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A hippie thought on cannabis legalization

cannabis hippie

In a capitalist society, there is no value on something until there is a monetary value prescribed. Unlike other intoxicants, cannabis is a consciousness expanding substance. I hope small, organic growers don’t get pushed out of the industry but once pot gets into main stream society there will be social change. The snarling consumerist society is killing the planet. Mother Nature is an old and wise gal, so it isn’t a coincidence that cannabis is coming into the light now just as the decay of our modern world is beginning to show. A decade from now we will see the results of cannabis in society.

I am predicting a healthier society. Both spiritually and physically better off. Cannabis comes from nature and reconnects us to our planet. The world is ripe for change. This system only works for a handful of people. We only put up with greedy capitalism because we are too busy just trying to survive. The old white male that dominates society says pot makes you lazy. Working three jobs without health insurance is not a productive use of your life. Capitalism values profit, cannabis values the human being beneath.

Big money is developing strategies and distribution channels for their new commodity but they don’t realize that pot is going to change the world. The frequency that our current capitalist society wants us on, keeps us obeying authority. This authority is controlled by massive corporations that only care about profit. Breaking people down into consumer units is big business’s fantasy land. Like a hamster on his wheel we run in virtual circles accumulating a home, it’s contents and a car or two. To pay for this we enslave our one and only life by doing whatever work pays the most.

Cannabis illuminates the folly of this kind of life. We are not born into this world to service the debt that society places around our necks, we were born to express our true nature. Dreamers and philosophers have just as important a role to play as scientists and accountants. Our world must move past capitalism, we are not units, we are from nature and through pot legalization a growing number of people will see capitalism as a parasite. So go ahead greedy hedge fund money managers, go dive and make a pig of yourself in this new green herbal industry. The joke is on you, once your fat little face has been filled, the new industry you came to exploit will change the game. Wall Street says greed is good, but the truth is, it is a sin. A billion dollars is a made up concept that has tricked us into working long hours away from our loved ones. We have one duty here on earth, to fully express who we are, and contrary to capitalist ideology, you can’t fully express yourself in a grey little cubicle. Jai Kali Ma

Conversation with big pharma on cannabis

Cannabis is one of the most dangerous substances known to man. It is literally worth locking you in a cage with murderers and rapists just to protect you from this plant.

Praguepot(PP): Sorry big pharma did you say something?

Big pharma(BP): Don’t mind me, I am just mumbling to myself as I lovingly look over my profit and loss statements for 2014.

Praguepot(PP): Good year for you?

Big pharma(BP): In the drug business, it is always a good year! We have the perfect scam going, we give you medicine and then we give you more medicine for the side effects. Each time you pop a pill your system gets weakened.

Praguepot(PP): So you guys don’t really care about helping people?

Big pharma(BP): That is not true. I love helping myself and my fellow big pharmaceutical company executives make a personal fortune.

PP: Do you not feel bad? Don’t forget that the ones┬átaking your drugs are real people.

BP: Listen kid, now that I am filthy rich I have acquired expensive tastes. I only drink expensive wine and over priced food.

PP: What has that got to do with your responsibility to patients looking for cures?

BP: In the pharmaceutical industry, people are just numbers. The more pill poppers the better for me personally. I need a water front holiday home and various other status symbols to deflect the conversation away from how I make my money.

PP: I can imagine. But just between the two of us, how do you make your money?

BP: We use good old fashioned hard work to find cures for diseases. We have massive laboratories filled with the smartest people, systematically testing and creating chemicals. We have invested billions of dollars creating pills that fight depression for example. Once we find drugs that seem to help, we pay scientists to write articles about our discoveries. Next we talk to government agencies about approving these drugs, and by offering jobs in the future or benefits now, we get our shiny drug agency approval.

PP: So this is an expensive, complicated business model.

BP: You better believe it is. We are so incredibly profitable that we want to make it as difficult as possible for some new drug dealer to break into our racket.

PP: So you must hate all this cannabis legalization stuff.

BP: Cannabis becoming legal is our greatest fear. Up until those crazy Colorado folks legalized it we had a near perfect monopoly. We had the drugs that kept people alive, so they had to pay whatever our price was. Now cannabis can be used instead of our pills and even worse for us, everyone can grow their own medicine.

PP: Yes, but from a human evolution point of view this is good news.

