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The corruption of medicine

pharmaceutical corruption cannabis

Our technological advancement in the medical field is impressive. We can now do organ transplants and stem cell research is racing ahead. But there is one aspect of the medical industry that is absolutely criminal. Doctors are routinely given free holidays, expenses and gifts from pharmaceutical companies trying to get doctors to prescribe their products. For some bizarre reason this practice is legal. The result of this corruption is more patients taking pharmaceutical pills that they do not need. This industry has risen to become the largest industry in America and a global powerhouse. One of the main reasons cannabis has been kept illegal is because big pharma are afraid the plant will replace many of their most profitable products.

It is time that we check the power of these companies. Their immoral influence on doctors is a modern scandal. Their active participation in the prohibition of marijuana is pure evil. At the recent Prague medical marijuana conference scientists and doctors agreed that cannabis could replace up to half of all the medication currently being sold by these gigantic corporations. The size of the pharmaceutical industry, coupled with their obscene profits is a threat to society. It is time to wake up to the reality that big pharma is only a profit seeking organization. They do not care about the patient, they only concern themselves with the next financial quarter’s profits. This is too narrow a perspective on an industry that is literally a life saving one. Cannabis prohibition has illuminated all these problems. Ignoring them is folly, the only answer is to educate yourself and then get active. Our grandkids can’t afford any more inaction.

Cannabis conference in the heart of Europe

Prague medical cannabis conference

Last week praguepot attended a medical marijuana conference in Prague. Four days of science and activism was our idea of an adult Disneyland! We got to see the relationship between cannabis and evolving scientific evidence supporting the claim that pot is in fact medicine. The major conflict of the conference was between pharmaceutical standards for production and dosing of medicine and the reality that cannabis is a natural herb with varying potencies and properties.

Big pharmaceutical actors are rushing to break cannabis down into their various compounds. Synthetic THC and CBD are individually tested on poor lab rats and then people. Individually these chemicals can have positive and negative effects. The only really negative talk of the conference was about the effects of synthetic cannabinoids. Spice or K2  as it is sometimes known can be lethally dangerous for people. After a couple of exposures to synthetic cannabis some unlucky people have had severe kidney problems. I won’t go all geeky on you with the science but basically some of the synthetic chemicals cause inflammation which can lead to kidney failure.

When I pointed out to a politician attending the conference that pot prohibition leads some people to smoke synthetic cannabis and risk very real health dangers, he just shrugged. Until cannabis is legal the system’s hands are tied. So why isn’t cannabis legal? Well, I am afraid we are caught in a frustrating situation. Real scientific evidence is missing from the argument. Synthetic chemicals have been examined. In fact most of the scare stories we have been reading over the last decade or two have been based on the studies of these synthetic experiments. Doing scientific research on pot is very difficult because no two plants have the exact same chemical make up. Even on one plant, different bud sites will have slightly different THC and CBD levels. This is a nightmare for well intentioned scientists seeking to examine the plant. It looks like our favorite herb will need a whole new way of testing before it can be cleared by science.

This is  at the heart of the hold up. Science can’t give a clear answer to law makers, so law makers can’t easily give the green light to legalization for fear of being blamed for a zombie apocalypse. While scientists can’t give clear data on cannabis, the herb is widely expected to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry. Bullish scientists spoke of half of all medication commonly   prescribed being replaced by some form of cannabis. This is amazing news for citizens. Getting the medicine you need in a non toxic form will only promote health. For big pharma however, it is their worst case scenario. A new, sensible approach to cannabis is required. There are thousands of different strains with slightly different medical applications. It is time to let Mother Nature have a chance to heal the masses. This is an exciting moment in history. The reintroduction of nature into medicine. Yes, it is a little messy, but when you use cannabis to treat an illness, you don’t get harmful side effects.

Freedom to choose cannabis

cannabis freedom

Our modern societies have governments drunk on power. Innocently enough they sought to protect the public from crime and then terrorism but has ended up trying to protect us from ourselves. An over protective government is in theory a noble state, add in the warped, corrupting influence of big business, and you get the mess we are in today. Cannabis is, without doubt one of the healthiest substances modern man interacts with. From its anti inflammatory properties, to the calming of damaged nerves, marijuana is a powerful medicine. We are expected to work ten hours a day, maintain an image of success and pick our over stimulated route through the urban jungle of modernity. Promotions, deadlines, office politics. No time to catch your breath or ask, does this life fulfil me?

