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Spanish supreme court gets decision wrong on cannabis clubs

Remember all the good cannabis news reports that popped up in 2015? Cannabis was on the march it seemed. Unfortunately someone forgot to tell the Spanish supreme court judges that their own Madrid University is leading the research in exactly how beneficial the plant is for human health. The Judges have gone all fascist Franco on us and now said that specifically three cannabis social clubs have broken some sacred man made law. The cannabis associations, Ebers, Pannagh (Bilbao) and Three Monkeys (Barcelona) have all been hammered by the supreme court. Jail terms and 250,000 euro fines have been handed out for growing a plant that is healthy for you. I am sorry that the judges’ idea of a good time is different from our cannabis good time, but who do they think they are? God? When laws try to restrict natural human behavior, it is the system of law that suffers eventually. We need to increase civil disobedience until the corrupt system of government understands we are not backing down on cannabis. This isn’t the old days when the public had very little access to information. We know all about the benefits of cannabis. We also know that cannabis can lead the fight back against climate change. From plastics to food, fuel and medicine the plant is a natural gift to replace the polluting industries that are killing our planet.

Cannabis is a plant, when it is organically grown it is incredibly healthy for you. You can, in a non toxic way, treat a ridiculous number of serious illnesses and lets not forget, it can help prevent cancer. This is 2016, we have looked at the science and unfortunately for the pharmaceutical and alcohol industries, they have serious competition with cannabis. Sorry about that but with the explosion of cancer, you have a perfect right to grow cannabis. You don’t need permission from your government, you don’t need a license, fuck the authorities and grow it.

Our Spanish club friends need help. Please spread this and lets give a united European slap back to the Spanish authorities. Spanish law now says you can grow cannabis yourself. Cannabis social clubs help by growing your cannabis only for you and other adult members. No dealing to kids, only responsible, adult cooperation. These guys will need money for a legal fund. It isn’t just them in trouble. This is a European problem. We all have a stake in the outcome of this crooked conservative, stick your head in the sand approach to cannabis legalization. Encod are helping with this issue. If you want to get involved, send us an email to praguepot@gmail.com or visit encod.org’s website. I will keep you posted about money raising ideas for the legal defense fund. This is our chance to cooperate together. Together we are strong. Together we can effect the change that is needed in our out dated system of governance. There are plenty of facebook accounts of Spanish politicians and also European Union representatives that you can bring up this issue on. If we want cannabis to be a normal part of a healthy, evolved society, then we must begin to challenge the authorities at every turn.

YOU can help reform UK cannabis law

UK cannabis

Summer time has slipped from our briefly worn sandals. There were public smoke outs, festivals and fun, but now that September has sobered up our hopes for an endless summer, it is time to take stock of where we have come from, and where are we going.

We had senior law enforcement officials declaring that they no longer were interested in pursuing small cannabis growers and consumers. It is nice that they thought we were waiting for their permission, but seeing as cannabis is the only known non toxic cancer fighting substance on the planet, we are going to keep on using it regardless. One in every two people will get cancer so when the scientific news broke that cannabis kills cancer cells, you might have thought that was the end of the prohibition debate. With this new information the UK government did two things. It declared that cannabis was still a dangerous, evil, naughty drug with no medical properties and it also granted a  license to their buddies at GW Pharmaceutical to grow cannabis and sell it as medicine.

Nice move from the government, right? Out of one side of their mouth they told us that the dirty hippies are completely deluded if they think cannabis is medicine and then with the smiling, lobbyist lipsticked other side they have awarded GW Pharmaceutical a medical cannabis growing license. GW Pharmaceutical is now worth one and a half billion on the stock market. Their main product, Sativex is just cannabis in a bottle. It costs a fortune and is one of the only cannabis products freely available to the public.

If you haven’t spotted it yet, the UK government is full of nonsense on cannabis. GW knows there is a potential 100 billion euro business in Europe and they have paid off the Tories for exclusive access to this market. GW’s cannabis is grown in clean, sterile conditions. These conditions are quite easy to design and implement for your grow, so  GW really needs cannabis prohibition to continue or else they will lose their monopoly.

Don’t forget that while this little game is going on sick people are suffering. From MS to chronic pain to cancer, we have a simple solution to human suffering but our governments are blocking it.

We sat down with Teeside Cannabis Club’s top guy, John Holliday, to get his take on the situation. John has had a dramatic summer with DailyMail attacks and public policy victories.

UK cannabis

“Once Labour Police and Crime Commissioner for Durham Constabulary Ron Hogg announced that his officers wouldn’t enforce prohibition on low level production and consumption of cannabis, we new the game had changed. We have often had ex police and former officials come out and support cannabis reform, but Ron Hogg, and then other senior officials came out to support change while they were still in a position to do something. From this stunning public endorsement for change we rolled onto the successful petition to allow the sale, use and production of pot in the UK. On October 12th, there will be a commons debate on the subject. This is where we need the publics help. We have placed cannabis on the table and now the public has to have it nailed down. We encourage everyone to communicate with THEIR local Member of Parliament. Cannabis is not a hippie question, it is a health one. Besides its anti-cancer properties it alleviates the pain and discomfort from a wide range of medical issues. One in two people will get cancer so cannabis prohibition is directly threatening everyone’s health”.