BP: What are you talking about? This is a disaster. Once people realize they don’t need toxic pills to cure themselves we are ducked.

PP: What is ducked?

BP: Sorry, I am writing on my iPad, ducked is being fucked, only with more feathers! Pharmaceutical companies only have one task, to make money. We have been successful at this but now that cannabis is making a medical come back we are very worried.

PP: Maybe you could grow pot too.

BP: You don’t understand. We are only about making profit. We could grow marijuana on an industrial scale but then so can other people. That is too much competition for our liking. Our organization has become so big that it can’t change course very easily. Medical Marijuana puts lots of our most profitable pills out of business. For years we paid government officials to talk of the evils of cannabis and we funded research proving how bad it is for you.

PP: So cannabis is bad for your health?

BP: Unfortunately we couldn’t come up with any data proving pot is unhealthy so we just confused the argument with emotional nonsense.

PP: How very clever of you.

BP: Thank you, we have full departments of people working out ways to block cannabis legalization. The only problem is people now know about the health benefits of the plant. Unlike alcohol, when each sip of beer is having a slight but real negative effect on your body, pot is increasing your health. We knew marijuana was healthy but now our customers know it. Cannabis is yet to kill a single patient where as our drugs are consistently killing our patients. It is really hard to demonize the plant when the public knows this.

PP: I guess luckily for you, not all the public knows that yet.

BP: Thanks to our misinformation campaigns we have kept some sick people in ignorant bliss. Just because some of the side effects our pills give are worse than the illness they treat, we shouldn’t start looking for damned hippie natural alternatives. I mean what is so bad about a sudden bout of internal bleeding every once in a while?

PP: Medicine is supposed to help people. When we mix up money with medicine you get the kind of evil that we see today. Cannabis prohibition was a business decision not a public safety one. Pharmaceutical companies have made a fortune out of sick and vulnerable patients. With no natural remedies seemingly available we all became pill poppers. Today pot gives us a natural alternative. I know from personal experience that cannabis treats many ailments so I don’t feel sorry for the massive, obscenely profitable legal drug dealers as they face the destruction of their way of life. All the lobbyists in the world couldn’t keep one very simple truth from the public, cannabis is a natural health giving plant that can replace a surprising number of toxic pills.

And so ends another conversation between a criminal and an up standing citizen. It is amazing that cannabis has been treated as a danger to society when the science proves it is an incredibly healthy plant. Knowledge has and always will be power. Big pharma has profited from our ignorance but that is now changing. Get informed, get active and if you can, get growing!!!

Bob Marley goes corporate?

Bob Marley cannabis

Bob Marley was a lot of things to a lot of people, but a corporate stooge, he was not. It has just been announced that Bob Marley’s estate will use his image and name to promote a global marijuana brand. Ever since the American government began to ease prohibition, business has tried to figure out how to capitalize. So with dollars in their heart and a cynical marketing move they are trying to combine the love of greed with the loving life example that was Bob Marley.

Bob Marley cannabis

This is what big business wants. The Mac Bob Bud. Sir, do you want extra large dabs with that order? Happy heal meals for 10 dollars and stores being opened up all over the world. America, the most rabid cannabis prohibitionist will now turn into a militant exporter of the plant! Go figure. I don’t know what Bob would think of his name being used by a corporate investment fund but it, at the very least goes against his ideals of power to the people.

Bob Marley cannabis

The ending of prohibition can go one of two ways. The most likely direction involves huge corporate money being pumped into cannabis production and distribution. Vast chains of McDonald like businesses giving the public what they want. Or we could have a home growing revolution where people take responsibility for their own medicine supply. I am rooting for the second option. Today big pharmaceutical companies rule our health. We must tolerate their obscene profits and swallow their toxic medicine. Scientific research on cannabis shows the plant is a powerful anti inflammatory agent. It fights pain in a non toxic way and increases appetite. It has been shown to fight cancer, protect the brain and regulate our nervous system. Having direct access to this medicine lessens the grip big business has over our lives.

Bob Marley cannabis

Bob Marley is not responsible for his decedents. His family are cashing in on his name. I presume some slick Wall Street type flew to Jamaica and kept throwing money at them until finally they bit. Bob Marley’s message was about love. Using his image and stature to sell pot to the world is an amazing coup for the money men. Hopefully along the way a bit of his soul infects their greedy intentions. One love.

Bob Marley cannabis