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UN OKs medical cannabis


The UN has been talking about drugs at their ungass meeting in New York this week. The previous meeting talked about a drug free world. This time however, after the full devastation of the war on drugs has been felt, the UN body has changed. The focus is moving from punishment to a health care approach. There are now more drugs, more readily available than ever before. Simply jailing drug users is not helping. A drug addict is the consequences of a bad environment, bad choices and an availability of drugs. To change this situation, you can’t just focus on one part of the problem. We need a tilt away from our crooked friend, Richard Nixon’s policies of racism and move in a more responsible, compassionate direction.

For cannabis, there has been an interesting positive result. Medical cannabis has been recognized by the majority of participants. This means more acceptance of the plant being used as an alternative to current pharmaceutical options. The language is still unclear, but medical cannabis is moving forward. When we understand that all cannabis use is medicinally beneficial, it finally opens the door for cannabis.

It is now up to the general public. If we organize into cannabis clubs and show that we are both engaged and trustworthy, the plant will be adopted much quicker. Join or create a cannabis club. Get serious about becoming a professional medical cannabis grower but most of all, get active. The grey area surrounding cannabis has just increased in size. It is up to us to fill it with medical cannabis community cooperation.


FIFA justice, cannabis injustice

FIFA cannabis

Our world can be a beautiful place. Each four years, the greatest football stars from all over the planet, play together in the largest global sporting event. Except for America, most of us have warm, summer memories when we think about the football world cup. The final has billions of viewers. The glory on the pitch, is sadly missing when we look at the emerging scandal surrounding the organizers of world football(FIFA). The organization’s president,Sepp Blatter, is a rogue’s rogue. He has spent the last 20 years living as a playboy, with private jets and unlimited expense cards. He was accountable to no-one, and united his supporters by bribery, and the constant complaint, that those damn Europeans are so pushy, why don’t we, the rest of the world, work together and keep at least world football for the struggling nations. Sepp Blatter is of course the whitest, most privileged kind of imperialist European, so you have to give it to him, he can at least convincingly sell a story!

FIFA cannabis

Now, lets just put things into perspective. FIFA and the world cup is a serious global institution. It would rank as highly as the United Nations or the Vatican, though obviously with a very different function. It makes vast sums of money from selling TV rights and advertising. So with the announcement that Blatter is to stand down amid corruption allegations, this is serious news. The FBI has been investigating FIFA for the last three years. That probably means going back over all the communications that America has gained, through their own dubious activities. Blatter would cling to power as any dictator would, but obviously the Americans have shown him the kind of case they can make against him.

The reason I am bringing this up in relation to cannabis is, it proves that the world can move very quickly to change a negative situation. Tradition and conservatism is no argument when a crime is being committed. Keeping cannabis prohibited is also a crime. History will record the amazing benefit of the plant. Already in the medical field, pot is treating serious illness in a non toxic, natural way. Science is very excited. So far all the headlines have been amazing for the anti-prohibitionists. Cannabis can cure cancer, cannabis can help with chronic pain, report after report testify that cannabis is a health promoting herb. Someone suffering from chronic pain needs to take heavy painkillers, usually for the rest of their life. After a period of time, the painkiller medication itself becomes the problem. Cannabis is a non toxic substance for us. Our mothers gave each of us cannabinoids through her breast milk. The plant is a real alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Take a pill that will directly contribute to your ill health, or consume cannabis, which will help heal you and also possibly give you the giggles! We are watching America legalize the plant, watching with amazement as the former, rabid prohibitionists pucker up and embrace the forbidden herb. Just as in the FIFA scandal, the world can act to impact an unjust situation. We need strong, clear leadership, but because of the economic threat to the pharmaceutical industry, politicians are afraid to act. Cannabis activists don’t have the resources of the FBI. We must rely on each other and keep pushing the subject forward. I know we all love a good guy, bad guy story, well this is it. The world is obviously capable of changing the legal status of cannabis and allowing patients easy and safe access to the plant. Right now our governments and their sponsors are the bad guys. If we want a positive ending to this story, then each of us must get involved. All use of the herb is medical, the laws and people who block its use are criminal. You can join Encod, Norml or even the European Church Of Cannabis! What we can’t afford to do, is leave the situation up to the capitalists to fix for us, because they are only interested in preserving their immoral profits.