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Cannabis prohibition is criminal

The war on pot has not made society safe.

The war on pot has made the only known non toxic anti cancer treatment illegal.

The war on pot was always a populist, self serving lie.

The war on pot has criminalized normal human behavior.

The war on pot is the best thinking of our worst politicians.

The war on pot benefits drug dealers.

The war on pot is the child of the war on communism.

The war on pot wasn’t intended to be won.

The war on pot is racist.

The war on pot exposed the whole world to American government tyranny.

The war on pot has destroyed human freedom.

The war on pot teaches us to put ideology ahead of scientific fact.

The war on pot highlights the systemic corruption in politics.

The war on pot created the for profit prison industry in America.

The war on pot makes criminals rich and police rich.

The war on pot means police are the enemy.

The war on pot means children can easily access drugs from criminals.

The war on pot allows violent men to legally be violent.

The war on pot distracts the pubic from the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs.

The war on pot is a war on nature.

The war on pot is supposed to be everlasting.

The war on pot means liver failure to chronic pain sufferers.

The war on pot was forced on us by old, white, racist men.

The war on pot made it easy to divide and conquer the public.

The war on pot is morally wrong.

The war on pot shows us we need to wake up and revolt against the system.

The war on pot allows police to bully and harass gentle hippies.

The war on drugs protects big pharma’s drug dealing turf.

The war on pot has failed just like alcohol prohibition failed before it.

The war on pot has perverted our justice system.

The war on pot is America’s fault.

The war on pot has failed.

The war on pot must be resisted.

The war on pot is a war crime on humanity.

Cannabis is medicine and big pharma doesn’t want you to have that kind of control over your own life. Come join us defeat the war on pot. Jai Kali Ma

FIFA justice, cannabis injustice

FIFA cannabis

Our world can be a beautiful place. Each four years, the greatest football stars from all over the planet, play together in the largest global sporting event. Except for America, most of us have warm, summer memories when we think about the football world cup. The final has billions of viewers. The glory on the pitch, is sadly missing when we look at the emerging scandal surrounding the organizers of world football(FIFA). The organization’s president,Sepp Blatter, is a rogue’s rogue. He has spent the last 20 years living as a playboy, with private jets and unlimited expense cards. He was accountable to no-one, and united his supporters by bribery, and the constant complaint, that those damn Europeans are so pushy, why don’t we, the rest of the world, work together and keep at least world football for the struggling nations. Sepp Blatter is of course the whitest, most privileged kind of imperialist European, so you have to give it to him, he can at least convincingly sell a story!

FIFA cannabis

Now, lets just put things into perspective. FIFA and the world cup is a serious global institution. It would rank as highly as the United Nations or the Vatican, though obviously with a very different function. It makes vast sums of money from selling TV rights and advertising. So with the announcement that Blatter is to stand down amid corruption allegations, this is serious news. The FBI has been investigating FIFA for the last three years. That probably means going back over all the communications that America has gained, through their own dubious activities. Blatter would cling to power as any dictator would, but obviously the Americans have shown him the kind of case they can make against him.

The reason I am bringing this up in relation to cannabis is, it proves that the world can move very quickly to change a negative situation. Tradition and conservatism is no argument when a crime is being committed. Keeping cannabis prohibited is also a crime. History will record the amazing benefit of the plant. Already in the medical field, pot is treating serious illness in a non toxic, natural way. Science is very excited. So far all the headlines have been amazing for the anti-prohibitionists. Cannabis can cure cancer, cannabis can help with chronic pain, report after report testify that cannabis is a health promoting herb. Someone suffering from chronic pain needs to take heavy painkillers, usually for the rest of their life. After a period of time, the painkiller medication itself becomes the problem. Cannabis is a non toxic substance for us. Our mothers gave each of us cannabinoids through her breast milk. The plant is a real alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Take a pill that will directly contribute to your ill health, or consume cannabis, which will help heal you and also possibly give you the giggles! We are watching America legalize the plant, watching with amazement as the former, rabid prohibitionists pucker up and embrace the forbidden herb. Just as in the FIFA scandal, the world can act to impact an unjust situation. We need strong, clear leadership, but because of the economic threat to the pharmaceutical industry, politicians are afraid to act. Cannabis activists don’t have the resources of the FBI. We must rely on each other and keep pushing the subject forward. I know we all love a good guy, bad guy story, well this is it. The world is obviously capable of changing the legal status of cannabis and allowing patients easy and safe access to the plant. Right now our governments and their sponsors are the bad guys. If we want a positive ending to this story, then each of us must get involved. All use of the herb is medical, the laws and people who block its use are criminal. You can join Encod, Norml or even the European Church Of Cannabis! What we can’t afford to do, is leave the situation up to the capitalists to fix for us, because they are only interested in preserving their immoral profits.

