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Prague cannabis

It starts with a seed, an intention

Prague cannabis

With love and care

Prague cannabis

Knowledge and patience

Prague cannabis

Something new is formed

Prague cannabis

Mother Nature’s misunderstood gift

Prague cannabis

Breathing life back into the concrete jungle

Prague cannabis

A piece of peace

Prague cannabis

To free the modern human animal from self imposed stress

Prague cannabis

The beauty of the here and now

Prague cannabis

Woven into the fabric of the sacred herb

Prague cannabis

Winking and sparkling for our inner child

Prague cannabis

We don’t need permission

Prague cannabis

We don’t need a license

Prague cannabis

Our children’s children will shake their heads

Prague cannabis

What were we thinking to prohibit it

Prague cannabis

To drink in the ignorance and fear the politicians were selling

Prague cannabis

Our freedom and love comes from within

Prague cannabis

Jai Kali Ma

Freedom to choose cannabis

cannabis freedom

Our modern societies have governments drunk on power. Innocently enough they sought to protect the public from crime and then terrorism but has ended up trying to protect us from ourselves. An over protective government is in theory a noble state, add in the warped, corrupting influence of big business, and you get the mess we are in today. Cannabis is, without doubt one of the healthiest substances modern man interacts with. From its anti inflammatory properties, to the calming of damaged nerves, marijuana is a powerful medicine. We are expected to work ten hours a day, maintain an image of success and pick our over stimulated route through the urban jungle of modernity. Promotions, deadlines, office politics. No time to catch your breath or ask, does this life fulfil me?

Powerfully manipulative advertisements are placed at the center of our worlds, whispering that they have the answer to happiness. Buy this jumper, consume that drink, consume consume consume before that big dark hole in your soul swallows you up! Modern society is choking our human potential. Yes we have had huge technical advancements but also devastating poverty. Society has lost balance because only wealth has a voice or a choice.

So what has any of this nonsense got to do with cannabis I hear you ask. Well the two competing forces in society, that of the controlling government and its profit seeking corporate masters have created a legal landscape where alcohol and prescription drugs kill vast numbers of people but remains legal and cannabis, which has scientifically been proven to kill cancer cells and repair our health is illegal. Huge business interests in the pharmaceutical, alcohol and law enforcement industries stand to lose obscene profits as soon as the prohibition of cannabis is lifted. Lost profits rather than the benefit or harm to society is the deciding factor for marijuana’s legal status.

Slowly (too slowly) the science is getting out on pot’s medical benefits. Stress is one of the great silent killers of our society. There is no medication to rival the anti stress properties of marijuana. In spite of the criminal status of the plant a large minority of the population has consumed the plant at some point in their lives. In time, cannabis will be known as one of the greatest natural medicines known to civilization, but for today, you are a criminal in need of incarceration. The freedom our forefathers fought for has been stolen. Grey bureaucrats and vicious business interests have replaced our freedom with self-serving regulations. I didn’t give permission for a government to choose my lifestyle. I don’t accept that government knows more than this new internet generation. We now have the same level of information and guess what? Cannabis cures cancer. They knew this back in the mid 70s but decided not to share this information with civilization as it wasn’t politically advantageous. Government is criminally wrong on cannabis.

cannabis freedom

Colorado has had a year of legal cannabis, and the only changes seen in society have been positive. Accidental prescription drug overdose deaths are down by a quarter, in the longer term, as cannabis replaces alcohol we will most likely see less liver damage and tension related illnesses. In two American states and Uruguay the citizens are free to use cannabis if they choose. That leaves the rest of the planet, tens of millions of people to remain engaged in criminal behavior, as the law would see it. Cannabis users are making the healthy choice when they decide to consume cannabis over alcohol. The mind expanding plant doesn’t lead to lawlessness and degradation, it leads to a higher state of consciousness and a feeling of connection to both ourselves and Mother Nature. The consumerist ethos of modern society has outlawed this relationship with nature. Until we have our cannabis rights returned to us, the system itself is the problem. Just like we look back at past generations and marvel at their ignorance, future generations will be scratching their heads at pot prohibition, especially after it was known that it cured cancer.

A hippie thought on cannabis legalization

cannabis hippie

In a capitalist society, there is no value on something until there is a monetary value prescribed. Unlike other intoxicants, cannabis is a consciousness expanding substance. I hope small, organic growers don’t get pushed out of the industry but once pot gets into main stream society there will be social change. The snarling consumerist society is killing the planet. Mother Nature is an old and wise gal, so it isn’t a coincidence that cannabis is coming into the light now just as the decay of our modern world is beginning to show. A decade from now we will see the results of cannabis in society.

