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My cannabis journey

cannabis journey

I never had the luxury of being a full time stoner. There was always so much to be done that spending the day in a haze of haze just wasn’t an option. My cannabis journey started in a small, damp, stone cottage up in the mountains. Having never been a tobacco smoker I didn’t like joints so instead I used a pin and a small lump of hash. Though primitive, it did the trick. From this beginning, cannabis became a part of my life. Sharing pot with friends is a beautiful thing. The fact that it is illegal adds to the experience. Back then we didn’t know about cannabis and its cancer fighting properties. We didn’t know about different strains or the difference between organic and chemically grown. I just knew that I liked it. So did all my friends. Years later, as we follow our own paths there isn’t one of us that regrets our pot use. It hasn’t slowed down or perverted who we were going to become.

Instead of becoming a lawyer, a doctor, a postman or a painter, I have chosen to become a cannabis activist. At some point in life you have to stand for something. For me, with praguepot I am standing up for cannabis. The plant is a direct dialogue with nature. Like a message in a bottle, cannabis is reconnecting us with the natural world. Cannabis promotes peace and helps de-stress. It is hard to imagine why we would have a problem with someone using cannabis but then you look around and see people having problems with everything. Gay marriage, racial tensions, problems with poor people, distrust of funny religions. We are not an open minded bunch. Society is being pulled by two types of people. Those who want to keep things as they are, and those that want to change. Both have reasons for their point of views. The conservatives have done very nicely out of keeping things the same. Why would they even want to think about cannabis when they profit from alcohol and prescription drugs. Those looking for change can imagine a better tomorrow. Pushing against a system that doesn’t want to change is not as much fun as you would think. Between being ignored and harassed however, it is possible to help our world evolve.

The science that is leaking out on marijuana is exciting. I have first hand experience of the medicinal benefits of the plant. It really does help with chronic pain, and epilepsy, and cancer, and Crohn’s Disease and a long list of other ailments. As pot becomes legal in more and more American states we will witness the positive contribution pot can make. A year of legal marijuana in Colorado has resulted in zero deaths. In fact, painkiller overdoses have decreased by 25% in states that have access to medical marijuana. This is a shocking number. Add into the mix the lost revenues for serious criminals and you would have to explain very slowly again why pot remains illegal.

History will put cannabis prohibition in the same box as alcohol prohibition. It simply doesn’t work to criminalize a vast section of the community. Look at all the suffering cannabis prohibition has caused. It is by far the most damaging aspect of the plant. We need more people switching on, taking personal responsibility to help change the world into a better version of itself. It has never been more important to get active. Progress only happens with personal participation, so let’s get moving!!

Buying marijuana in Prague

Hello? Can you hear me? Ollie, it is me Frank. I want to buy some weed man.

Who is this?

Ollie it is me, remember?

Meet me at Namesti Miru church in half an hour.

buting marijuana Prague

So began one of the most painfully awkward pot purchases of my life. Ollie was starring in his very own James Bond movie. I was doctor Evil and he was going to out fox me in the end. Ollie was a thick set, giant of a Nigerian. I had met him on a drunken Prague night out and he gave me his number promising me marijuana beyond my wildest dreams. I stood, and then sat on the old gothic church steps at Namesti Miru as the minutes dragged along. It was a crisp, bright March day with a screamingly blue sky. I wanted some pot to lift my spirits. Little did I know, that I was being watched. After 45 minutes I got a call.

Hello, this is Ollie, are you a cop?

Yes Ollie, I am a fucking cop. I am standing around freezing my nuts off to bust you for the two grams of bush weed that you have stuffed down your trunks.

So you are cop?

No Ollie, that was a joke.

Ah, ok, meet me at the corner of the square in five minutes then.

Jesus wept, this wasn’t going well. I stood for a full minute debating my next move. This was clearly turning into an assault course purchase, and the question was, do I have the patience for it? A key factor in my compliance with his new directions was the fact that he had weed, and I didn’t. Standing at my new position, I finally saw Ollie walking towards me.

Follow me, Ollie 007 Bond whispered as he walked straight past me.

I had come too far now, I was physically and emotionally invested in seeing this sorry tale to the finish. Around the corner I strided to catch up.

What the fuck Ollie? What’s with all the drama.

They are watching us.


The government.

Oh dear, do you not remember me from the other night. We were in that Irish bar doing shots?

Look man, how much coke do you want?

Ollie, I said on the phone I was looking for weed. Do you have some?

Yes, yes. We will have to take a tram though.

On the tram we got. Ollie, sweating profusely now, trying to make light chit chat while maintaining his new ambition of selling me coke.

Coke is a lot of fun, he said.

buying marijuana prague

I can see from your current state that you are having a hell of a laugh I thought.

No thanks Ollie, coke isn’t really my style.

Half the city later we arrived at a rasta bar. Ollie said it would be polite to buy a beer before we got the weed. I had wasted the last couple of hours, and to be honest, I deserved a beer. We sat in an empty green and gold Jamaican themed dive bar. The bar man and DJ (yes there was a DJ at 3:30 in the afternoon) were staring at me like I had walked in with ebola. In my mind, I knew eventually this day would end. I just didn’t know how or when!

Ollie got the nod from the barman. They both disappeared into the tropical darkness as I thankfully sipped on my cold, familiar Pilsner beer. It is times like this when you wonder, is this worth it? Yes I like getting stoned, but at what cost? The government thinks it is bad, you know what, maybe they are right. I mean they wouldn’t just straight lie to . . .

Ollie came back with a big grin. A coke grin which I hope at least included some weed for me.

Here you are my friend.

He had done it, Ollie 007 Bond had defeated his paranoia and successfully obtained marijuana for a broken spirited customer. What a guy.

Do you want to smoke with us? I had evidently passed some obscure test.

Smoke with two coked up dudes that just made me jump through pot hoops, well I guess it would be rude not to !!

buying marijuana prague






Durban poison weed journey

durban weed journey

Durban poison. Yeah man, now that is a strain of pot I can believe in. She comes from the strictly sativa side of the pot family, and I had the good fortune to be in South Africa the first time I smoked it. South Africa is one of those magical places, where everything is a bit of an adventure. Blue skies and long straight highways. I was traveling with a friend, staying stoned and as generally wasted as possible. I don’t know if that is a smart thing to do or not,   just know it was a lot of fun. So we would go around, living off the african weed bounty. Every so often you would feel electrified because you were lucky enough to be smoking Durban poison. Each time with a big, shit eater grin I would ask the person who brought it, what planet was this grown on!

I remember we were staying in a place just outside Umkomaas. The sun was low in the sky when we arrived. We were staying in a funky old hostel. Built on the side of a steep hill, with beautiful gardens leading to each cabin. The Indian Ocean spilled off to the side and the breeze was a mixture of the ocean and blooming flowers. We unpacked our bags, rolled a couple of joints, and watched the sun go down from our sturdy wooden terrace. Far out to sea, we watched some dolphins swimming. The hippie bar girl  just sat beside us in silence. Giving us time to take in our new surroundings. We went on to have a  crazy few days there. Partying and meeting new friends. Of all the memories of that place none are as strong as the first few glimpses of the Indian ocean from that terrace and, each time I smoke Durban poison, I am brought back to that lovely place. A friend is currently growing some for me over here in Prague. Sometime in November I will be back, at least in my mind, to that hill, the hippie girl and golden African sunshine, as we toke on some Czech grown Durban poison