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Big pharma is worse than you think

pharmaceutical propaganda

Pharmaceutical companies are among the largest corporations on the planet. Their power and influence is incredible. They are making up the rules as they drug a larger and larger percentage of the population. They make drugs, test them and then have them approved by their buddies in the system. Cannabis can replace most of these toxic pills but unless the internet goes down in the next 12 months, cannabis is about to destroy their evil empire. The video below is shocking. Big pharma will not voluntarily stop trying to increase their customer base. They want every man, woman and child drugged for their profit. What do you do when the crazy conspiracy theories turn out to be true?

The corruption of medicine

pharmaceutical corruption cannabis

Our technological advancement in the medical field is impressive. We can now do organ transplants and stem cell research is racing ahead. But there is one aspect of the medical industry that is absolutely criminal. Doctors are routinely given free holidays, expenses and gifts from pharmaceutical companies trying to get doctors to prescribe their products. For some bizarre reason this practice is legal. The result of this corruption is more patients taking pharmaceutical pills that they do not need. This industry has risen to become the largest industry in America and a global powerhouse. One of the main reasons cannabis has been kept illegal is because big pharma are afraid the plant will replace many of their most profitable products.

It is time that we check the power of these companies. Their immoral influence on doctors is a modern scandal. Their active participation in the prohibition of marijuana is pure evil. At the recent Prague medical marijuana conference scientists and doctors agreed that cannabis could replace up to half of all the medication currently being sold by these gigantic corporations. The size of the pharmaceutical industry, coupled with their obscene profits is a threat to society. It is time to wake up to the reality that big pharma is only a profit seeking organization. They do not care about the patient, they only concern themselves with the next financial quarter’s profits. This is too narrow a perspective on an industry that is literally a life saving one. Cannabis prohibition has illuminated all these problems. Ignoring them is folly, the only answer is to educate yourself and then get active. Our grandkids can’t afford any more inaction.

The real danger of cannabis

Danger cannabis

We are left to assume governments know best but that is often not the case. Authority is warped and corrupted by big money interests. Cannabis activists are simply seeking to have their chosen intoxicant treated in the same manner as alcohol. Because we know alcohol is a much more dangerous substance than cannabis we didn’t think there would be a fuss. With freedom being eroded and the general population too docile to care, cannabis is kept illegal. In the limited testing to date, pot has scientifically been shown to kill cancer while leaving healthy cells alone. That is an amazing fact. History is going to wonder how we came to prohibit marijuana even after the health benefits started coming out. Big pharmaceutical companies stand to lose huge profits when cannabis is finally adopted as a wonder medical herb. Until then, growers will keep growing and activists will keep on pushing. Governments will keep doing what they are doing too, they will concern themselves with the maintenance of their privilege. What a crazy world, let’s all band together and get the cure for cancer legalized. I didn’t realize this was a radical notion, I thought it was an obviously compassionate one.

Conversation with big pharma on cannabis

Cannabis is one of the most dangerous substances known to man. It is literally worth locking you in a cage with murderers and rapists just to protect you from this plant.

Praguepot(PP): Sorry big pharma did you say something?

Big pharma(BP): Don’t mind me, I am just mumbling to myself as I lovingly look over my profit and loss statements for 2014.

Praguepot(PP): Good year for you?

Big pharma(BP): In the drug business, it is always a good year! We have the perfect scam going, we give you medicine and then we give you more medicine for the side effects. Each time you pop a pill your system gets weakened.

Praguepot(PP): So you guys don’t really care about helping people?

Big pharma(BP): That is not true. I love helping myself and my fellow big pharmaceutical company executives make a personal fortune.

PP: Do you not feel bad? Don’t forget that the ones¬†taking your drugs are real people.

BP: Listen kid, now that I am filthy rich I have acquired expensive tastes. I only drink expensive wine and over priced food.

PP: What has that got to do with your responsibility to patients looking for cures?

BP: In the pharmaceutical industry, people are just numbers. The more pill poppers the better for me personally. I need a water front holiday home and various other status symbols to deflect the conversation away from how I make my money.

PP: I can imagine. But just between the two of us, how do you make your money?

BP: We use good old fashioned hard work to find cures for diseases. We have massive laboratories filled with the smartest people, systematically testing and creating chemicals. We have invested billions of dollars creating pills that fight depression for example. Once we find drugs that seem to help, we pay scientists to write articles about our discoveries. Next we talk to government agencies about approving these drugs, and by offering jobs in the future or benefits now, we get our shiny drug agency approval.

PP: So this is an expensive, complicated business model.

BP: You better believe it is. We are so incredibly profitable that we want to make it as difficult as possible for some new drug dealer to break into our racket.

PP: So you must hate all this cannabis legalization stuff.

BP: Cannabis becoming legal is our greatest fear. Up until those crazy Colorado folks legalized it we had a near perfect monopoly. We had the drugs that kept people alive, so they had to pay whatever our price was. Now cannabis can be used instead of our pills and even worse for us, everyone can grow their own medicine.

PP: Yes, but from a human evolution point of view this is good news.

BP: What are you talking about? This is a disaster. Once people realize they don’t need toxic pills to cure themselves we are ducked.

PP: What is ducked?

BP: Sorry, I am writing on my iPad, ducked is being fucked, only with more feathers! Pharmaceutical companies only have one task, to make money. We have been successful at this but now that cannabis is making a medical come back we are very worried.

PP: Maybe you could grow pot too.

BP: You don’t understand. We are only about making profit. We could grow marijuana on an industrial scale but then so can other people. That is too much competition for our liking. Our organization has become so big that it can’t change course very easily. Medical Marijuana puts lots of our most profitable pills out of business. For years we paid government officials to talk of the evils of cannabis and we funded research proving how bad it is for you.

