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The nonsensical war on cannabis

war on cannabis

We need more politicians standing up for the people they supposedly represent. Social media gives voters the ability to engage with politics. This is a serious threat to the good old boys and a life line for the planet. Our online actions matter, so if you have time, follow your local politician on Facebook, etc and engage with them. We are the people and if we don’t do something we will passively help destroy the planet we live on.

Tell your local politician to get moving on cannabis! It is clearly a medicine and it clearly has many other uses. The reefer madness propaganda has been proven to be utterly false. The congressman in this video is a fine example of what politicians could be like. Both he and Bernie Sanders could help prevent the total control corporations have on society. If you want to help, join our cannabis church or question your local politician on social media. It is in our hands, so let’s get to it!

What is the European Church of Cannabis about

cannabis european church

After you get over the shock that there is a real European cannabis church, you might wonder, what is it about.

Our church is helping to unite growers of the holy herb. Within the cannabis community, there are different people and roles. The happy hippie to the grandma stoner business woman, cannabis is used by a complete cross section of society. The growers of the herb are a unique part of this clan. They are the ones with supreme patience. They understand the plant. They grow and die with each harvest. These are the priests of our group. Our church is full of people who love the herb. You don’t have to smoke or have dreadlocks, you just need to have love and respect for yourself and everyone else.

The prohibition of cannabis tried to stamp out more than just the plant. Authorities don’t like friendly, open, thinking people who question why the world is the way it is. The war on drugs was a very real war. Only police had guns however, and they used them to steal liberty from some of our peace loving, cannabis community members. If you are a member of our church, these police actions, are legally speaking, religious persecution. The plant we love is a powerful medicine, it is non toxic and natural. There is no scientific reason why cannabis is illegal. Alcohol is perfectly legal and much more dangerous than cannabis, so as I said, the authorities just don’t seem to like us. Telling the truth in our modern world, is a crime. Our societies have grown used to politicians and officials who lie in double speak.

Our Church pre-dates all laws on cannabis. The European Church of Cannabis is the Reformed Church of Mithras. Mithraism was the religion that Christianity never wanted you to know about. Mithraism was the last strong pagan religion before Christianity took control. Most christian religious symbols come from Mithras and other Pagan faiths. Mithras’ birthday was 25 of December for example. Mithraism has seven levels. Each time a member gets initiated into a deeper level, the ceremony uses cannabis to celebrate. It has carried out these rituals for only the last 4,000 years!! The church consists of small groups, usually not more than 40 or 50. Our European church is reformed Mithraism, because unlike the old religion which didn’t allow women, we welcome everyone that is friendly and open.

It isn’t until we gather together, that our real strength is understood. We are non violent and we expect our freedom to live according to our personal beliefs to be respected. The state plays a very important role as managers of our societies, but they do not get to dictate how we should live. We are supposed to have natural freedoms. Our church is not about one specific place, yes in time we will have real religious spaces but we are the rebirth of an ancient religion which always begins in our own hearts and minds. As soon as you want to be a part of the church, you already are. You can conduct a sermon on your own or with a group. We need people from every European country. We can start with a small number that is organized. With a little divine intervention we will be uniting against state cannabis oppression. When we are together, we are strong. This world works on highlighting our differences and keeping us all separate. When someone joins our church from one country, he or she can go to any of the other churches and be treated like a local by their fellow clan members.

So that is it, not too complicated. It is a church that promotes the responsible growth and use of cannabis. When I was at college in Ireland someone found out that you needed 20,000 people to officially call themselves a jedi, and then the religion became a state sanctioned thing. We can do the same for this religion. Prohibitionists aren’t fighting fair, instead of scientific facts they confuse the argument with emotions and bluster. In the future you will be able to download your registration form and Id card. You print it out yourself and send us an email to officially register you. There are at least 25 million cannabis consumers in Europe. Growers and consumers have many organizations that are fighting for them but our church is cutting right to the center of the act of consuming cannabis. With our card in your pocket, you are being religiously persecuted. Without the card, the cops can feel you up and invade your god given right to privacy. We need to work together. Join us on Facebook and TSU.CO

FIFA justice, cannabis injustice

FIFA cannabis

Our world can be a beautiful place. Each four years, the greatest football stars from all over the planet, play together in the largest global sporting event. Except for America, most of us have warm, summer memories when we think about the football world cup. The final has billions of viewers. The glory on the pitch, is sadly missing when we look at the emerging scandal surrounding the organizers of world football(FIFA). The organization’s president,Sepp Blatter, is a rogue’s rogue. He has spent the last 20 years living as a playboy, with private jets and unlimited expense cards. He was accountable to no-one, and united his supporters by bribery, and the constant complaint, that those damn Europeans are so pushy, why don’t we, the rest of the world, work together and keep at least world football for the struggling nations. Sepp Blatter is of course the whitest, most privileged kind of imperialist European, so you have to give it to him, he can at least convincingly sell a story!

