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Germany positive on medical cannabis

The German ministry of health just released a new draft(in German) of regulations for medical cannabis. Instead of pretending cannabis is a problem, the Germans are preposing cannabis be treated for what it is, an amazing new medical discovery. The draft regulations would place cannabis in the same category as other prescription medications.

Great news for patients but terrible news for powerful, money hungry pharmaceutical corporations. If the regulations are adopted, it will mean that any doctor in the country will be able to prescribe medical cannabis. Most importantly, the draft proposal also says that cannabis should be covered by your insurance company.

This is huge. Germany is a big European player. Their ministry of health cannot signal any clearer. They want a sensible, rational approach. No more arresting people for making a health conscious choice. We have plenty of things to deal with in society, but responsible cannabis use is not one of them. Medical cannabis is coming so get ready for the great societal detox !!!!


Cannabis shows us how government/UN works

UN cannabis

A couple of days ago Richard Branson released an internal UN drugs policy document. In it, the leading global drugs experts called for an immediate end to the war on drugs. It is clear to these experts that the war on drugs is much more damaging than the drugs themselves. Now lets give ourselves a bit of a reality check. Prescription drugs kill more people than all the deaths by illegal drugs. We only care about cannabis here at Praguepot because unlike the nasty, dangerous drugs, cannabis is processed by growing it, then drying it, then (if you are smart) vaporizing or eating it. No lab required. Just a small, clean, well ventilated spot and hey presto, you have a ready made medicine that can effectively treat up to half of life’s illnesses.

We have seen scientific study after scientific study proving how healthy cannabis is but we are still caught in no mans land. It is clear that the pharmaceutical industry is taking the financial consequences of legal cannabis very seriously. America is the richest nation on Earth. The biggest industry in America is drugs. Imagine that, the country with the greatest and most frequently used army on the planet, also happens to be protecting the commercial interests of the biggest legal drug dealers. Pharmaceutical companies have a strangle hold on governments around the world. Anyone following the secretive international trade deals (TPP etc) will know that big legal drug dealers will now have unrestricted access to the worlds population. 

So if you are a huge drug dealer, everyone, including the UN will celebrate your success. If however, you are a sick granny growing some pot to help fight diseases common in old age, fuck you, you are a criminal and we are going to try and ruin your life. Never mind that no one has ever died from cannabis and it has cured an army of people far larger than our American friend’s army, the plant is illegal. With side effects like, happiness, giggles, good appetite and a great nights sleep you might need to take a few breaths and let that sink in. Cannabis is healthy for you, the UN knows this and it knows that the war on drugs is very damaging for society but still we are pretending that the laws regarding cannabis are legitimate. When Richard Branson did the decent thing and exposed clearly what the UN is thinking, they denied and blocked Richards efforts. The war on drugs has increased human suffering. The UN and our governments have sat and watched this suffering while taking money personally from large  legal drug dealers. GlaxoSmithKleine is a huge drug dealer. They have so much money and virtually no authority over them. They have knowingly killed people with their drugs and they don’t care about anything other than the next quarters profits.

So what can we do? Faced with this kind of opposition, it is easy to think about giving up. Each of us are the end result of millions of years of evolution and finally here we are, stuck between a monster drug dealer and a cold hearted, warped government killer. Do you think we have been crafted by nature only to give up at this moment? The psychos in our society have captured government. There is a long history of the worst human behavior ending up at the top. I guess it is natural, good people are more gentle and are easily bullied by vicious people. The only problem for those vicious people is, the gentle people are capable of being strong and forceful when they have finally had enough. Reading your history books you will see we have revolutions as a species. We get so fed up that eventually we all organize and start hanging the psychopaths. I think we are approaching one of those moments. We don’t need to hang anyone, but we must all stop cooperating with the system until we have real justice and a rational approach to society.

Cannabis is an anti cancer agent. It kills cancer cells while leaving healthy cells undamaged. It does many other beneficial things and even though your government says it is naughty, you should know how to grow cannabis and be organizing yourselves into groups. We have a cannabis church you can join, there are many activist groups packed with cool people who care but are now getting well past pissed off and we have you. You are the most important part of this drama. We need you to understand that it is us against them. If we don’t do something our grandchildren will be legal drug dealer’s slaves. You can be the difference.