Why become a cannabis activist?

cannabis activism

Is cannabis a life or death subject?

Yes it is. In American states that have adopted medical cannabis the rate of accidental pain medication overdose deaths decreases by 25%.

Crohn’s Disease can kill and yet it can be easily treated with pot.

Our political leaders send men and women off to war. The effective weapons, armor and training lets them do their job and then get back home. The armor they wear however, doesn’t save people from the gruesome horror show that is war. Every day army vets make the choice to kill themselves. Post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) is a silent killer that doesn’t show up in combat statistics. Cannabis is an effective treatment for this man made problem. The current treatment for PTSD involves pumping vets with a cocktail of anti psychotic medication and tranquilizers. Over time, this toxic medication leads to other illnesses directly caused by the chemicals used to treat PTSD. It is cruel to send men and women off to war, it is even crueler to deny the psychologically injured soldiers a safe treatment to help them cope.

cannabis activism

Cannabis has been shown to kill cancer cells. Since 1974 the US government knew this but suppressed the information. Compounds in the plant regulate your cell’s work. Cancer cells keep dividing and growing which eventually leads to death. A normal cell is programmed to kill itself if there is a problem (Apoptosis), cancer cells don’t know they are damaged so they just keep multiplying into tumors. When cannabis enters a cell it refocuses the cell to act properly. So cancer cells do as they should and die, leaving healthy cells to continue their work. This is an amazing natural break through for medicine. This is the cleanest way to treat cancer and instead of President Nixon being the guy who saved the world from cancer, he hid the information and expanded the war on drugs. He is a disgrace to humanity and a fine example of political behavior.

cannabis activism

Small doses of cannabis are an effective treatment for depression and anxiety.

Are there not more important issues for activists to deal with?

We live in a crazy world. Poverty, crime and cruel indifference all shadow a planet that could be paradise. At the very heart of the world’s problems, is corrupt political leaders. Look at Nigeria, it is a country of immense wealth, but its people live in utter poverty. Their political leaders are bribed by western oil and gas companies. Funds that should go to education and healthcare get stolen at the top and spent on new palaces in South Africa and penthouse apartments in Paris. In ¬†western societies, our leaders are just as corrupt but we don’t call it a crime, we call it lobbying. A politician will tell you what you want to hear and then cash lobbyist checks to do the exact opposite. They do this over and over again and for some reason we keep falling for it.

cannabis activism

We need to end this cycle of dishonest government. One of the greatest lies that our dear leaders tell, is that they hold sacred the public’s health. This is clearly not important to them because they allow pollution, literally on an industrial scale. They are paid by corporations to promote food that is toxic, medicine that can kill and all the while cut funding for projects that can help benefit the health of society(state run schools are cutting physical education for example).

Cannabis is non toxic. It does not kill people. Sugar, tobacco and alcohol kill an alarming number of people each year. There is no public safety issue with marijuana so we must presume that its prohibition is part of the political lying game. Until we hold our leaders to account, they will continue their double speak nonsense.

Cannabis is at the heart of society’s problem. We have had information within government for decades about the medical uses of marijuana but nothing was done about it. We need governments that can be trusted to act for the good of society. Prohibition has set back the scientific examination of the plant. We have to retrain our political monkeys to do what is right, not what is in their personal best interest.

Is it not going to be legalized anyway, so why bother getting involved?

cannabis activism

The system is humming along nicely the way things are. Police get easy crime fighting statistics and politicians get an easy sales pitch to older voters that are not aware of the new scientific data on cannabis. If we don’t make it politically important to politicians they simply won’t do anything. Politicians only care about re-election. Cannabis legalization will save lives, but in doing so they will disrupt the pharmaceutical, alcohol and law enforcement industries. These are powerful actors that will try at every turn to stop legalization. Until we are all involved in creating a better society, we will have to make do with the one we have.

Ok, how do I get involved?

