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New research, cannabis effectively treats cancer

One World Cannabis

Our scientific friends over at One World Cannabis have been very busy. They are a leading cannabis research company. I met Dr. Yehuda Baruch, director of research, earlier this year and he excitedly told me about cannabis replacing up to half of  pharmaceutical medication currently on the market. In One World Cannabis’ latest scientific trials, they tested cannabis’ ability to fight cancer. The results and amazing. Cannabis kills 60% of Multiple myeloma, a cancer of plasma cells in the bone marrow while leaving healthy cells unharmed.

We live in a strange world were this kind of headline gets reported on a small site like praguepot but is ignored by the main stream media. Cancer is a real threat to us. Over the next two decades, cancer cases are set to increase by 70%. Cannabis is a vitally important tool to fight this epidemic, so learning how to grow pot is a very good idea. One World Cannabis operate from Israel, which is the leading medical cannabis country in the world. Pot is already prescribed for chronic pain and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in Israel. Contrary to media reports, Israeli patients who use cannabis have not turned into zombies and very few, if any negative side effects have been observed.

It is time to cut out the bullshit. Cannabis is an amazing medicine and all governments in the western world know it. To keep pot illegal is a criminal act and should be resisted. Forget the stereotype stoner, sick people are suffering because they don’t have access to cannabis. A chronic pain sufferer can have liver failure due to pain management drugsI have personally seen someone going from shoveling 18 pills a day to using just cannabis to manage chronic pain. Pot is a natural substance that makes our bodies thrive but unless we keep pressure on our governments, big pharma will continue to poison sick people while a natural, healthy alternative goes to waste.

What does the upcoming UK parliament cannabis debate mean?

UK cannabis

After a successfully organized and run online petition to legalize the production, sale and use of cannabis, the UK parliament must now debate the subject. British cannabis activists should be very proud of their efforts. Over 200,000 signatures were collected.  For establishment politicians this is a nightmare. They are under huge pressure from pharmaceutical lobbyist money to kill any cannabis debate. A chronic pain sufferer has to take a handful of toxic medication every day. Cannabis can replace all these pills and allow the patient to lead a normal, healthy life. The way our political systems have developed, politicians and business are far to close to each other. This relationship causes things like pollution and prohibition, but when people  stand together, our prostitute politicians will do as they are told.

On Monday, 12th of October we will witness a piece of political theatre. We will see a parliament debate on cannabis attended by only a few MPs and little media coverage. The establishment does nice business with pharmaceutical companies. Big pharma has evolved from a life giving industry into just another ATM for giant corporations. Selfish politicians want to give the impression that this is not an important issue. They are thinking of campaign contributions instead of looking at the science on cannabis. It is clear that cannabis is one of the most amazing natural medicines known to man.

Here is a list of 700 scientific studies that show the medical benefits of the plant.

Politicians have tried imprisoning, then laughing at this issue. That hasn’t worked so they will give ignoring the public’s demands a try.  What they don’t realize is, we will never stop pushing for medical cannabis. The establishment has portrayed cannabis users as hippie stoners but the truth is very different. Cannabis is a creative fuel as well as the best, non toxic medicine we have found. We are not lazy, we are committed. Why should we live in a world were only billionaire companies get to control medicine. Look at your history books, every greedy concentration of power and money has ended in people getting needlessly hurt and killed. Opioid pain medication kills thousands of people each year in the UK. Of all the drug overdose deaths, 82% is from prescription drugs. We do have a drug problem in Europe, but it is the legal drug dealers that are causing the most harm. Alarmingly, new statistics tell us that one in every two people will get cancer in the UK. Cannabis is a known anti cancer tumor substance. Each time you use cannabis you are lowering the risk of getting cancer. Imagine the mind that believes they have the right to prohibit you from protecting yourself against cancer!

We are firmly on the road to cannabis legalization. This is important to people who suffer in silence. UK activists are dedicating their time and energy so now lets all stand up. Together, we can change this war torn, polluted world. Below are a list of fantastic UK organizations. They are filled with friendly, dedicated activists, and they need your help.

United Patients Alliance

Teeside cannabis club

Norml UK

Clear UK

UK cannabis clubs


Last summer for German cannabis prohibition

Claudia Roth cannabis Germany


How many German politicians does it take to legalize cannabis? The Vice-President of their Bundestag (parliament), Claudia Roth is the latest senior politician to call for a sensible approach to the plant. Her Green party is pro cannabis. In a recent interview she spoke of the strange reality of allowing six million drunk people party in the streets for Oktoberfest but then turning around and jailing cannabis users. Cannabis is a safe, healthy alternative to alcohol. Conservative German politicians may have a problem with cannabis, but when you look at the science, legalizing the plant is the only rational course of action.

Germany is at a tipping point. The prohibition of marijuana has failed. We have made convicts out of decent human beings and given huge sums of money to criminals. Instead of discussing grow hygiene standards and best practices we are stuck debating the legal status of the plant. For the rest of the German politicians, just in case you didn’t hear, cannabis is a health supplement. Coffee is more dangerous than the plant and after following our capitalist masters to the brink of planetary destruction, I think it is finally time to stop digging this petroleum fueled hole and take a break. Prohibition of something that is healthy for you is both insane and criminal. If some old German political leaders are uncomfortable with change, then they can find a bunker and try to wait it out, but for the rest of the politicians, it is time to embrace cannabis.

