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Italy close to yes on cannabis

Italy cannabis Europe

Today 218 members of the Italian parliament voted for a bill to legalize cannabis. Sponsored by Benedetto Della Vedova, a junior minister for foreign affairs, the bill would allow the growing of up to five plants. You could store 15 grams at home and be allowed to carry five grams outside. Selling the plant would still remain illegal. Italy is one of the biggest European consumers of the plant and is finally owning up to the fact that prohibition doesn’t work. The no side have a fitting leader in Matteo Salvini. He is against cannabis but is strongly in favor of prostitution. He believes there is no harm in sex slavery but is fearful of a health giving plant.
The Italian parliament is split down the middle on cannabis. The no side say it will increase crime and drug taking, but as Portugal, Holland and now Colarado confirm, ending prohibition only improves society.

Merry cannabis everyone

Christmas cannabis

It has been a big year for cannabis. Getting it legal in Colorado was huge. No longer will American stoners have to go to socialist, bad teeth, backward Europe ha ha. A new Amsterdam to replace the once trail blazing city. This year has seen science research bubbling out of the internet extolling the benefits of pot. Those powerful cannabinoids complement psychoactive THC to realign our nervous and cell systems to promote health. On the political front, even a pot loving president has to go slow. Federal funding for medical marijuana raids has been cut off and society is perhaps a little happier. The prohibitionists have not run away though, they are licking their wounds and plotting a comeback. Prohibition of cannabis is good for legal drug companies. As is always the case, drug dealers don’t like other drug dealers coming in on their turf!

Christmas cannabis

Cannabis has won the argument however. It won by proving the medical benefit of the plant. It won by not having a single death attributed to pot and it won by continuing to tell the truth even though those in power didn’t want to hear it. Cannabis won. People may still be unjustly put in jail and big business will seek to enter and profit from the herb but our hippie ancestors would smile at the thought, that we stuck it to the man!

Christmas cannabis

Society, through pollution, war and poverty is killing the only known inhabitable planet. We strayed about as far from Mother Nature as it was possible to go. Hopefully now, with the new cannabis spring that has sprung, we will move back into sync with nature. You don’t need a new car or phone or whatever each year. We don’t have to be a parasite on the earth, we can possibly enrich the place instead. Cannabis legalization is at least a beginning. Share some with a friend because Bob Marley said everything is going to be all right. Merry christmas, enjoy the madness that is close proximity to family and be ever thankful for all of life’s ¬†blessings.

Prague cannabis club

Prague cannabis club


A cannabis club is a closed circle of people. Growers, patients and tokers forming a community. We do have these kinds of groups in Prague, but as you can imagine they are hard to find. A cannabis club works best when all members trust each other. Open and honest communication is vital to the health of a club. In Barcelona, where cannabis clubs are already established under law you have many shades of clubs. The best ones bring you great choice, information and a friendly atmosphere. The worst are hole in the wall sleazy places that remind you of the old fashioned sketchy drug deal.

Cannabis culture is evolving. Many people are rightly angry at governments they see standing in the way of their personal freedoms. In response to this anger governments are changing their stance on marijuana. There seems to be two models emerging. In America they are moving head long into legalization. Opening up a new industry for commercial exploitation. Growers sell to sellers who sell to the public. We can see how this model is working in America at the moment. There are new dispensaries opening every other day in beautifully progressive Colorado country. Then there is the European way of doing things. Not as much excitement but possible a more thought out approach to the subject. European governments seem to be favoring cannabis clubs that directly connect growers with consumers.

I like the idea of pot dispensaries, but taking into account the nature of marijuana, community based groups seem more fitting for the distribution of it. This plant will be known as one of mother natures true gifts to humanity. Taking out the warping affect of big business from the start just seems like a sensible approach. We don’t need another McDonalds. Putting our modern populations back in touch with nature is a positive development, especially as we battle climate change and other man made problems in our environment.

Following Barcelona’s example there are many cannabis clubs popping up in England and Germany. We are struggling to do the same here in Prague, unlike in Spain where personal consumption of marijuana is legal, the Czech legal system has created a grey area. With wise Gandhi’s words ringing in our ears, we are trying to be the change we want to see in our society. Cannabis clubs are coming to Prague. It is a question of how and when. Czech society is intimately familiar with pot. From young adults to old age pensioners the attitude to the plant is generally positive.  It is time for the government to change its stance on marijuana. To continue prohibition while turning a blind eye to its mass consumption seems foolish. 40% of Czech teenagers between the age of 16 and 18 have tried pot within the last year. They know pot is no more dangerous than alcohol and tobacco. Due to the Czech governments prohibition of marijuana, young people in the country have easier access to it than they do to alcohol. This is not a very clever beginning to the relationship between younger generations and the system of governance.

European cannabis clubs are trying to take pot out of the black market and into a responsible adult closed market. Pot is going to be consumed whether it is legal or not so why would the government hand money to criminals?  By setting up cannabis clubs the black market shrinks dramatically and hopefully lessens the chance of minors being able to buy it. This is a practical necessity as the war on drugs has ended up being a costly failure. It is time to evolve, if you want to smoke pot in Prague, find a club. I hope I can point you to an increasing number of clubs and post glorious reviews of the best ones. Until then, it is up to each of us to make a difference. Get educated, get vocal and then lets be the change we want to see.