There are many other activist groups calling for a similar strategy. If you care about this issue, we need your help. Send an email or call your local MP and start talking to them about the health benefits of having cannabis freely available for sick people. Prohibition only works for drug dealers and monopolists. Colorado legalized pot last year. Health and happiness increased and pharmaceutical drug sales went down. Colorado has made so much money from the herb that they will have to start giving citizens back some of their taxes.  We each have a personal journey to travel, but it is in our organized actions that we will collectively help manifest change in our beleaguered, old world.

Below are a list of UK groups you can contact. The cannabis debate is now in parliament, if we put enough pressure on our local members of parliament, this might be the first pain free christmas that some patients have experienced in a while!!






Standing up for Uk cannabis patients

UK medical cannabis

Medically speaking, cannabis is a game changer. We know it can kill cancer cells while leaving healthy tissue undamaged. It can treat severe pain and bring down inflammation in a natural, non toxic way. Every time you eat, vape or smoke organic cannabis, it boosts your mental and physical health. Thanks to 21st century technology, enough people have understood the true power of the plant and are now busy spreading that information. We have recently had a successful UK petition to immediately change the status of cannabis from illegal to regulated. Incredibly, the government’s response was to declare the plant evil and dangerous. The Tory leader David Cameron is following the establishment line on cannabis. Of course he is hoping that nobody remembers that he was disciplined while studying at Eton college for his own cannabis use. We also know he is bought and paid for by multinational pharmaceutical companies.

It is these giant pharmaceutical companies blocking medical marijuana today. They make a cool trillion dollars a year, with no competition until the truth on medical cannabis got out. They have enjoyed their position as top dogs. Private jets and unlimited expense accounts have seduced big pharma employees. Unfortunately for them, a dynamic little plant called cannabis is about to rock their world. Up to half of all medication available could be replaced with pot. Big pharma are happy to create life long customers. They begin with pills for your illness and soon you must take more pills for side effects. Once you get onto the medical hamster wheel, they won’t let you get off.

Thankfully, we now have other options. Praguepot got a chance to speak with the Political Director of the United Patients Alliance, Jonathan Liebling. The alliance brings together sick people who benefit from cannabis and give them a voice. Due to the legal status of cannabis in the UK, sick people must become criminals to heal themselves. Jonathan had been treating his own serious medical condition with cannabis until the police burst through his door. After being arrested and harassed by the system he had a simple choice, continue his cannabis activist journey, or hide away from the truth. Luckily for us, the injustice he suffered has made him more determined to help spread the word.

UK medical cannabis

The Patients Alliance plays a vital, public role. Sick people are needlessly suffering because politicians can’t or won’t act. Together with the alliance, Jonathan helps people with practical knowledge of the plant’s medicinal properties. They are pushing for the immediate rescheduling of cannabis so scientific research can begin in the UK. Cannabis is already grown and sold in Britain through GW Pharmaceuticals. When you grow for a billion dollar company, the plant becomes magically legal. Either using expensive Sativex, or growing your own medicine, pot helps boost our system and attacks the causes of our ill-health. One in every two people are going to get cancer so this is not an abstract argument. Cannabis is spreading in America like a California wild fire. Legalization over there has brought a reduction in crime and an increase in public health. If we look closer to home, the Israelis have decisively embraced medical marijuana. It is being prescribed to old age pensioners with amazing results. Uk patients deserve the same access. Praguepot encourages all UK activists to join the United Patients Alliance. Prohibition can only be enforced if we are divided.

UK medical cannabis

Below is a touching testimony from someone who beat cancer with cannabis. There is no legitimate law that can prevent you from staying healthy, so join the alliance and help put pot back at the center of a healthy society.

Here are some links so you can get involved. Meet cool people and help make this a better world:

United Patients Alliance website

Clear uk website

Teeside cannabis club

Uk cannabis social clubs


The real danger of cannabis

Danger cannabis

We are left to assume governments know best but that is often not the case. Authority is warped and corrupted by big money interests. Cannabis activists are simply seeking to have their chosen intoxicant treated in the same manner as alcohol. Because we know alcohol is a much more dangerous substance than cannabis we didn’t think there would be a fuss. With freedom being eroded and the general population too docile to care, cannabis is kept illegal. In the limited testing to date, pot has scientifically been shown to kill cancer while leaving healthy cells alone. That is an amazing fact. History is going to wonder how we came to prohibit marijuana even after the health benefits started coming out. Big pharmaceutical companies stand to lose huge profits when cannabis is finally adopted as a wonder medical herb. Until then, growers will keep growing and activists will keep on pushing. Governments will keep doing what they are doing too, they will concern themselves with the maintenance of their privilege. What a crazy world, let’s all band together and get the cure for cancer legalized. I didn’t realize this was a radical notion, I thought it was an obviously compassionate one.

