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What is the European Church of Cannabis about

cannabis european church

After you get over the shock that there is a real European cannabis church, you might wonder, what is it about.

Our church is helping to unite growers of the holy herb. Within the cannabis community, there are different people and roles. The happy hippie to the grandma stoner business woman, cannabis is used by a complete cross section of society. The growers of the herb are a unique part of this clan. They are the ones with supreme patience. They understand the plant. They grow and die with each harvest. These are the priests of our group. Our church is full of people who love the herb. You don’t have to smoke or have dreadlocks, you just need to have love and respect for yourself and everyone else.

The prohibition of cannabis tried to stamp out more than just the plant. Authorities don’t like friendly, open, thinking people who question why the world is the way it is. The war on drugs was a very real war. Only police had guns however, and they used them to steal liberty from some of our peace loving, cannabis community members. If you are a member of our church, these police actions, are legally speaking, religious persecution. The plant we love is a powerful medicine, it is non toxic and natural. There is no scientific reason why cannabis is illegal. Alcohol is perfectly legal and much more dangerous than cannabis, so as I said, the authorities just don’t seem to like us. Telling the truth in our modern world, is a crime. Our societies have grown used to politicians and officials who lie in double speak.

Our Church pre-dates all laws on cannabis. The European Church of Cannabis is the Reformed Church of Mithras. Mithraism was the religion that Christianity never wanted you to know about. Mithraism was the last strong pagan religion before Christianity took control. Most christian religious symbols come from Mithras and other Pagan faiths. Mithras’ birthday was 25 of December for example. Mithraism has seven levels. Each time a member gets initiated into a deeper level, the ceremony uses cannabis to celebrate. It has carried out these rituals for only the last 4,000 years!! The church consists of small groups, usually not more than 40 or 50. Our European church is reformed Mithraism, because unlike the old religion which didn’t allow women, we welcome everyone that is friendly and open.

It isn’t until we gather together, that our real strength is understood. We are non violent and we expect our freedom to live according to our personal beliefs to be respected. The state plays a very important role as managers of our societies, but they do not get to dictate how we should live. We are supposed to have natural freedoms. Our church is not about one specific place, yes in time we will have real religious spaces but we are the rebirth of an ancient religion which always begins in our own hearts and minds. As soon as you want to be a part of the church, you already are. You can conduct a sermon on your own or with a group. We need people from every European country. We can start with a small number that is organized. With a little divine intervention we will be uniting against state cannabis oppression. When we are together, we are strong. This world works on highlighting our differences and keeping us all separate. When someone joins our church from one country, he or she can go to any of the other churches and be treated like a local by their fellow clan members.

So that is it, not too complicated. It is a church that promotes the responsible growth and use of cannabis. When I was at college in Ireland someone found out that you needed 20,000 people to officially call themselves a jedi, and then the religion became a state sanctioned thing. We can do the same for this religion. Prohibitionists aren’t fighting fair, instead of scientific facts they confuse the argument with emotions and bluster. In the future you will be able to download your registration form and Id card. You print it out yourself and send us an email to officially register you. There are at least 25 million cannabis consumers in Europe. Growers and consumers have many organizations that are fighting for them but our church is cutting right to the center of the act of consuming cannabis. With our card in your pocket, you are being religiously persecuted. Without the card, the cops can feel you up and invade your god given right to privacy. We need to work together. Join us on Facebook and TSU.CO

Setting up a cannabis church for Europe

european church cannabis

It is a stormy morning over here in Prague. Every so often, early summer can put on one hell of a lightening show. A friend and I have been working on a European church of cannabis. What started as a half serious conversation has turned into a firm intention to set the church up. There are many reasons to form a church. It would piss off the prohibitionists to have to deal with us on our high horse. Bringing religion into it gives us a moral argument and it is a new approach. We sat down and tried to work out commandments and rules for our new religion. In the interest of full disclosure, I would call myself a devout believer in some parts of mystic Hinduism. Meditation is a big part of Vedic Tradition and I spent years playing with this.