I am predicting a healthier society. Both spiritually and physically better off. Cannabis comes from nature and reconnects us to our planet. The world is ripe for change. This system only works for a handful of people. We only put up with greedy capitalism because we are too busy just trying to survive. The old white male that dominates society says pot makes you lazy. Working three jobs without health insurance is not a productive use of your life. Capitalism values profit, cannabis values the human being beneath.

Big money is developing strategies and distribution channels for their new commodity but they don’t realize that pot is going to change the world. The frequency that our current capitalist society wants us on, keeps us obeying authority. This authority is controlled by massive corporations that only care about profit. Breaking people down into consumer units is big business’s fantasy land. Like a hamster on his wheel we run in virtual circles accumulating a home, it’s contents and a car or two. To pay for this we enslave our one and only life by doing whatever work pays the most.

Cannabis illuminates the folly of this kind of life. We are not born into this world to service the debt that society places around our necks, we were born to express our true nature. Dreamers and philosophers have just as important a role to play as scientists and accountants. Our world must move past capitalism, we are not units, we are from nature and through pot legalization a growing number of people will see capitalism as a parasite. So go ahead greedy hedge fund money managers, go dive and make a pig of yourself in this new green herbal industry. The joke is on you, once your fat little face has been filled, the new industry you came to exploit will change the game. Wall Street says greed is good, but the truth is, it is a sin. A billion dollars is a made up concept that has tricked us into working long hours away from our loved ones. We have one duty here on earth, to fully express who we are, and contrary to capitalist ideology, you can’t fully express yourself in a grey little cubicle. Jai Kali Ma

Buying marijuana in Prague

Hello? Can you hear me? Ollie, it is me Frank. I want to buy some weed man.

Who is this?

Ollie it is me, remember?

Meet me at Namesti Miru church in half an hour.

buting marijuana Prague

So began one of the most painfully awkward pot purchases of my life. Ollie was starring in his very own James Bond movie. I was doctor Evil and he was going to out fox me in the end. Ollie was a thick set, giant of a Nigerian. I had met him on a drunken Prague night out and he gave me his number promising me marijuana beyond my wildest dreams. I stood, and then sat on the old gothic church steps at Namesti Miru as the minutes dragged along. It was a crisp, bright March day with a screamingly blue sky. I wanted some pot to lift my spirits. Little did I know, that I was being watched. After 45 minutes I got a call.

Hello, this is Ollie, are you a cop?

Yes Ollie, I am a fucking cop. I am standing around freezing my nuts off to bust you for the two grams of bush weed that you have stuffed down your trunks.

So you are cop?

No Ollie, that was a joke.

Ah, ok, meet me at the corner of the square in five minutes then.

Jesus wept, this wasn’t going well. I stood for a full minute debating my next move. This was clearly turning into an assault course purchase, and the question was, do I have the patience for it? A key factor in my compliance with his new directions was the fact that he had weed, and I didn’t. Standing at my new position, I finally saw Ollie walking towards me.

Follow me, Ollie 007 Bond whispered as he walked straight past me.

I had come too far now, I was physically and emotionally invested in seeing this sorry tale to the finish. Around the corner I strided to catch up.

What the fuck Ollie? What’s with all the drama.

They are watching us.


The government.

Oh dear, do you not remember me from the other night. We were in that Irish bar doing shots?

Look man, how much coke do you want?

Ollie, I said on the phone I was looking for weed. Do you have some?

Yes, yes. We will have to take a tram though.

On the tram we got. Ollie, sweating profusely now, trying to make light chit chat while maintaining his new ambition of selling me coke.

Coke is a lot of fun, he said.

buying marijuana prague

I can see from your current state that you are having a hell of a laugh I thought.

No thanks Ollie, coke isn’t really my style.

Half the city later we arrived at a rasta bar. Ollie said it would be polite to buy a beer before we got the weed. I had wasted the last couple of hours, and to be honest, I deserved a beer. We sat in an empty green and gold Jamaican themed dive bar. The bar man and DJ (yes there was a DJ at 3:30 in the afternoon) were staring at me like I had walked in with ebola. In my mind, I knew eventually this day would end. I just didn’t know how or when!

Ollie got the nod from the barman. They both disappeared into the tropical darkness as I thankfully sipped on my cold, familiar Pilsner beer. It is times like this when you wonder, is this worth it? Yes I like getting stoned, but at what cost? The government thinks it is bad, you know what, maybe they are right. I mean they wouldn’t just straight lie to . . .

Ollie came back with a big grin. A coke grin which I hope at least included some weed for me.

Here you are my friend.

He had done it, Ollie 007 Bond had defeated his paranoia and successfully obtained marijuana for a broken spirited customer. What a guy.

Do you want to smoke with us? I had evidently passed some obscure test.

Smoke with two coked up dudes that just made me jump through pot hoops, well I guess it would be rude not to !!

buying marijuana prague