PP: So cannabis is bad for your health?

BP: Unfortunately we couldn’t come up with any data proving pot is unhealthy so we just confused the argument with emotional nonsense.

PP: How very clever of you.

BP: Thank you, we have full departments of people working out ways to block cannabis legalization. The only problem is people now know about the health benefits of the plant. Unlike alcohol, when each sip of beer is having a slight but real negative effect on your body, pot is increasing your health. We knew marijuana was healthy but now our customers know it. Cannabis is yet to kill a single patient where as our drugs are consistently killing our patients. It is really hard to demonize the plant when the public knows this.

PP: I guess luckily for you, not all the public knows that yet.

BP: Thanks to our misinformation campaigns we have kept some sick people in ignorant bliss. Just because some of the side effects our pills give are worse than the illness they treat, we shouldn’t start looking for damned hippie natural alternatives. I mean what is so bad about a sudden bout of internal bleeding every once in a while?

PP: Medicine is supposed to help people. When we mix up money with medicine you get the kind of evil that we see today. Cannabis prohibition was a business decision not a public safety one. Pharmaceutical companies have made a fortune out of sick and vulnerable patients. With no natural remedies seemingly available we all became pill poppers. Today pot gives us a natural alternative. I know from personal experience that cannabis treats many ailments so I don’t feel sorry for the massive, obscenely profitable legal drug dealers as they face the destruction of their way of life. All the lobbyists in the world couldn’t keep one very simple truth from the public, cannabis is a natural health giving plant that can replace a surprising number of toxic pills.

And so ends another conversation between a criminal and an up standing citizen. It is amazing that cannabis has been treated as a danger to society when the science proves it is an incredibly healthy plant. Knowledge has and always will be power. Big pharma has profited from our ignorance but that is now changing. Get informed, get active and if you can, get growing!!!

Fox news discussing medical marijuana.


cannabis fox news

We all know Rupert Murdoch (owner of the Fox network) has pushed back against marijuana legalization. He likes his tv stations to promote pretty strong right wing ideals(think of the capitalists who supported Hitler before he came to power!). Fox news has helped spread corporate propaganda and hate, while dressed in good old fashioned American traditions. His network has fox news and Bill O’Reilly!

If they could, they would spin cannabis as a dangerous substance but unfortunately(for them) the genie has slipped out of the bottle. Cannabis is a safe natural herb and it helps fight caner along with many other illnesses. There are massive, established businesses that will be affected by legal marijuana. Pharmaceutical companies fear cannabis replacing headache medication, pain pills and many other man made toxic prescription drugs. Alcohol companies will feel the pinch. Problem drinking can kill you. Problem pot consumption will make you lazy but happy. In responsible amounts, cannabis is a health benefit. In the video clip a shocked fox news guy listened to the truth about cannabis. The times they are a changing!

Cannabis and sleep

cannabis sleep

Cannabis is split between indica and sativa strains. Sativa is associated with cerebral highs, energy and day time. Indica is more of a body stone and promotes relaxation and sleep. Getting a good night sleep after a stressful day can be difficult. Sleep research has highlighted the positive role that cannabis has on problem sleepers. Consuming marijuana before bed helped insomniac sufferers fall asleep. This is good news for cannabis consumers but bad news for the pharmaceutical industry. The business of getting you to sleep is a 32 billion dollar business. Those toxic pills and consultants are a growing part of big pharma’s profits.

cannabis sleep

You don’t have to be a genius to work out that the pharmaceutical industry is going to be completely against legalizing marijuana when you understand that pot can wipe out that 32 billion market over night. Yes the pharmaceutical companies want new jets and off shore bank accounts. Call me a radical but I think that huge sum of money is better off in working families pockets. We have the means to grow our own medicine with cannabis. Before it was made illegal, cannabis was an effective treatment for almost all ailments.

A good nights sleep should not include putting toxins in your body. Fixing one problem but creating another is the pharmaceutical industry’s motto.

cannabis sleep

It doesn’t have to be this way. The world is in the mess it is because we stopped taking responsibility for ourselves. Cannabis is a powerful medicine. Sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy life. Lets cut out the mega drug dealers(Pfizer,¬†GlaxoSmithKline, Eli Lily etc) and grow the medicine for ourselves. The momentum for cannabis legalization is growing but this isn’t enough. We need to be able to produce the medicine for ourselves. Lets take back our good nights sleep with home grown medicine

cannabis sleep

How to legalize marijuana

Legalize marijuana

Politicians get paid to do the bidding of big business. We vote based on the old divide and conquer trick. I am pro choice, I am pro gun, I am pro immigrants, I am pro this or that tiny thing so I am against the other side. I am against my fellow working class person, whose life is just as shitty as mine because I have been distracted and then whipped into a frenzy by a snake oil sales man.

A vote on marijuana is different. There are working class citizens from both sides of the pretend ¬†political divide that are pro marijuana. Your government couldn’t very well have the vast working class uniting on anything as this would be too dangerous for big business.

When we, as working class people decide enough is enough, the oppression of the working class will be over. No politician reaches the heights of power without becoming a warped hateful figure. As an experiment, why don’t we try uniting around getting marijuana legalized? White or black, Iranian or European. Ethiopian or Chicago born, let’s unite around this one thing. Bob Marley said the herb was the healing of the nation. The nation he was talking about was the human nation. One love, the love of your family and justice. It is time to stop listening to politicians and start organizing ourselves into activist communities. We can change our world. We can make it better. We can reject big business and its singular self interest. I believe people are more important than a companies profit. I believe the herb can heal.

What do you believe in?

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