So when we started to form our church it was important that we could be a faith that fits in with other religious traditions. With Remco, we spoke of what we imagined the future of our church to be. Besides the social media presence and the flyers at cannabis events, what else did we want? I wanted somewhere by the sea, Remco wanted a big grow room in the basement. As Europe staggers out of the worst economic crisis since the second world war, surely there is the perfect place for our church to help with the healing. Somewhere for a main community space. Sleeping and eating quarters and enough land for us to grow organic food and obviously herbs. I still have my own beliefs, but having a spiritual place, where we could gather and spend time not taking ourselves or life to seriously sounds interesting.

european church cannabis

Our European church is in a constant state of evolution. Initially it was about helping to fight prohibition, but as we scratched the surface, little things started connecting. I only knew Remco through Facebook and tsu.co. We are from different countries but found out we have cannabis friends in common. Then as we kept researching how to apply for official European status for our church we stumbled across the Cult of Mithras. Before Europe fell to the Catholic church there were ancient pagan religions. The church of Mithras was a popular one. It was an all male club and they got up to some pretty strange things. There are deeper and deeper levels to the religion. To pass onto the next level you must go through a cannabis ritual. The groups would meet in cellars and caves. At the height of their popularity they were spread right across Europe. Then I learnt that Mithras is also in my own Vedic religion. I don’t really know if there is a god and after life, but if there is, maybe god or whatever it is, is putting little sign posts for us to follow.

european church cannabis

The first thing we agreed was to reform the old religion. No longer would women be excluded from the Church of Mithras. We can embrace what we want of the religion, between all of us the collective will, can be fine tuned. Obviously as cannabis is still very much illegal in Europe we can’t say if the church has met up yet. We definitely can’t talk about the initiations that have happened. The European Church of Cannabis is the Reformed Church of Mithras. All the kinds of things that you would expect are in the user manual. Love each other and try to live in sync with the world rather than trying to smash and grab it. Live with respect for the world, work hard at the things that you love and remember to enjoy the ride. We all have things to teach and learn. Sharing within a community feeds our spiritual souls.

european church cannabis

The church of Mithras hasn’t seen the light of day in about 1,600 years. The religion asks you to keep developing yourself. Keep evolving into the perfect version of your authentic self. We are a church filled with people sharing their journey along this spiritual path. For someone, learning how to grow a cannabis plant is their spiritual journey. With instructions, a little dirt and some sunshine you can follow and participate in the lifecycle of the holy cannabis plant. Others will one day be able to join us to learn how to make healthy pot infused food and ointments.  When we have a base for our church we will have four month retreats where people come to learn how to grow with us. As for when the church will be set in stone, we will offer our cannabis gods hard work and hope they will smile on our efforts.

We already have our first female member, Elena from Serbia. She does not realize the weight of history on her shoulders. The ancient religion never had a woman before. In a thousand years time, each word and sentence that we record from Elena will be examined and interpreted anew. Unlike Jesus, who got recorded 300 years after he hopped out of a cave, Elena will be recorded in real time. If you would like to help us record, get in touch. We need more people and energy! Until we can gather under one roof, we may rest under separate ones.

So as the city of Prague awakens, a new green shoot has broken the surface. We know the police don’t want us to grow and share cannabis but our religion wants us to. Gently, Lord Mithras speaks to me from a flaming bush. Try not to make the new religion seem too crazy he says, and don’t make us out to be serious. If you don’t have laughter throughout your day you aren’t following me properly. Learn how to grow. Don’t underestimate yourself. When your heart and soul is in something, you sleep wonderfully, so give it a try. These words come directly from Lord Mithras. Both he and Goddess Kali are blazing a trail for us to follow.

Come join us on Facebook and also on our tsu.co page.

The European Church Of Cannabis

European church cannabis

I have heard whispers about a new religion. Somewhere in Europe there is a bunch of devout herbalists with a story to tell about peace and love and happiness. Dodging CIA x-rays they have remained under cover so far, but it is getting out. Their religion is beginning to gather momentum. They have commandments but the bishops keep forgetting to write them down and their strict laws and bi-laws don’t get upheld because the police priests keep getting distracted by a humming noise. Anyway, the game is up. The stiff, straight-laced, handsome Europeans have given birth to a cannabis church of their own. They have established a protestant cannabis church that doesn’t believe the American churches have spoken to saint Bob as directly as the European ones have.

One of the last things Saint Bob was believed to have said was, ” you have to give it to them Europeans though man”. I think it is quite clear what this means. The church doesn’t want America getting all the glory. Its members are praying that their prohibition free dream doesn’t go up in smoke. The European Church is being set up because it is to religion, what cannabis law is to justice.

I sat in on a church service last week and it was quite moving the way the pastor said a few kind words for all the family and close friends of the victims of the Colorado Cannabis death epidemic. What the main stream media hasn’t told you is that Colorado has the highest Cannabis over dose deaths in the world. The pastor sent round a basket for a collection. The money was going to buy flowers and chocolates for the after service.

Some of the rich Swiss members have decided to flip the American model on its head. The European church is actually paying a subscription to its members instead of the normal other way round. A Danish accountant said the Swiss would go bankrupt if the church ever got going, to which the Swiss made a grunting sound. It was reported that one of the Swiss then called someone a swine, but because it was never made clear who was a swine, the matter was dropped. After a tense, but good natured pause they all went back to pointing out how different the European church was from either the First Church or the Unified Church of American cannabis.

