medication.

Politicians look down on the people.


The people don’t care to follow what is happening.

Too busy being distracted.

What a cruel laugh is being had at our children’s future.

Each of us bears responsibility for our broken society.

There are no easy options left.

Words and protests are part of the carnival.

The real perversion in society is our inaction.

So I sit on this dock, breathing in the clean air.

Getting stronger and more determined.

Provoking the unity that is so desperately needed to save the planet.

Just ask the cocksure Nazis.

In the end, truth wins.

In the end, the evilness of inaction is over come by its arch-rival, action.

Our day will come.

cannabis prohibition

Jai Kali Ma

How to get cannabis legal everywhere

cannabis activism


When we look at the political system through our cannabis activist eyes, we see a giant structure that doesn’t represent us or the scientific facts. One of our favorite subjects here at praguepot is to talk about the big money corruption that has kept cannabis illegal. We now know that organically grown cannabis is a healthy alternative to alcohol as well as being an amazing, non toxic medicine. The pharmaceutical and alcohol industries will lose huge profits when the herb is once again embraced by society.

As an activist, it is hard not to get blinded by the financial strength of these industries. I have been mentally wrestling with this for a long time. The political system has been corrupted by money. We can clearly see that the will of the people comes second place to the entity that will secure the re-election of our greedy political leaders. Politicians are only human, worse, our government members are egotistical, sociopaths. They are going to do whatever is in their personal interest first. If that means voting down healthy cannabis while allowing toxic, lethal pain medication, then so be it.

So how do we shift the political system back in our favor? Well, in my mind at least, it should be quite easy! Politicians use big business money to conduct research on the electorate. They then put that data into slick advertising campaigns to capture our vote. Politicians don’t care about the issues they are advocating on. They are reading off of a script and are nothing more than skilled snake oil sales men and women. We are always looking at the battle ground of votes. But we have forgotten one thing. We are the voters. Big business spends money influencing us. The internet and its social media platforms can give us a direct voice in the political system. There is a cannabis activist in Indiana, who is looking to get elected to the local council. What if, he made a public social contract with a regional group of people on a specific social media platform to work on their collective, real time behalf. When issues arise that need decisions, he puts it out to the forum and after debate, the communal will is observed and voted on. Obviously the people within the social platform would have to be clearly identified, but with your personal Facebook account that is possible. So the politically activated group directly participate in the governing process (once elected!!) through a designated, honest individual. That individual only represents the will of the collective consciousness of the group. Instead of focusing on what divides us, we can focus on the much greater common ground. These things can start small but solidify into larger, effective counter weights to the corrupt, unrepresentative system we have today. I spend a lot of time speaking and learning on Facebook cannabis activist pages. The network of individuals are already online. We just need a new way of doing things. This can really work and all it requires is that everyone, besides the general cannabis sites they visit, establish new, geographically specific areas. Instead of; friends of cannabis Facebook page, have Manchester/Hong Kong/Boston/Durban/St Petersburg friends of cannabis Facebook group. We have to brake down into our local areas to gain real political momentum. Once our political overlords see us organizing, they will most likely react and start taking our sacred herb more seriously. This is direct action that can be done from the comfort of wherever you are reading this from.

As a member of one of these groups, being educated on the issues is important, so is speaking to friends and family about these subjects. Our votes plus our family and friends votes will be enough to change the world.  For too long, governments have been dividing and conquering the people. We have everything we need to unite right now. This is the real fear those in charge have, that we would organize online and express our uncorrupted will on the political system. For example, cannabis should simply be legalized. Develop hygiene standards for growing and processing the herb and then leave it to the people. Spend local government resources in the way that benefits the majority of the community rather than the tiny elite that currently benefits. Start practically bringing green technology and thinking into the heart of government and start using our militaries for peaceful purposes. Look at the Italian army, they are growing medical marijuana. If this isn’t the best use for an army then I don’t know what is. We don’t need oil wars any more, we need collective political groups declaring war on  pollution and corruption. Solar, wind and hydro energy is real and only requires our political voice to have them embraced by a polluted society.

This can work. It requires people all to be tuned into the same frequency; love and compassion. If there is one group that have that, it is the cannabis activist community. The power is with us, it is just a matter of expressing it in an organized, collective way. We can’t afford to wait any longer, it is time to act! It is time to start our online revolution!







Why fight for cannabis

cannabis rights

The prohibitionists have done an amazing job. Say marijuana to one of our less enlightened brothers or sisters and they immediately think of brains frying and the short step to crack whores giving hand jobs at the back of bus stations. You have to give it to them. They really, really did a great job vilifying the non toxic, health giving plant. They would have gotten away with it to, if it wasn’t for those pesky kids talking about the beneficial effects of the plant on the internet.

So why should we fight for cannabis? It is freely available anyway right? We must fight because our pot rights are important. It is the coming out issue for the next generation of politically activated young people. We have watched with horror as big business has dominated society. The government doesn’t mind pollution or systemic corruption but it does mind people using a healthy alternative to alcohol?

We must fight for our rights because if we don’t, we will wake up in a police state if we are not there already. Our phones and computers have taken us into the next phase of human evolution but they have also allowed a control obsessed government to track us to a frightening, George Orwell 1984 level. This new generation must put science at the forefront of political decisions. Cannabis is an effective, non toxic medicine which should be embraced quickly and decisively. America is in the middle of a low level civil war between the racist system and oppressed minorities. Europe is dealing with a tsunami of traumatized African refugees. Asia is trying to cope with climate change as well as an ever growing China. If we want things to change, then we will need much more straight talk. Politicians are famous for talking out of their arses, considering the lethal threats today, do we really want this type of representation? Do we want puppets, bought and paid for by big business tellings us it will be all right if we only vote for them one more time?

Cannabis is a beautiful battle between the generations. On the prohibitionist’s side, they have all the hot air and bluster but they also have the keys to the city whereas the pro pot camp has all the facts and science  but don’t have a unified voice yet. To argue against the obvious medical applications of the plant is ridiculous, even recreational users are medicating. They have lower stress levels and a much lower risk of getting diabetes. If you go into your local hospital emergency room on a Friday night, it will be the drinkers populating the room, not stoners.

If we don’t fight for this right, which right will we take a stand on? The right to privacy? GONE. The right to protest? GOING. The right to live in a safe, unpolluted world? GONE. We have tried ignoring our way out of the problem and guess what, the politicians just did what the greedy capitalists told them to do to the obvious detriment of society.

We must fight for cannabis because it can unite us as a new generation dealing with a shit storm of problems. Our current leaders thinks it is a good idea to deal with the debt crisis by creating a vast ocean of new debt. Instead of using this new made up money to help society they give it to banks and their corporate masters while leaving us to rot. They go to war against our interests, and they couldn’t care less if cannabis cures cancer. They get their big mansions and sleazy boardroom jobs anyway. It is up to us, look away if you want, but in the end we will have to deal with this problem so why not pack a peace pipe and get started!! Social media has brought us together. We wanted cannabis legalized and it will be legalized. There is no end to our collective power and unlike older generations that then use power to personally profit, we can focus on healing the planet and creating the kind of world that would make Gandhi proud.

cannabis rights

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