Teeside cannabis club

Norml UK

Clear UK

United patients alliance


European Church of Cannabis

Plauen cannabis social club

Pour la légalisation du cannabis en France

Help UK cannabis, speak with your local MP

UK cannabis

After the successful online government petition to legalize the production and use of cannabis, the UK parliament has to now meet and discuss the topic on the 12th of this month. After speaking with  UK activist groups, the message going around is; anyone living in the UK should contact their own local MP and ask them if they will be at the parliament debate. The Tory government would like nothing better than a sparsely attended debate.

It will take you a few minutes but the difference could be life changing. Sick and elderly patients can really benefit from the non toxic plant. Increased sleep and appetite are the bed rock of recovery and unlike toxic pharmaceutical drugs, the only side effect of cannabis is a bliss like euphoria.

Take the time to call or email your MP because the drug war has failed. We tried putting everyone in jail and still cannabis use increased. If we remove the black market, then we can make sure that young people don’t have as ready a supply and we can also improve the quality of pot.

Be the difference, contact one of the organizations below or directly with your local MP. We live in a democracy, it is high time we started using the system instead of being used by the system!!!

United Patients Alliance


Teeside cannabis club

Clear UK


Norml UK

UK cannabis social clubs

Last summer for German cannabis prohibition

Claudia Roth cannabis Germany


How many German politicians does it take to legalize cannabis? The Vice-President of their Bundestag (parliament), Claudia Roth is the latest senior politician to call for a sensible approach to the plant. Her Green party is pro cannabis. In a recent interview she spoke of the strange reality of allowing six million drunk people party in the streets for Oktoberfest but then turning around and jailing cannabis users. Cannabis is a safe, healthy alternative to alcohol. Conservative German politicians may have a problem with cannabis, but when you look at the science, legalizing the plant is the only rational course of action.

Germany is at a tipping point. The prohibition of marijuana has failed. We have made convicts out of decent human beings and given huge sums of money to criminals. Instead of discussing grow hygiene standards and best practices we are stuck debating the legal status of the plant. For the rest of the German politicians, just in case you didn’t hear, cannabis is a health supplement. Coffee is more dangerous than the plant and after following our capitalist masters to the brink of planetary destruction, I think it is finally time to stop digging this petroleum fueled hole and take a break. Prohibition of something that is healthy for you is both insane and criminal. If some old German political leaders are uncomfortable with change, then they can find a bunker and try to wait it out, but for the rest of the politicians, it is time to embrace cannabis.

If you are in Germany, you can support your local cannabis social clubs or help set up a new one. This will be our last summer with prohibition so enjoy watching the crusty old politicians flap about in confusion. The evil plant was not evil, it was just marketed that way by big pharma and other commercial competitors. They say, in order for bad men to triumph, it only requires good people to do nothing. Well, we have made doing nothing an art form. Our world is polluted and our food is toxic. Your government doesn’t give a fuck about you so it is time to start thinking for yourself. Join the cannabis revolution and help put science in charge of public policy rather than a bunch of joyless, old, white hypocrites.



Europe’s untapped 60 billion euro cannabis market

european cannabis market

Anyone living in Europe knows that we are in the midst of a financial crisis. Unemployment is high and voters are starting to experiment with the extremes of the political spectrum. There is also a very clear north south divide. The industrial, prudent north and the relaxed, economically disadvantaged south. Germans want Greeks to work more and pay their taxes. Greeks want to tell northern banks to go fuck themselves. As you can see, we are one charming little family. If we are to survive as a group and move past this economic test then we had better come up with new ways of keeping the bloc together.

The south of Europe has beautiful beaches and an easy way of life. Having lived in Spain, I know first hand what an amazing country it is. Friendly, smart people living in the California of Europe. Unemployment in Spain is crippling. 50% of people under 30 are unemployed. This is going to have serious long term effects for their society so they should start tackling it any way the government can. If Europe was to legalize cannabis it could be grown year round in the south. The employment and tax revenue are a persuasive argument. If the cannabis is organically grown then it can be a powerful medicine that can replace toxic pharmaceutical alternatives. Cannabis is a health supplement. A tiny daily dose can dramatically increase your health.

