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Poland moves towards medical marijuana

Poland cannabis

Poland is as conservative a European country as you will come across. The catholic church still dominates society. That means no gay people, sex is a sin and don’t even talk to me about cannabis! So when reports come out that the speaker of Poland’s lower house of parliament (Malgorzata Kidawa-Blonska) says the subject will be debated in the next parliament, it is huge news. Kidawa Blonska is a member of the senior coalition party, and together with the Minister of health, Marian Zembala, understand and publicly have stated that the plant has important medical benefits. To have such high ranking members of the political system moving towards cannabis is a revolution in itself. Almost 70 percent of Polish people support medical marijuana, so it is about time that the political stiffs caught up with the people!

Cannabis heals broken bones

Cannabis bones israel


Those trait blazing scientists in Israel are at it again. They have treated broken bones with the non-psychotropic part of the plant(CBD) and have discovered that these bones are healthier and stronger after being treated with CBD. This is another incredible scientific fact and another reason for us to question, what exactly are governments so hysterical about? Over and over it is proven that the plant has amazing healing qualities with little if any negative side effects.

We want sick people to access the plant, we want injured people to access the plant and we want health conscious people, who want a safe and healthy alternative to alcohol to access the plant. Our governments are behaving in a criminal fashion. You can’t make something that is healthy for the human body illegal, that is insane. If we don’t act together, the insanity will continue until we are all threatened.

Revolution anyone???

Italy close to yes on cannabis

Italy cannabis Europe

Today 218 members of the Italian parliament voted for a bill to legalize cannabis. Sponsored by Benedetto Della Vedova, a junior minister for foreign affairs, the bill would allow the growing of up to five plants. You could store 15 grams at home and be allowed to carry five grams outside. Selling the plant would still remain illegal. Italy is one of the biggest European consumers of the plant and is finally owning up to the fact that prohibition doesn’t work. The no side have a fitting leader in Matteo Salvini. He is against cannabis but is strongly in favor of prostitution. He believes there is no harm in sex slavery but is fearful of a health giving plant.
The Italian parliament is split down the middle on cannabis. The no side say it will increase crime and drug taking, but as Portugal, Holland and now Colarado confirm, ending prohibition only improves society.

Italian regional councillor to grow cannabis in his office

italy cannabis

Italians love cannabis. Previously we have seen headlines with, Italian army grows medical marijuana to bring costs down for patients. Now we have a politician from the Tuscany region promising to grow a cannabis plant in his government office. Starting next week, left wing politician Tommaso Fattori will plant a cannabis seed and grow the herb in his office. Anyone out there with grow advice, get in contact with this guy and support him. He is pushing this question forward for everyone. It is this kind of action that will lead to a sensible European debate on the plant. We will keep you posted!

Denver looking to allow cannabis in bars.

bar petition cannabis Denver

Just as we were getting used to the idea of legal pot, Denver has upped the stakes. Activists there argue that pot tourists have no legal place to consume recreational marijuana. If the activists can get just under 5,000 signatures before 3rd of September, the question will be added to the November ballot.
This is another step towards normalizing cannabis within Denver society. Once again, Mason Tvert is at the center of change here. He was a big part of the original legalize movement that got Amendment 64 approved in 2012. We have to keep pushing until this is fully done. The normal use of cannabis will take time for some people, but the positives this plant brings crushingly outweighs any negatives.

Here is a link from the Guardian newspaper:

Spain decriminalizes the growing of cannabis

Spain decriminalize cannabis

Starting today, July 1st, you can now legally grow cannabis in Spain. This is massive news for medical growers, patients and those looking for a healthy alternative to alcohol. Spain has always been a leader in this newly forming industry. The country has produced talented scientists and ground breaking cannabis research. While the new law has many more questions to answer, it is clear what the intentions are.

The changes occur under article 36.18, stating that the cultivation of cannabis is only punishable “in public places”. Spain has a long love affair with the plant, even dictator Franco’s 1967 law forbidding the cultivation of cannabis was widely ignored. Punishment for small scale grows was often the destruction of plants and the confiscation of equipment. From today, growers and shops can sell seedlings once they are not openly on sale in a shop window.

There is one restriction, and that is you still can’t openly grow in a place that is viewable from a public space. Praguepot has no problem with this small restriction and wants to congratulate the hard work done by the brave Spanish activists.

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