Powerfully manipulative advertisements are placed at the center of our worlds, whispering that they have the answer to happiness. Buy this jumper, consume that drink, consume consume consume before that big dark hole in your soul swallows you up! Modern society is choking our human potential. Yes we have had huge technical advancements but also devastating poverty. Society has lost balance because only wealth has a voice or a choice.

So what has any of this nonsense got to do with cannabis I hear you ask. Well the two competing forces in society, that of the controlling government and its profit seeking corporate masters have created a legal landscape where alcohol and prescription drugs kill vast numbers of people but remains legal and cannabis, which has scientifically been proven to kill cancer cells and repair our health is illegal. Huge business interests in the pharmaceutical, alcohol and law enforcement industries stand to lose obscene profits as soon as the prohibition of cannabis is lifted. Lost profits rather than the benefit or harm to society is the deciding factor for marijuana’s legal status.

Slowly (too slowly) the science is getting out on pot’s medical benefits. Stress is one of the great silent killers of our society. There is no medication to rival the anti stress properties of marijuana. In spite of the criminal status of the plant a large minority of the population has consumed the plant at some point in their lives. In time, cannabis will be known as one of the greatest natural medicines known to civilization, but for today, you are a criminal in need of incarceration. The freedom our forefathers fought for has been stolen. Grey bureaucrats and vicious business interests have replaced our freedom with self-serving regulations. I didn’t give permission for a government to choose my lifestyle. I don’t accept that government knows more than this new internet generation. We now have the same level of information and guess what? Cannabis cures cancer. They knew this back in the mid 70s but decided not to share this information with civilization as it wasn’t politically advantageous. Government is criminally wrong on cannabis.

cannabis freedom

Colorado has had a year of legal cannabis, and the only changes seen in society have been positive. Accidental prescription drug overdose deaths are down by a quarter, in the longer term, as cannabis replaces alcohol we will most likely see less liver damage and tension related illnesses. In two American states and Uruguay the citizens are free to use cannabis if they choose. That leaves the rest of the planet, tens of millions of people to remain engaged in criminal behavior, as the law would see it. Cannabis users are making the healthy choice when they decide to consume cannabis over alcohol. The mind expanding plant doesn’t lead to lawlessness and degradation, it leads to a higher state of consciousness and a feeling of connection to both ourselves and Mother Nature. The consumerist ethos of modern society has outlawed this relationship with nature. Until we have our cannabis rights returned to us, the system itself is the problem. Just like we look back at past generations and marvel at their ignorance, future generations will be scratching their heads at pot prohibition, especially after it was known that it cured cancer.

Medical marijuana results

With cannabis prohibition in America coming to an end the medical treasures of the plant can be released. Too little work has been done to date, but at least we are now beginning. Whenever I hear about money being raised for cancer research, I can’t help but wonder, should that money not be spent on researching cannabis’ cancer fighting properties. Cancer research has always been heavy on maintenance and sparse on the cure of cancer. Today the cancer industry is huge, and highly profitable. Cannabis is an exciting new development that is not being embraced by the cancer research industry. As you can see from the video, cancers are beaten by cannabis.

Instead of relying on science to inform us we must listen to ignorant opinions on cannabis. Meanwhile sick people are suffering and dying because the kind of societies we live in cherishes the loudest, loud mouths over the smartest information. Being conservative in your political views is fine, but when someone else suffers because you can’t evolve, then that is criminal.

Europe and cannabis

europe cannabis

We have all seen the dramatic events unfold in America. Nixon and then Reagan led a holy crusade against marijuana. Then came Clinton, Bush and Obama all admitting to have smoked cannabis. Today we see widespread medical marijuana use and the beginning of legal recreational pot. That is great for our American brothers, but what about Europe?

Europe cannabis

Of the roughly 500 million European Union citizens, just under 22% of adults have admitted smoking pot at some point in their lives. I would think that is a very conservative number but we will probably always be guessing at the number as long as it is illegal.The European Union is a collection of countries with different attitudes to pot. Famously in the Netherlands, pot is openly sold in coffee shops. They have not witnessed the end of the world. Their younger generations are less likely to smoke pot and crime levels have fallen. Spain have allowed cannabis collectives for the moment. Last month around a third of the Barcelona cannabis clubs were shut down however, so who knows what their policy actually is. Portugal treats cannabis from a social and medical point of view and dear old Czech Republic seems to turn a blind eye to what is very clearly a much loved herb. The UK with its stricter police delight in using tax payer money to disrupt the pot growers.

