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German police want to fight terrorism, not cannabis

German cannabis

We have all been shocked by the violence in Paris recently. Extremists using religion to get their barbaric kicks is not something that benefits mankind. We must not forget that Western powers are daily slaughtering innocent people in Middle Eastern countries so for the sake of peace all violence must stop. That being said, and this being a pot activist website, how does terrorism and cannabis collide? Arnold Plickert, the vice-president of the German police union has recently said that police should not have to deal with cannabis possession cases. Police have real work to do, like helping to protect the public from serious crime and terrorism. As the new year rumbles along, we are getting new scientific knowledge of cannabis and guess what, cannabis is proving to be an incredibly healthy plant for humans.

Germans are known to be practical people, Arnold Plickert has said out loud what most European police think privately. Cannabis is not a threat to society, and its prohibition is a distraction from real police work. This is going to be a big year for cannabis legalization, America has paved the way for Europe to now play catch up. Colorado has had a year of legal cannabis and there are no negative effects on society. Drug cartels are losing money, conservative Christians have more sinners to pray for and all is right with the world (of cannabis, at least in Colorado). We need more Arnold Plickerts speaking up. The madness of cannabis prohibition has to stop. Alcohol is an incredibly dangerous drug when compared to marijuana so it is time to drop the theatrics. Society got it wrong on cannabis, it is important if we are to call ourselves civilized, that we recognize our mistakes and move to correct them as quickly as possible. For European cannabis legalization Germany is key. We need them to come out with some common sense to dispel the nonsense surrounding the cannabis debate. 2015 is going to be huge for the movement. American gains will be expanded and meek European leadership can be emboldened by positive scientific data. It is up to each of us to be as informed as possible and to get vocal.

Merry cannabis everyone

Christmas cannabis

It has been a big year for cannabis. Getting it legal in Colorado was huge. No longer will American stoners have to go to socialist, bad teeth, backward Europe ha ha. A new Amsterdam to replace the once trail blazing city. This year has seen science research bubbling out of the internet extolling the benefits of pot. Those powerful cannabinoids complement psychoactive THC to realign our nervous and cell systems to promote health. On the political front, even a pot loving president has to go slow. Federal funding for medical marijuana raids has been cut off and society is perhaps a little happier. The prohibitionists have not run away though, they are licking their wounds and plotting a comeback. Prohibition of cannabis is good for legal drug companies. As is always the case, drug dealers don’t like other drug dealers coming in on their turf!

Christmas cannabis

Cannabis has won the argument however. It won by proving the medical benefit of the plant. It won by not having a single death attributed to pot and it won by continuing to tell the truth even though those in power didn’t want to hear it. Cannabis won. People may still be unjustly put in jail and big business will seek to enter and profit from the herb but our hippie ancestors would smile at the thought, that we stuck it to the man!

Christmas cannabis

Society, through pollution, war and poverty is killing the only known inhabitable planet. We strayed about as far from Mother Nature as it was possible to go. Hopefully now, with the new cannabis spring that has sprung, we will move back into sync with nature. You don’t need a new car or phone or whatever each year. We don’t have to be a parasite on the earth, we can possibly enrich the place instead. Cannabis legalization is at least a beginning. Share some with a friend because Bob Marley said everything is going to be all right. Merry christmas, enjoy the madness that is close proximity to family and be ever thankful for all of life’s ¬†blessings.