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Cannabis and cultural conditioning

cannabis propaganda

Cannabis plays a major role in stopping cancerous tumor growth. It treats chronic pain, Crohn’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, headaches, period pain, relieves nausea, helps fight diabetes. . .

The list can go on and on. When the dust settles on this ridiculous pot prohibition nonsense, we will see cannabis at the very center of natural healing. We needed pharmaceutical companies but their need for ever increasing profits has led to their corruption. A little light reading from Steven Brill’s article in the Huffington post reveals the deep rot within the industry. It seems that publishers of scientific journals have warped into the propaganda arm of the pharmaceutical industry. Big pharma make a drug and do some research. This research is then “peer-reviewed” by the same publishers that take money directly from big pharma. Real life in a capitalist system means you do what you are told by the person that pays you. Big pharma pays, so we get published data saying exactly whatever the sales team for that drug wants. There are clear cases of big pharma knowing that drugs are dangerous for peoples health but are sold to the doctors and public as safe. This is criminal behavior, but it is also normal big business behavior.

cannabis propaganda

So we know that cannabis is a powerful medicine and now we understand that big pharma controls not only the politicians and doctors, but also the scientific journals. Based on this, it is clear why cannabis has not been embraced as a life saving natural gift from Mother Nature. Marijuana can replace half of the pharmaceutical products on the market today. We can fairly easily grow cannabis, so what is a cut throat business man to do? Sit back and let the natural healing power of pot ruin their business or fight to crush the knowledge that cannabis is healthy for you using the same media channels they use to flog their prescription drugs. Now factor in that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest and most powerful industries on the planet. They own the political system, they own the newspapers, they own the police so basically they own public opinion.

cannabis propaganda

Recently a news story broke that cannabis causes diabetes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Cannabis actually regulates your body’s sensitivity to sugar and can drastically reduce your chances of getting diabetes. The headline still screamed that cannabis causes diabetes. This is just the latest in a long line of bullshit claims from big pharma. Pot is healthy for you. All independent research on cannabis turns up positive data on cannabis’ effect on our health.

cannabis propaganda

Our planet is being poisoned. One in every two people will get cancer in their life so the cancer fighting properties of marijuana has never been more important to global health. The problem is there is huge resistance to this new information. Big pharma cannot allow cannabis to replace their toxic drugs. It is the death of their mega industry if they do. Plush board rooms, private jets and massive pay bonuses corrupt. Lobby money to anti-pot politicians, dishonest scientific data and constant negative news stories all total our present day situation. The general public still thinks that cannabis is dangerous and unhealthy. This period of history will be known as the corporate dark ages. Profit has been placed in front of public protection. You cannot trust mainstream media because it is the voice of big business. Thankfully we now have the internet. We can communicate with like-minded individuals, we can organize and share information. It is now our turn to communicate with society. It is up to YOU to help change our culture. We have a lot of work to do but lets start with ending the needless suffering of sick people. Lets get cannabis legalized so the most powerful, non toxic medication can be available practically for free for everyone. There are amazing activist groups out there. Join them or if there isn’t one close to you, set one up. It is the humble, locally based community activist groups that will change the world. Get busy, be local and never stop fighting for what is right !!!

cannabis propaganda

Israel will shut anti-drug department

Israel cannabis

Israel is a world leader when it comes to cannabis. In a further sign of the country’s intentions, it will now shut down the government anti-drug department. Gilad Erdan, the Minister for public security said that closing the anti-drug department will do two things; save tax payers money and finally end the war on cannabis. The anti-drugs department has been in the news recently when its general director, Yair Geller was arrested for corruption. Closing down the department means Israel’s government can focus on a scientific based approach to pot. This is another leap forward for cannabis. We can only hope that other countries can take up this example.

Drink alcohol you pussy

Drinking alcohol is an acceptable vice. Cannabis, just to remind you, is an evil, corrupting activity. If you look at the American intoxicant landscape, the big alcohol drug pushers are the good old boys just  giving America a little fun on the side. At this point it is useful if you actually have a glass of vodka because it makes the rest of  the argument a little easier to swallow. Violence, both domestic and random acts, are inspired by booze. Mayhem on a Friday night ending with a bunch of half wits standing around filming out of control child adults in an almost ritualistic fashion. But just to be clear, alcohol is the good drug. It has been at the heart of every Super Bowl and American holiday. Yes it is true that it is viewed as a poison by your body. If you can’t break it down and expel it quickly enough then you my friend, will die. Alcohol is addictive and promotes the rotting of ones insides in a slow, meandering way. But in fairness to the drug, it can be fun and relaxing if you only have a few glasses.