Besides the health, employment and tax benefits, legalizing cannabis will also free up police so they can get on with the important job of safeguarding society from violent crime. With one imperial stroke of an EU pen, a new 60 billion euro industry can be born. Couple this with the scientific and medical research and we will all wonder why it took so long to legalize. Cannabis is safe and healthy for you. There are no valid argument left on the prohibitionist side. They are simply saying no because they don’t have the imagination to move along with the current scientific research. This is a shame for sick  Europeans that must further stress their delicate bodies with toxic medication that substitutes for pot.

I am full of hope for us. We have something that can be of so much benefit to society if we would only evolve our thinking a little bit. With activist groups like Encod.org we are trying to move the European Union towards its new green field. I know people within the movement say that reform will take time. But we are a new society. Technology has switched us all on and we can now communicate effectively. 60 billion euros is falling into the hands of the black economy every year in Europe. A well regulated, southern grown cannabis product would be an amazing improvement on todays situation. 70% of drug arrests are for cannabis. When the dust settles on this cannabis health debate, praguepot wagers that cannabis is as significant a breakthrough as stem cell research. That is a big claim that is backed up with the beginning of solid scientific research on the herb. Cannabis is good for Europe and our European cannabis activists are not going to stop until we have our cannabis human rights respected.

The cannabis religion

cannabis religion

Sheltered from the last of the bleak winter that folds around the old, wood built cabin that passes for their church, these cannabis evangelicals are in surprisingly good humor. Each Tuesday they meet and discuss their faith. Sometimes traveling miles so they can sit and contemplate life from within the warm embrace of their church. Recently the congregation has grown, they are now looking for a larger chapel to help them spread the word. Due to the persecution they get from non believers, the church has remained a closely guarded secret.

The familiar, loving experience that is a visit to their weekly service, stands in stark contrast to the prohibition horror stories each member has had to endure. They have all, quite literally suffered for their faith. Myself and about 30 other people take our seats when the pastor moves to the raised oak pulpit. Lily has been the head of this group for more than 25 years. She is a gentle, dignified looking woman in her middle age. As she beams down on us all, you can feel the room tuning into her frequency.

“Welcome everyone, I hope we don’t have any members left stranded out there in the blizzard”. Lily went on to tell us about the role she sees for the church, as well as sharing wisdom and humor. The church is to be an example of compassion and evolution she said. We are here to share experiences, to embrace ourselves and the wider community. She reminded us that this is our one and only known chance to live and celebrate the here and now. All of creation is a sacred gift for us to enjoy. We must rediscover sharing and cooperation if we are going to  build the perfect society which allows both us and the natural world to thrive.

We begin with ourselves. Finding out who we really are is a sacrament. Trying to live by the standards that Mother Nature has given us is a fundamental goal. In short, trying to be the best version of ourselves. Once we understand who we are and what direction we would most prefer our lives to take, we get on with it. Make it happen and help those around you that want the same thing. It is your religious duty to be in a constant state of learning. We are here to evolve. You have to judge your actions based on the entire consequences of those actions. We are part of the problem until we become conscious enough to do our part to promote a better society.

She spoke at length about our duty to be authentic. Working together is more fun. Sitting in a grey, work cubical and punching things into a computer is not the full expression of humanity. It is a perversion. We were not meant to be seven billion strangers on the planet. We are family, Asian cousins, Indian uncles and European aunts. At our root, we are all from the same species, sharing the same bit of rock hurtling through infinite space and time. The non believers that oppress us believe that they are outside of nature and are masters of it. This is the same situation as when a small child throws a temper tantrum at its mother because she will not let the child play in the busy street. We are from nature, we are nature and it is time to become a more natural society. We have amazing technology and intelligence, so lets start channeling that smarts into practical things that can save the planet. Modern society is sick. Consumerism has not turned out to be anything other than a business scam to pollute the planet while benefiting only a handful of sociopaths.

The vision Lily has for society is beautiful. I don’t know if it was the ideals or the wicked white widow that made me tune into the church. All I know is that I will be attending next Tuesdays gathering. As we become adults there is a certain amount of disappointment that comes with growing up. Things keep changing. Those golden yesterdays will fade whether we like it or not and in the end, the only thing we really ever have is the present moment. Look around you, this is it. The perspective we choose to view this moment with however, is up to us. Looking up at Lily I choose to see the world as a smile. I don’t know how practical this religion is, but I sure hope it catches on.