When I asked about the church’s beliefs, the pretty young lady on my left said their beliefs stemmed from the stem of a cannabis leaf. Breathlessly I asked had she ever seen Jesus or Elvis in a cannabis leaf. She asked if I was feeling alright. I didn’t know if her line of questioning was a religious test, or maybe a hazing of some kind so I just said I had a couple of edibles before the service and I always get like this. The church itself was a normal looking, severe Calvinist interior design. Splinter giving wood forced the outer world madness back from the freedom loving sanctuary that is the belly of the congregation. The herb is the prophet. Just as Jesus before it, the herb is bringing a message of love and hope that flies in the face of the power obsessed over lords. Use the herb and try not to act too weird. A Czech asked if anyone had written the commandments down yet. Everyone looked at the Belgian half secretary. Go fuck yourselves, I never asked to be the half secretary, so I won’t be made responsible for scribing our sacred truths.

This went on for hours. The Dutch were ignoring the French. Who in turn over compensated by laughing loudly at everything the German delegation said. When the service was over, a large group of riot police came bursting through the doors. All you adults that are exercising your freedom are under arrest. Up against the wall, and spread them naughty legs. As the cops got busy touching up the hippies I quietly jumped out the window. I thought to myself, a church like this would be fun to join. I can’t wait to see the commandments, I hear they are supposed to be amazing.

The cannabis religion

cannabis religion

Sheltered from the last of the bleak winter that folds around the old, wood built cabin that passes for their church, these cannabis evangelicals are in surprisingly good humor. Each Tuesday they meet and discuss their faith. Sometimes traveling miles so they can sit and contemplate life from within the warm embrace of their church. Recently the congregation has grown, they are now looking for a larger chapel to help them spread the word. Due to the persecution they get from non believers, the church has remained a closely guarded secret.

The familiar, loving experience that is a visit to their weekly service, stands in stark contrast to the prohibition horror stories each member has had to endure. They have all, quite literally suffered for their faith. Myself and about 30 other people take our seats when the pastor moves to the raised oak pulpit. Lily has been the head of this group for more than 25 years. She is a gentle, dignified looking woman in her middle age. As she beams down on us all, you can feel the room tuning into her frequency.

“Welcome everyone, I hope we don’t have any members left stranded out there in the blizzard”. Lily went on to tell us about the role she sees for the church, as well as sharing wisdom and humor. The church is to be an example of compassion and evolution she said. We are here to share experiences, to embrace ourselves and the wider community. She reminded us that this is our one and only known chance to live and celebrate the here and now. All of creation is a sacred gift for us to enjoy. We must rediscover sharing and cooperation if we are going to  build the perfect society which allows both us and the natural world to thrive.

We begin with ourselves. Finding out who we really are is a sacrament. Trying to live by the standards that Mother Nature has given us is a fundamental goal. In short, trying to be the best version of ourselves. Once we understand who we are and what direction we would most prefer our lives to take, we get on with it. Make it happen and help those around you that want the same thing. It is your religious duty to be in a constant state of learning. We are here to evolve. You have to judge your actions based on the entire consequences of those actions. We are part of the problem until we become conscious enough to do our part to promote a better society.

She spoke at length about our duty to be authentic. Working together is more fun. Sitting in a grey, work cubical and punching things into a computer is not the full expression of humanity. It is a perversion. We were not meant to be seven billion strangers on the planet. We are family, Asian cousins, Indian uncles and European aunts. At our root, we are all from the same species, sharing the same bit of rock hurtling through infinite space and time. The non believers that oppress us believe that they are outside of nature and are masters of it. This is the same situation as when a small child throws a temper tantrum at its mother because she will not let the child play in the busy street. We are from nature, we are nature and it is time to become a more natural society. We have amazing technology and intelligence, so lets start channeling that smarts into practical things that can save the planet. Modern society is sick. Consumerism has not turned out to be anything other than a business scam to pollute the planet while benefiting only a handful of sociopaths.

The vision Lily has for society is beautiful. I don’t know if it was the ideals or the wicked white widow that made me tune into the church. All I know is that I will be attending next Tuesdays gathering. As we become adults there is a certain amount of disappointment that comes with growing up. Things keep changing. Those golden yesterdays will fade whether we like it or not and in the end, the only thing we really ever have is the present moment. Look around you, this is it. The perspective we choose to view this moment with however, is up to us. Looking up at Lily I choose to see the world as a smile. I don’t know how practical this religion is, but I sure hope it catches on.