If you consume a well grown cannabis sativa strain then you will have a similar buzz to a few drinks. Being talkative and social are side effects of the plant. Happiness rather than aggression is promoted and while you are blissfully chatting with friends the plant is healing the inside of your body. Sounds like a good deal right! You get to relax and have a little healthy, stress free fun. Maybe it might be helpful for the reader to have another glass of vodka at this point. You see, the bad drug (alcohol) is actually sold as being good, and the good drug (cannabis) is labeled as bad/wrong/evil/dangerous/immoral. We have had our minds made up for us with years of cynical propaganda. Yesterday’s alcohol prohibition criminals are today’s upstanding members of society. Forget about Al Capone, now slick boardrooms are filled by money loving capitalists who have grown fat on the legal alcohol heist.

The anti pot side (the dark side) have given up trying to have a sensible debate. Before the internet we had limited access to real information but since the turn of the new century we have been surfing an information tsunami. From our sweet government’s point of view, we have a dangerous amount of knowledge. The free internet debate is the first attempt to limit the uninhibited flow of information. Back in the last century  government and corporations monopolized what we heard and read. Today, smart arse punks like praguepot can deliver science and facts that compete with corporate propaganda. While we don’t have the same budget at praguepot, we do have access to the same knowledge.

We don’t need more proof. Government is lying to us and are dead wrong to enforce cannabis prohibition. Medical marijuana is real. Expensive medication that is toxic for our bodies can be replaced by the plant in many cases. Last night this writer went to bed with a pain in his lower back. I took a cookie before falling asleep knowing that the powerful anti inflammatory nature of the herb would take the pain away and begin to quickly sooth the problem. Today, not only was the sun shining, but the pain and stiffness was gone. This is a tiny personal example of what the plant does. From chronic pain sufferers to cancer patients, the plant promotes the healing of damaged bodies. For recreational users, organically grown cannabis is an excellent health supplement. Studies show it protects the brain and promotes Neurogenesis (grows new brain cells). It is not weird or wrong to choose pot over alcohol, it is the evolved, smart choice.

Our world is full of violence and aggression, ironically the plant that promotes the opposite emotions has been attacked with aggressive ignorance. We owe future generations a better world than the warring, polluted planet we have today. We need change, a move away from capitalist inspired ideals of greed and isolating hate. Today’s decision to get involved leads to tomorrows unstoppable momentum, so get busy reading and then get active in your local area.

Russell Brand discusses marijuana

Russell Brand is one hell of a human being. Smart, funny and all round positive vibrations emitting from the chap. Obviously good old pot is in the news quite a bit these days. The anti pot people have no science to back up their position. They just keep saying no, and we are supposed to accept it. Well I am afraid some of us have a problem with that. Pot is good for you. It helps grow new brain cells for goodness sake! Anyway, here is some of Brands thoughts on the herb.

Cannabis kills cancer

I know it is hard to believe that cannabis is the exact opposite of what the government has told us. Propaganda is a powerful tool. It is only in the last ten years that we have had the internet and access to mass information. What did we find? Surprise, surprise the government really don’t know it all. In fact they are paid by legal bribery(lobby money) to act in big business interests, often to the detriment of society.

The video below is an amazing 36 second wake up call. Cannabis kills cancer cells. Imagine yourself in a doctor’s office. Clean and business like with a confident, reassuring doctor in front of you. Then he or she drops the bomb on you. You’ve got cancer. Now see how amusing it is to have a known cancer fighting substance being inaccessible to you. Cannabis saves lives. Lets not wait until it is us sitting in that chair before we give a damn whether pot is legalized or not. Lets spread the word and welcome pot in from its exile!

What happened to the cannabis edibles halloween poisonings outbreak?

cannabis propaganda

The anti pot side will use and say anything to create fear around marijuana. Just before Halloween we had to watch and listen to factual seeming reports on how many children would be poisoned by pot in Colorado. It is amazing how low these conservative minded dinosaurs will stoop to get what they want. What is more amazing, is the fact that these people’s predictions get reported in the media. Yes there is a bigger game being played. Big pharma, the alcohol industry and the law enforcement industry all have a vested interest in having these stories played out to scare the public, but when a blatant scare story is all you have left you are in trouble.

We need to find the people who clearly just imagined edibles being given to little Sally at Halloween and then reported it as fact, and make them apologize for creating fear. Since when did your imagination count as fact? The media loves reporting fear. Our governments can get away with doing the bidding of their corporate sponsors when they have a public that is afraid. All these new fears is like the later stages of a doomed religious cult. THEY are coming, we had better arm ourselves to the teeth and prepare the poison.

We live in a world where marijuana is seen as a threat but bombing working class people in other countries is a good idea. Where a natural alternative to toxic medicine is a jailable offense but polluting the land gets rewarded with government grants and tax loop holes? Hello?? Join local community groups, get active because lord knows we need a change and the political parties of today cannot give us the change we need. They are business as usual and nothing more. They have nice shiny media marketing tactics but they do not benefit us. Organize locally and then connect with like-minded groups nationally. We don’t need more fear stories about cannabis, we need scientific research. We must take our rights and shed much needed light on the truth. United we are the country. Divided we are simply fearful consumers of rubbish.

cannabis propaganda


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