The ideology behind cannabis prohibition

Go to school, finish college, find a job, get a mortgage, admire politicians, cut them some slack and vote for the choices you are presented on the ballot paper. Have integrity, tell the truth, the good guys always win in the end. Work hard and give your best at all times. Respect your boss and your president because they are great men. Be kind and courteous, wait your turn. God has a big complicated plan that tiny little us can never figure out, so just trust in the higher power. In fact trust all authority like you are a small child.

How’s that life working out for you?

We are living in a world where the game has been rigged from the start. 83 human beings at the very top have more wealth than the bottom three and a half billion people. Our planet has wars and crime, poverty and starvation. Men run the world while paying lip service to equality and justice for all. Earth has enough food for each of us, enough resources to give us a home. With education the human species can unlock the truths of the universe but our politicians prefer to spend tax money on projects that get them re-elected instead of advancing the common good. Drilling for oil in the ocean is a good idea they say, forget about the natural world, hate those who are different.

I have more in common with a working class person from any other country than I do with the vicious elite of my own land. From China to Pakistan, France to America, we, the working people of the world share the same problem. We are being sold a lie from above and must suffer for the greed and corrupted system that we call modern life. Business has become too big. Towering corporations now run the world and like any successful company director will tell you, profit is the only important fact.

If the decent, silent majority of the world ever got together and ran their own societies, we would have no more wars. We would watch our healthcare improve, spending would be on education rather than tax loop holes for corporations. Politicians would have to be honest and fairness rather than greedy self profit would force government to do what was right for society and the planet.

Instead of highlighting our differences, in a just world we would celebrate our similarities. Work for common, mutually beneficial goals. This is in stark contrast to our present world. Apparently my Iranian brother is not my equal. I should ignore the poverty of my African brother. Look away while my American brother is denied healthcare and fear my Russian brother. Those who wield power fear one thing, the unity of those they rule over. The concentration of power has always ended in the destruction of man. Bigger means more evil consequences for we the people.

Cannabis is not the answer to all of society’s problems. Yes there are huge medical benefits and it promotes peace and community over traditional belligerent alcoholic behaviour. More importantly, it changes the power game. Smoke pot and question your shitty life is a common side effect of the plant. Thinking for yourself and sharing is a big part of  cannabis culture. Remember those rich 83 people who have more wealth than the bottom three point five billion? They keep their evil grip on that wealth by having strong armed police enforcing laws that suit them not us. If our society’s vice was cannabis rather than alcohol, police would play a much smaller role. People would be more open minded and willing to accept creative, intelligent solutions to the planets problems. Ask a stoner, is war a good thing? Would military spending be put to better use by educating working class people rather than slaughtering working class people from other countries? Should we give tax breaks to corporations that pollute the world or invest in technological innovation that can save the planet instead?

In our societies, the answers I have just given makes me a radical. The only way feeding everyone, giving everyone the best healthcare that science can provide and educating all children to the highest possible standards, is a bad idea, is when by doing that you personally lose something. Filthy rich people and large corporations don’t want the poor educated and given free healthcare because that means they must pay more tax. As if obscene  wealth wasn’t enough, they want more.

Instead of letting the polar bear go extinct, why don’t we put billionaires on the endangered species list. We can save a few of them(maybe that seemingly cuddly Warren Buffett and Bill Gates), we could lock them up in “zoos” and let visitors feed them peanuts and watch as they viciously compete for the most nuts. Cannabis culture and capitalism are the polar opposites of each other. Warren Buffett wants you to consume until your planet has nothing left to give. He is wrong. Progress that has the wellbeing of the planet in mind is good. If you must pollute for progress then you need to go back to the drawing board and figure out a smarter solution.

It is a new dawn, a new day, a new chance to take the next real step forward. Our current path leads to war and destruction. It is time that we the people had our voices heard. We don’t need our taxes spent on wars or arming a police state. We need more healthcare and education. More care for our environment and less psychopaths profiting from our division. Science and not 2000 year old morals need to drive the next chapter of human evolution. It only takes small steps, unity and the belief that tomorrow can be better if we are willing to be the changes we want to see in the world.

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