Europe cannabis

Over the last ten years cannabis in the European Union has gone from mostly Moroccan and Afghan hash to home grown pot. Like in America smaller growers are supplying to themselves, friends and a small group of others. The cost is split within the communities.

I have been reading through European Union reports on cannabis use in Europe. What is becoming very clear, is that cannabis is supporting the police over here as much as it does in America. Of the roughly one million police drug seizures in Europe, 80% are cannabis related. Let that number sink in a minute. 80%. The least harmful drug, way below tobacco and alcohol in terms of damage to your health and yet it is propping up almost the entire drug enforcement industry. America under other presidents were quite forceful in their opposition to pot so Europe is still waiting to be “guided” by the new American direction.

europe cannabis

The European Union reports on cannabis, point to a dangerous increase in cannabis users seeking treatment for addiction. This is a very serious negative point against Cannabis. Well it is until you understand that most of the people seeking treatment in addiction clinics have been ordered to attend those centers by courts after a small amount of pot was discovered in their possession. The level of confusion on marijuana is breathtaking. The true figure of cannabis addiction is unknown. When Hartmut in Germany gets caught with pot and is given the choice between jail or an addiction course, which one do you think he will chose. He wants to be at liberty to watch Bayern Munich Football club beat the hell out of Manchester City in the champions league. He keeps his freedom, and the system collects his statistic. Round and round the wheel of bullshit goes.

Europe cannabis

Another neat little trick the European reports used to distort the facts was mixing cannabis in with its more dangerous synthetic form. As there would be little or no health damage associated with pot, they added the synthetic form, which you can buy in head shops online or in shady shops to add a little drama to the reporting. Once you add in synthetic cannabis you can talk about toxic levels which simply do not occur in the natural form. Any cases involving hospitalization was also the result of alcohol or other drugs being combined with pot. If the authorities had any real negative public health link, they would be raving about it.

Europe cannabis

So what does all this mean? The police and their budget need to keep marijuana in the same category as dangerous drugs. If you make marijuana legal then 80% of their work disappears. No more over time, no more conferences, no more expensive cross boarder raids with cool new police toys. No more business as usual. In a twist, the only ones who have more to lose than the cops from marijuana’s legalization are the big time drug dealers.

The other important thing to take away from all the European  reports is the fact that young people are smoking a lot more pot than older people. About 28% of adult Czechs have smoked or are smoking pot, but 41% of 16 year old kids have smoked it. The kids know the adults are full of shit on this matter and they are all smoking. It doesn’t take a genius to work out if the kids can see how ridiculous the pot laws are, why would they believe us on anything else. We have proven how full of it we are. What kind of society that brings is anybodies guess.

europe cannabis

Prague marijuana exhibition

Prague marijuana

For the last four years we have had an annual hemp fair here in Prague. Cannafest events showcase the latest cutting edge technology for the pot industry, and give a series of lectures and documentaries. I was more interested in smoking some good weed there, but we took our time to see everything. The massive fair was packed with American sales people pushing their company’s philosophy and products. It still amazes me how far we have all come. A huge exhibition center, filled with everything weed related. The only thing missing from the fair was the smell of sweet ganja floating in the air.

Prague marijuana

Cannabis is turning into serious business. Every day you hear of new investors moving into Colorado to hone their pot skills before trying to take it global. I’m sure there are boardrooms, filled with ambitious  investors and business people drooling at the projected profits to be made in this industry. Big business would be able to pump out a perfect product, probably at the best price. It will be up to each individual smoker I guess, do you want more big business, with all the corrupting side effects that it brings or stick to the traditional home/small grower who puts a bit of soul into what they do. Thankfully that consumer decision is a few years away yet.

Prague marijuana


For me, the cannafest 2013 highlight was sitting in the chill out zone (where you could smoke) and blazing up with a couple of guys from Saudi Arabia. Swapping stories about our native lands while sharing the herb, what a way to finish off European’s top hemp fair.

Prague marijuana