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German police want to fight terrorism, not cannabis

German cannabis

We have all been shocked by the violence in Paris recently. Extremists using religion to get their barbaric kicks is not something that benefits mankind. We must not forget that Western powers are daily slaughtering innocent people in Middle Eastern countries so for the sake of peace all violence must stop. That being said, and this being a pot activist website, how does terrorism and cannabis collide? Arnold Plickert, the vice-president of the German police union has recently said that police should not have to deal with cannabis possession cases. Police have real work to do, like helping to protect the public from serious crime and terrorism. As the new year rumbles along, we are getting new scientific knowledge of cannabis and guess what, cannabis is proving to be an incredibly healthy plant for humans.

Germans are known to be practical people, Arnold Plickert has said out loud what most European police think privately. Cannabis is not a threat to society, and its prohibition is a distraction from real police work. This is going to be a big year for cannabis legalization, America has paved the way for Europe to now play catch up. Colorado has had a year of legal cannabis and there are no negative effects on society. Drug cartels are losing money, conservative Christians have more sinners to pray for and all is right with the world (of cannabis, at least in Colorado). We need more Arnold Plickerts speaking up. The madness of cannabis prohibition has to stop. Alcohol is an incredibly dangerous drug when compared to marijuana so it is time to drop the theatrics. Society got it wrong on cannabis, it is important if we are to call ourselves civilized, that we recognize our mistakes and move to correct them as quickly as possible. For European cannabis legalization Germany is key. We need them to come out with some common sense to dispel the nonsense surrounding the cannabis debate. 2015 is going to be huge for the movement. American gains will be expanded and meek European leadership can be emboldened by positive scientific data. It is up to each of us to be as informed as possible and to get vocal.

Prohibition of cannabis doesn’t work

Prohibition cannabis

Our tax money is spent on police arresting and charging adults who have chosen to consume cannabis rather than the far more dangerous drug alcohol. From a health point of view the cannabis smoker is making the right choice. From society’s ¬†point of view, the pot smoker is making the right choice but apparently from a law and order point of view the cannabis smoker is a threat. The truth is cannabis is a threat to an easier work day for the cop. Arrest a pot smoker and that goes on the cops record as an open and shut case. Leave the bank robbers, rapists and murderers and push tax payers money into buying tanks so the police can raid the still peaceful pot smoker’s home. Shoot his dog and wreck the place as well. In fact the pot raid is the perfect place to play soldier, especially as you have had the training and lots of new soldier toys.

The police like doing raids. Cannabis prohibition is the easiest law to enforce and the one that is doing lasting damage between the public and police. The police are now the others. They are a threat not to be interacted with. Ending prohibition of cannabis will put police back to work on real threats. We are still living in a democracy, find pro pot candidates and vote for them. We have a long way back to real freedom but like every journey, it begins with that very first small step.

Tax payers money is wasted on the drugs war

war on drugs

From presidents to the dogs on the street, everyone agrees that the war on drugs is an utter failure. It has made criminals out of decent human beings. Attacked our freedom and held the tax payers ransom for years. This urban war has created the environment where drug cartels are formed. Huge profits going into the hands of the most violent members of society.

war on drugs

Cannabis is the largest part of the drugs war. The authorities are apparently protecting people from a substance that is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. There are negative affects with consuming large amounts of cannabis. This is true for sugar, salt and just about every other substance as well. If we are going to decide on the danger a substance poses to the public then we need to scientifically study it and then make rational decisions.

The problem is, we have done the science, pot it turns out is actually beneficial to our health. If the anti marijuana side had real facts on the health dangers posed by cannabis, we would have heard about them. Government is entrusted with our tax money, when they misuse that money then they need to be held accountable. The huge police effort to keep cannabis off the street doesn’t work. Pot is more widely today then it was when the drugs war began. People like it and patients need it.

By legalizing marijuana you save the tax payers huge sums of money. Instead of arming the police and letting them play Rambo with non violent citizens that smoke pot we could use the money saved to provide free public transport in cities. If more people use public transport then less cars will be polluting our environment which will have huge health benefits for society. You see, once we open our mind we can really start changing society for the better. A better tomorrow is waiting for us if we make the effort and stand up for what is in our best interests. Until then, slime ball politicians will profit from our division.