First off, that’s the spirit! Activism is societies way of communicating with power. Staying informed is important. Joining a group that promotes legalization is always a good place to meet great people who care about the world. Encod.org, Norml and Patients for Safe Access are just a few of the many groups that are trying to help. Join in the debate online. Help organize events. Fighting for cannabis, is a fight for human rights and justice. The plant has a bewildering number of uses. It can replace petroleum and plastics. We need the plant, not to get high, but to save the planet. Imagine instead of drilling in the arctic, we just grew our oil. Cannabis can do this. Cannabis activism is a beautiful journey, one filled with sweet people and high ideals. Praguepot urges everyone to get involved. Together we can make the world a better place.

American train crash caused by cannabis prohibition thinking

American society cannabis

American infrastructure/society is rotting from the inside out. Police aren’t trusted, education is declining, healthcare is for profit only and now it is becoming lethally obvious that America’s infrastructure is rotting too. Who would have thought that bending to the will of giant, faceless, profit seeking organizations would eventually destroy the American dream. Capitalism is good, but capitalism requires businesses that can’t sustain themselves to go broke. The American financial system was broke, but the tax payers bailed out those institutions. So the reality is, we no longer have a capitalist system in America. We have a post corporate take over of society, society!

Short term economic goals do not stabilize and enhance society, they bleed that society to death. Our government’s inability to stop these economic psychopathic organizations brings us to the present moment. Pollution and corruption are the norm. Science based arguments are sneered at. Cannabis is healthy, non toxic and fun so our government bans it? We could allow some wiggle room if we could see the greater good for society but there are only greasy lobbyist foot prints at the political doors of power. Trains are a useful, alternative to individual transport. Train technology, bridges and roads have all had their budgets cut so corporate tax loop holes remain. Welfare for the people is bad but welfare for the corporation is good? This is not a clever or sane argument. It is just another example of the perversion in American society.

If we cut money out of politics, and actually look at the rational, evidence based solutions to our problems then train crashes and cannabis prohibition can be left to history. America was not created to facilitate maximum corporate profit. It was a place for free people to live as they saw fit. The declaration of independence was written on hemp paper at a time when cannabis cultivation was seen as a positive, natural tool for society. Once we drop the cannabis prohibition delusion, and the lies and nonsense that goes with it, then we can begin to be honest with ourselves and refocus on growing a strong middle class that don’t have to ask their government which hand they must use to wipe their asses with! Short term economic gain is not a sustainable strategy for society. That is the blueprint of what a virus does. Eventually a virus kills its host. Global warming is the beginning of that death. If we can’t take a step back and do what is right for the country and our shared planet then we are dead men/women walking. A few hundred years from now it will be war then death then another moon like planet with nothing but profitable dust flying in the lifeless wind.

Cannabis legalization spreads like wildfire in America

cannabis America


Colorado, Washington, Alaska and soon even Texas! Cannabis is taking over America. If there was a pothead in a coma for the last couple of years, he or she is not going to believe what has happened to America. Once it was confirmed that cannabis did little if any damage to society, state legislators then took a look at the money Colorado was raking in through taxes. Cannabis legalization then began to spread like wildfire. It is no longer a question of if, but when. There are still patients out there suffering because they have to take toxic alternatives to cannabis but their day is coming.
The prohibitionists haven’t given up the ghost of course. They are still trying to scare us into submission but the reefer madness fever has broken. Change is coming, and in fairness to Obama, he embraced it. He was the first sitting president to admit cannabis use and then actually go on to do something about its prohibition. To the activists out there, keep going. We can’t for a moment stop the pressure until this monstrosity is dead and buried.
Look at the speed that cannabis legislation is being discussed and then adopted. The crack in the dam is now flowing. Being washed away is the prohibitionist horse shit. No brains have been fried from cannabis. No rape has been caused by marijuana. We listened to a bunch of people that had an economic incentive to keep cannabis illegal. By the presidential vote next year, praguepot predicts that a majority of states will have medical marijuana legislation. Patients will have their medicine and except for a few puritanical cave dwelling states, cannabis will once again, take its place within American society. No American presidential candidate can be elected without supporting cannabis. It is only now that politicians realize that cannabis is not a joke to us. This is as serious a subject as any of the other major issues affecting our world.