Holland’s backward step

Holland cannabis law

When the world thinks of Amsterdam, it thinks of beautiful canals,  coffee shops, red light districts, Vincent Van Gogh and perhaps Heineken. Holland is also thought of as a model example of forward thinking social policies, especially in regards to cannabis. On Tuesday however, they have taken a dramatic step backwards. The sale of cannabis in coffee shops is still legal but the growing and now even sale of growing equipment is firmly illegal.

As Holland was the only country to have legal cannabis for decades it received the worlds pot smokers. In the beginning this was fun I’m sure, but today those cranky Amsterdam folk are trying to ruin the global party. They don’t want the influx of visitors, tourism obviously isn’t important to their local economy so they are trying to restrict the growing of cannabis until the supply dries up. If we had legal pot everywhere the pressure of demand wouldn’t have been felt so squarely on Amsterdam’s shoulders. Starting this week, the sale of equipment specifically designed for growing pot will be illegal. As other European countries begin to relax their attitude to pot, the Dutch are moving in the opposite direction.

Holland cannabis law

It wasn’t fair on Holland that they were the only country brave enough to legalize cannabis, but they will go down in history as playing a key role in the resistance against the absurd war on drugs. Crime rates went down after pot was legalized. Spain, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and a few other liberal states all need to now pick up where Holland has left off. Legalizing pot would increase tourism hugely, and as we can see from the Portugese example, dealing with cannabis in a non criminal way benefits everyone. The treatment of problem users rather than the incarceration of all users has proven to be a much more effective strategy. Tax payers money is saved, and society is safer.

Dutch growers are at the cutting edge of marijuana innovation. It was modern day Dutch masters that gave us the infamous White Widow cannabis strain. It is sad news that such creative growers are now being targeted and having their supplies restricted. We have never had as much scientific information about the medical benefits of marijuana. Growers can now target traits within specific cannabis strains and improve on them until they give optimal medicinal benefit. Restricting growers will restrict the advancement of medical marijuana, at least here in Europe.

Holland cannabis law

As evidence of  the medicinal benefits of marijuana increases the true injustice of our current cannabis laws are highlighted. We need change, not only so the next White Widow or charlotte’s web strain can be created but so we can move away from police intrusion into our private lives. We were born free. No man, woman or state has the right to tell us that a non toxic, medically beneficial, plant is illegal. That prohibition is illegal. With the momentum we have from America, it is now up to each of us to advance our movement. Within your world, be the change you want to see. Look at the science and then speak out against prohibition.

Holland cannabis law

Drug law in the European Union

drugs law europe

What a complete mess! Sweden and Spain are the two extremes for the law on drugs in the European Union. Sweden follows a zero tolerance policy whereas Spain has decriminalized personal consumption. I was recently talking to a young Swedish person who didn’t want to, but had to smoke the legal synthetic cannabis instead of the real thing. He thought that the synthetic cannabis had messed him up, but he didn’t feel he had a choice. All his friends smoke synthetic pot regularly. I told him as strongly as I could, not to touch synthetic marijuana. It is dangerous and is mixed with strange chemicals in a warehouse somewhere in China. In contrast I have lived in Spain. Sharing a joint at the beach is a great way to spend an afternoon. I never made it to the Barcelona cannabis clubs but there was never a need to go to one as you could buy hash from the Moroccan guys or weed from Spanish friends.

Young European adults are exposed to the same western culture. Generally speaking, cannabis is seen as something fun and not dangerous. Science backs up this point of view but our governments treat cannabis as more dangerous than alcohol. The reason they do this is because America was so aggressive during the heights of their failed drugs war that they would economically punish countries if they didn’t conform to their ideas about drugs. Waves of propaganda left the public thinking that marijuana was something very bad. Thankfully today we are seeing the disastrous war on drugs coming to an end. In fact the American marijuana industry will soon be giving money to the politicians who I’m sure will then act in the industries best interest.

European citizens are in a state of confusion. Force fed a diet of American anti marijuana propaganda for decades it will take time to regain a factual approach and perspective to the herb. We have laws that currently make criminals out of European Union citizens for taking a substance into their bodies that is proven less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. We are punished for the circular argument of, because cannabis is illegal it is illegal. Almost all European countries treat cannabis as different from other drugs. This special treatment of marijuana is nice, but people are still going to prison for possession. We need change. Medical marijuana has helped patients that get access to it. From chronic pain to cancer the plant has shown wondrous medical benefits so every day that drags along without Brussels or our elected governments talking and doing something about it, is another day that a chronic pain sufferer must either pump toxic chemicals into their bodies or live with the constant maddening pain their illnesses inflict.

I also feel sorry for the Swedish people forced to use synthetic marijuana. Their government has failed them and is now too ignorant to admit their mistake and correct it. Swedish people might have to battle long and hard for legal access to the plant. The sooner they get organized and have their voice heard the better. There are great organizations out there to help. Norml and Encod.org can give a framework for activism. Europeans that are pro pot must connect and cooperate with each other. Cannabis is our choice, not the whim of a bloated, intellectually stunted bureaucratic system. We must take our rights, not ask for them. Cannabis clubs are a safe, organized approach to the subject and we will see the results in the following months and years.

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