If you are in Germany, you can support your local cannabis social clubs or help set up a new one. This will be our last summer with prohibition so enjoy watching the crusty old politicians flap about in confusion. The evil plant was not evil, it was just marketed that way by big pharma and other commercial competitors. They say, in order for bad men to triumph, it only requires good people to do nothing. Well, we have made doing nothing an art form. Our world is polluted and our food is toxic. Your government doesn’t give a fuck about you so it is time to start thinking for yourself. Join the cannabis revolution and help put science in charge of public policy rather than a bunch of joyless, old, white hypocrites.



Snoop Dogg to Sweden; fuck y’all !

Sweden cannabis Snoop

We need to talk about Sweden. It has many fine points, but tolerance to cannabis is not one of them. Just ask Snoop Dogg, he was arrested there on Saturday night and forced to give a urine sample. He was in the country for a concert but after being pulled over and arrested, he has vowed never to return. The Swedes, we presume with the best of intentions have become the most conservative country in Europe when it comes to the herb. In spite of the positive science headlines on the plant, the Swedes haven’t altered their stance. Their next door neighbor Denmark has the highest rate of citizens who have tried cannabis in Europe and their society hasn’t shown any ill-effects.

Instead of having a sensible approach to cannabis, Sweden has shown itself to be very intolerant. Worse, when it comes to Snoop Dogg, it seems they racially profiled that G and pulled his car over. After providing a urine sample(which proved negative of any drugs), they let him go. In an emotional video, Snoop told the Swedish authorities to go fuck themselves.

It isn’t just Snoop that is effected by this zero tolerance to cannabis. Younger people who want to use cannabis can’t, but they can get their hands quite easily on synthetic cannabis. Spice as it is often called is lethally dangerous for your health. Have a look at some of the youtube videos of a bad spice trip. People go from happy to deranged in about six seconds. Spice is the price society pays for Swedish superiority. I am glad the Swedish government believe only it knows best, but if a Swedish person wants to smoke cannabis either for health or social reasons, then they have a perfect right to. Cannabis is much healthier for you than alcohol. It can grow brain cells and repair damage on a cellular level. The once mighty Swedes, are showing themselves up to be a little backward.

Snoop Dogg is an acquired taste, but the science on cannabis cannot be disputed. The plant has serious medicinal value. For that reason alone, Sweden needs to change its mind on the herb. Secondly, cannabis is a natural, healthy alternative to alcohol. The rest of Europe is slowly easing into the idea of legalization. Sweden needs to follow them for the safety of young smokers and the well being of sick and older people. We are at the point of no return, let’s finally let cannabis back into European society.

Italy close to yes on cannabis

Italy cannabis Europe

Today 218 members of the Italian parliament voted for a bill to legalize cannabis. Sponsored by Benedetto Della Vedova, a junior minister for foreign affairs, the bill would allow the growing of up to five plants. You could store 15 grams at home and be allowed to carry five grams outside. Selling the plant would still remain illegal. Italy is one of the biggest European consumers of the plant and is finally owning up to the fact that prohibition doesn’t work. The no side have a fitting leader in Matteo Salvini. He is against cannabis but is strongly in favor of prostitution. He believes there is no harm in sex slavery but is fearful of a health giving plant.
The Italian parliament is split down the middle on cannabis. The no side say it will increase crime and drug taking, but as Portugal, Holland and now Colarado confirm, ending prohibition only improves society.

Denver looking to allow cannabis in bars.

bar petition cannabis Denver

Just as we were getting used to the idea of legal pot, Denver has upped the stakes. Activists there argue that pot tourists have no legal place to consume recreational marijuana. If the activists can get just under 5,000 signatures before 3rd of September, the question will be added to the November ballot.
This is another step towards normalizing cannabis within Denver society. Once again, Mason Tvert is at the center of change here. He was a big part of the original legalize movement that got Amendment 64 approved in 2012. We have to keep pushing until this is fully done. The normal use of cannabis will take time for some people, but the positives this plant brings crushingly outweighs any negatives.

Here is a link from the Guardian newspaper:


Finally US veterans can access medical marijuana

cannabis army

The US Senate has just voted to allow doctors prescribe medical marijuana for injured army veterans. Post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) is a real problem for returning soldiers. War is a horror show and these brave souls got front row seats! Cannabis is an effective treatment for this problem. Up until now, soldiers with PTSD would swallow fistfuls of anti-psychotic drugs, sedatives, anti-anxiety drugs and mood boosters. All of which have severe side effects. Finally these people will have legal access to a natural, powerful medicine without side effects.

It is amazing to watch America embrace cannabis. Only two years ago they would think about invading a country that allowed cannabis and now look where we are. The rest of the world needs to follow this example. You don’t just get PTSD from war, any traumatic event can cause this serious problem. Cannabis helps people cope and finally accept these memories. It does this in a non toxic, health promoting way. There is no valid argument left against cannabis, so lets all drop the bullshit and legalize it!

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