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Organically grown cannabis is healthy for you

cannabis healthy

Cannabis kills cancer cells, cannabis increases your IQ, it increases your health and decreases stress and anxiety based problems.

Ain’t that a kick in the teeth for prohibitionists! Vaporizing cannabis into your system actually creates new brain cells(neurogenesis). The only harm that befalls a cannabis consumer is when he/she has contact with representatives of prohibitionists. If you take a walk down along the Vltava river in Prague(Czech Republic), you will often see people smoking pot. Besides looking like they are enjoying themselves, there is no difference between them and their alcohol drinking counterparts, at least on the surface. In reality, alcohol is dehydrating and ever so slightly poisoning the body. Cannabis is like a boosted health supplement that also gets you intoxicated. That high feeling that you get is the physical sensation of new brain cells being born.

So the fact is, organically grown cannabis is healthy for you. Another fact is, the state is continuing to keep cannabis illegal, even though they know it is healthy for you. They are jailing and harassing anyone who dares to think for themselves. Once you understand that pot is healthy for you, and that it can help sick people, you have two choices. Pretend you don’t know anything and look away, or get involved.

cannabis healthy

We are in the middle of a very interesting period of history. Western societies believed themselves to be civilized and advanced. Yes our modern technology is amazing, but what about our human rights? We have the choice of ¬†many different products, but we are also being actively observed by the state. Gay peoples rights are not respected and racism hasn’t been defeated. The internet is challenging this mode of thinking however. Once isolated, now the will of the majority can be understood and acted on. This means we are on the path to cannabis legalization. We will cut out racism and eventually unite around common sense and decency. These things will eventually happen but when your grandchild asks you about it, what will you say? You were one of the people that pressurized the government into acting quicker or you went along with the unthinking majority and let sick people suffer? Each of us must star in our own movie. We each can do so much by acting together. We have gone along with an old fashioned version of life for long enough. It is time to take control. Get active within your local community. Help other people to get active as well. Together we can build a beautiful tomorrow, but it requires taking action against the conservative forces in society today!

American train crash caused by cannabis prohibition thinking

American society cannabis

American infrastructure/society is rotting from the inside out. Police aren’t trusted, education is declining, healthcare is for profit only and now it is becoming lethally obvious that America’s infrastructure is rotting too. Who would have thought that bending to the will of giant, faceless, profit seeking organizations would eventually destroy the American dream. Capitalism is good, but capitalism requires businesses that can’t sustain themselves to go broke. The American financial system was broke, but the tax payers bailed out those institutions. So the reality is, we no longer have a capitalist system in America. We have a post corporate take over of society, society!

Short term economic goals do not stabilize and enhance society, they bleed that society to death. Our government’s inability to stop these economic psychopathic organizations brings us to the present moment. Pollution and corruption are the norm. Science based arguments are sneered at. Cannabis is healthy, non toxic and fun so our government bans it? We could allow some wiggle room if we could see the greater good for society but there are only greasy lobbyist foot prints at the political doors of power. Trains are a useful, alternative to individual transport. Train technology, bridges and roads have all had their budgets cut so corporate tax loop holes remain. Welfare for the people is bad but welfare for the corporation is good? This is not a clever or sane argument. It is just another example of the perversion in American society.

If we cut money out of politics, and actually look at the rational, evidence based solutions to our problems then train crashes and cannabis prohibition can be left to history. America was not created to facilitate maximum corporate profit. It was a place for free people to live as they saw fit. The declaration of independence was written on hemp paper at a time when cannabis cultivation was seen as a positive, natural tool for society. Once we drop the cannabis prohibition delusion, and the lies and nonsense that goes with it, then we can begin to be honest with ourselves and refocus on growing a strong middle class that don’t have to ask their government which hand they must use to wipe their asses with! Short term economic gain is not a sustainable strategy for society. That is the blueprint of what a virus does. Eventually a virus kills its host. Global warming is the beginning of that death. If we can’t take a step back and do what is right for the country and our shared planet then we are dead men/women walking. A few hundred years from now it will be war then death then another moon like planet with nothing but profitable dust flying in the lifeless wind.

Merry cannabis everyone

Christmas cannabis

It has been a big year for cannabis. Getting it legal in Colorado was huge. No longer will American stoners have to go to socialist, bad teeth, backward Europe ha ha. A new Amsterdam to replace the once trail blazing city. This year has seen science research bubbling out of the internet extolling the benefits of pot. Those powerful cannabinoids complement psychoactive THC to realign our nervous and cell systems to promote health. On the political front, even a pot loving president has to go slow. Federal funding for medical marijuana raids has been cut off and society is perhaps a little happier. The prohibitionists have not run away though, they are licking their wounds and plotting a comeback. Prohibition of cannabis is good for legal drug companies. As is always the case, drug dealers don’t like other drug dealers coming in on their turf!

Christmas cannabis

Cannabis has won the argument however. It won by proving the medical benefit of the plant. It won by not having a single death attributed to pot and it won by continuing to tell the truth even though those in power didn’t want to hear it. Cannabis won. People may still be unjustly put in jail and big business will seek to enter and profit from the herb but our hippie ancestors would smile at the thought, that we stuck it to the man!

Christmas cannabis

Society, through pollution, war and poverty is killing the only known inhabitable planet. We strayed about as far from Mother Nature as it was possible to go. Hopefully now, with the new cannabis spring that has sprung, we will move back into sync with nature. You don’t need a new car or phone or whatever each year. We don’t have to be a parasite on the earth, we can possibly enrich the place instead. Cannabis legalization is at least a beginning. Share some with a friend because Bob Marley said everything is going to be all right. Merry christmas, enjoy the madness that is close proximity to family and be ever thankful for all of life’s ¬†blessings.