The European Church Of Cannabis

European church cannabis

I have heard whispers about a new religion. Somewhere in Europe there is a bunch of devout herbalists with a story to tell about peace and love and happiness. Dodging CIA x-rays they have remained under cover so far, but it is getting out. Their religion is beginning to gather momentum. They have commandments but the bishops keep forgetting to write them down and their strict laws and bi-laws don’t get upheld because the police priests keep getting distracted by a humming noise. Anyway, the game is up. The stiff, straight-laced, handsome Europeans have given birth to a cannabis church of their own. They have established a protestant cannabis church that doesn’t believe the American churches have spoken to saint Bob as directly as the European ones have.

One of the last things Saint Bob was believed to have said was, ” you have to give it to them Europeans though man”. I think it is quite clear what this means. The church doesn’t want America getting all the glory. Its members are praying that their prohibition free dream doesn’t go up in smoke. The European Church is being set up because it is to religion, what cannabis law is to justice.

I sat in on a church service last week and it was quite moving the way the pastor said a few kind words for all the family and close friends of the victims of the Colorado Cannabis death epidemic. What the main stream media hasn’t told you is that Colorado has the highest Cannabis over dose deaths in the world. The pastor sent round a basket for a collection. The money was going to buy flowers and chocolates for the after service.

Some of the rich Swiss members have decided to flip the American model on its head. The European church is actually paying a subscription to its members instead of the normal other way round. A Danish accountant said the Swiss would go bankrupt if the church ever got going, to which the Swiss made a grunting sound. It was reported that one of the Swiss then called someone a swine, but because it was never made clear who was a swine, the matter was dropped. After a tense, but good natured pause they all went back to pointing out how different the European church was from either the First Church or the Unified Church of American cannabis.

When I asked about the church’s beliefs, the pretty young lady on my left said their beliefs stemmed from the stem of a cannabis leaf. Breathlessly I asked had she ever seen Jesus or Elvis in a cannabis leaf. She asked if I was feeling alright. I didn’t know if her line of questioning was a religious test, or maybe a hazing of some kind so I just said I had a couple of edibles before the service and I always get like this. The church itself was a normal looking, severe Calvinist interior design. Splinter giving wood forced the outer world madness back from the freedom loving sanctuary that is the belly of the congregation. The herb is the prophet. Just as Jesus before it, the herb is bringing a message of love and hope that flies in the face of the power obsessed over lords. Use the herb and try not to act too weird. A Czech asked if anyone had written the commandments down yet. Everyone looked at the Belgian half secretary. Go fuck yourselves, I never asked to be the half secretary, so I won’t be made responsible for scribing our sacred truths.

This went on for hours. The Dutch were ignoring the French. Who in turn over compensated by laughing loudly at everything the German delegation said. When the service was over, a large group of riot police came bursting through the doors. All you adults that are exercising your freedom are under arrest. Up against the wall, and spread them naughty legs. As the cops got busy touching up the hippies I quietly jumped out the window. I thought to myself, a church like this would be fun to join. I can’t wait to see the commandments, I hear they are supposed to be amazing.

The corruption of medicine

pharmaceutical corruption cannabis

Our technological advancement in the medical field is impressive. We can now do organ transplants and stem cell research is racing ahead. But there is one aspect of the medical industry that is absolutely criminal. Doctors are routinely given free holidays, expenses and gifts from pharmaceutical companies trying to get doctors to prescribe their products. For some bizarre reason this practice is legal. The result of this corruption is more patients taking pharmaceutical pills that they do not need. This industry has risen to become the largest industry in America and a global powerhouse. One of the main reasons cannabis has been kept illegal is because big pharma are afraid the plant will replace many of their most profitable products.

It is time that we check the power of these companies. Their immoral influence on doctors is a modern scandal. Their active participation in the prohibition of marijuana is pure evil. At the recent Prague medical marijuana conference scientists and doctors agreed that cannabis could replace up to half of all the medication currently being sold by these gigantic corporations. The size of the pharmaceutical industry, coupled with their obscene profits is a threat to society. It is time to wake up to the reality that big pharma is only a profit seeking organization. They do not care about the patient, they only concern themselves with the next financial quarter’s profits. This is too narrow a perspective on an industry that is literally a life saving one. Cannabis prohibition has illuminated all these problems. Ignoring them is folly, the only answer is to educate yourself and then get active. Our grandkids can’t afford any more inaction.

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