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A hippie thought on cannabis legalization

cannabis hippie

In a capitalist society, there is no value on something until there is a monetary value prescribed. Unlike other intoxicants, cannabis is a consciousness expanding substance. I hope small, organic growers don’t get pushed out of the industry but once pot gets into main stream society there will be social change. The snarling consumerist society is killing the planet. Mother Nature is an old and wise gal, so it isn’t a coincidence that cannabis is coming into the light now just as the decay of our modern world is beginning to show. A decade from now we will see the results of cannabis in society.

I am predicting a healthier society. Both spiritually and physically better off. Cannabis comes from nature and reconnects us to our planet. The world is ripe for change. This system only works for a handful of people. We only put up with greedy capitalism because we are too busy just trying to survive. The old white male that dominates society says pot makes you lazy. Working three jobs without health insurance is not a productive use of your life. Capitalism values profit, cannabis values the human being beneath.

Big money is developing strategies and distribution channels for their new commodity but they don’t realize that pot is going to change the world. The frequency that our current capitalist society wants us on, keeps us obeying authority. This authority is controlled by massive corporations that only care about profit. Breaking people down into consumer units is big business’s fantasy land. Like a hamster on his wheel we run in virtual circles accumulating a home, it’s contents and a car or two. To pay for this we enslave our one and only life by doing whatever work pays the most.

Cannabis illuminates the folly of this kind of life. We are not born into this world to service the debt that society places around our necks, we were born to express our true nature. Dreamers and philosophers have just as important a role to play as scientists and accountants. Our world must move past capitalism, we are not units, we are from nature and through pot legalization a growing number of people will see capitalism as a parasite. So go ahead greedy hedge fund money managers, go dive and make a pig of yourself in this new green herbal industry. The joke is on you, once your fat little face has been filled, the new industry you came to exploit will change the game. Wall Street says greed is good, but the truth is, it is a sin. A billion dollars is a made up concept that has tricked us into working long hours away from our loved ones. We have one duty here on earth, to fully express who we are, and contrary to capitalist ideology, you can’t fully express yourself in a grey little cubicle. Jai Kali Ma

What happened to the cannabis edibles halloween poisonings outbreak?

cannabis propaganda

The anti pot side will use and say anything to create fear around marijuana. Just before Halloween we had to watch and listen to factual seeming reports on how many children would be poisoned by pot in Colorado. It is amazing how low these conservative minded dinosaurs will stoop to get what they want. What is more amazing, is the fact that these people’s predictions get reported in the media. Yes there is a bigger game being played. Big pharma, the alcohol industry and the law enforcement industry all have a vested interest in having these stories played out to scare the public, but when a blatant scare story is all you have left you are in trouble.

We need to find the people who clearly just imagined edibles being given to little Sally at Halloween and then reported it as fact, and make them apologize for creating fear. Since when did your imagination count as fact? The media loves reporting fear. Our governments can get away with doing the bidding of their corporate sponsors when they have a public that is afraid. All these new fears is like the later stages of a doomed religious cult. THEY are coming, we had better arm ourselves to the teeth and prepare the poison.

We live in a world where marijuana is seen as a threat but bombing working class people in other countries is a good idea. Where a natural alternative to toxic medicine is a jailable offense but polluting the land gets rewarded with government grants and tax loop holes? Hello?? Join local community groups, get active because lord knows we need a change and the political parties of today cannot give us the change we need. They are business as usual and nothing more. They have nice shiny media marketing tactics but they do not benefit us. Organize locally and then connect with like-minded groups nationally. We don’t need more fear stories about cannabis, we need scientific research. We must take our rights and shed much needed light on the truth. United we are the country. Divided we are simply fearful consumers of rubbish.

cannabis propaganda