FIFA cannabis

Now, lets just put things into perspective. FIFA and the world cup is a serious global institution. It would rank as highly as the United Nations or the Vatican, though obviously with a very different function. It makes vast sums of money from selling TV rights and advertising. So with the announcement that Blatter is to stand down amid corruption allegations, this is serious news. The FBI has been investigating FIFA for the last three years. That probably means going back over all the communications that America has gained, through their own dubious activities. Blatter would cling to power as any dictator would, but obviously the Americans have shown him the kind of case they can make against him.

The reason I am bringing this up in relation to cannabis is, it proves that the world can move very quickly to change a negative situation. Tradition and conservatism is no argument when a crime is being committed. Keeping cannabis prohibited is also a crime. History will record the amazing benefit of the plant. Already in the medical field, pot is treating serious illness in a non toxic, natural way. Science is very excited. So far all the headlines have been amazing for the anti-prohibitionists. Cannabis can cure cancer, cannabis can help with chronic pain, report after report testify that cannabis is a health promoting herb. Someone suffering from chronic pain needs to take heavy painkillers, usually for the rest of their life. After a period of time, the painkiller medication itself becomes the problem. Cannabis is a non toxic substance for us. Our mothers gave each of us cannabinoids through her breast milk. The plant is a real alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Take a pill that will directly contribute to your ill health, or consume cannabis, which will help heal you and also possibly give you the giggles! We are watching America legalize the plant, watching with amazement as the former, rabid prohibitionists pucker up and embrace the forbidden herb. Just as in the FIFA scandal, the world can act to impact an unjust situation. We need strong, clear leadership, but because of the economic threat to the pharmaceutical industry, politicians are afraid to act. Cannabis activists don’t have the resources of the FBI. We must rely on each other and keep pushing the subject forward. I know we all love a good guy, bad guy story, well this is it. The world is obviously capable of changing the legal status of cannabis and allowing patients easy and safe access to the plant. Right now our governments and their sponsors are the bad guys. If we want a positive ending to this story, then each of us must get involved. All use of the herb is medical, the laws and people who block its use are criminal. You can join Encod, Norml or even the European Church Of Cannabis! What we can’t afford to do, is leave the situation up to the capitalists to fix for us, because they are only interested in preserving their immoral profits.

Organically grown cannabis is healthy for you

cannabis healthy

Cannabis kills cancer cells, cannabis increases your IQ, it increases your health and decreases stress and anxiety based problems.

Ain’t that a kick in the teeth for prohibitionists! Vaporizing cannabis into your system actually creates new brain cells(neurogenesis). The only harm that befalls a cannabis consumer is when he/she has contact with representatives of prohibitionists. If you take a walk down along the Vltava river in Prague(Czech Republic), you will often see people smoking pot. Besides looking like they are enjoying themselves, there is no difference between them and their alcohol drinking counterparts, at least on the surface. In reality, alcohol is dehydrating and ever so slightly poisoning the body. Cannabis is like a boosted health supplement that also gets you intoxicated. That high feeling that you get is the physical sensation of new brain cells being born.

So the fact is, organically grown cannabis is healthy for you. Another fact is, the state is continuing to keep cannabis illegal, even though they know it is healthy for you. They are jailing and harassing anyone who dares to think for themselves. Once you understand that pot is healthy for you, and that it can help sick people, you have two choices. Pretend you don’t know anything and look away, or get involved.

cannabis healthy

We are in the middle of a very interesting period of history. Western societies believed themselves to be civilized and advanced. Yes our modern technology is amazing, but what about our human rights? We have the choice of ¬†many different products, but we are also being actively observed by the state. Gay peoples rights are not respected and racism hasn’t been defeated. The internet is challenging this mode of thinking however. Once isolated, now the will of the majority can be understood and acted on. This means we are on the path to cannabis legalization. We will cut out racism and eventually unite around common sense and decency. These things will eventually happen but when your grandchild asks you about it, what will you say? You were one of the people that pressurized the government into acting quicker or you went along with the unthinking majority and let sick people suffer? Each of us must star in our own movie. We each can do so much by acting together. We have gone along with an old fashioned version of life for long enough. It is time to take control. Get active within your local community. Help other people to get active as well. Together we can build a beautiful tomorrow, but it requires taking action against the conservative forces in society today!

Why become a cannabis activist?

cannabis activism

Is cannabis a life or death subject?

Yes it is. In American states that have adopted medical cannabis the rate of accidental pain medication overdose deaths decreases by 25%.

Crohn’s Disease can kill and yet it can be easily treated with pot.

Our political leaders send men and women off to war. The effective weapons, armor and training lets them do their job and then get back home. The armor they wear however, doesn’t save people from the gruesome horror show that is war. Every day army vets make the choice to kill themselves. Post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) is a silent killer that doesn’t show up in combat statistics. Cannabis is an effective treatment for this man made problem. The current treatment for PTSD involves pumping vets with a cocktail of anti psychotic medication and tranquilizers. Over time, this toxic medication leads to other illnesses directly caused by the chemicals used to treat PTSD. It is cruel to send men and women off to war, it is even crueler to deny the psychologically injured soldiers a safe treatment to help them cope.

cannabis activism

Cannabis has been shown to kill cancer cells. Since 1974 the US government knew this but suppressed the information. Compounds in the plant regulate your cell’s work. Cancer cells keep dividing and growing which eventually leads to death. A normal cell is programmed to kill itself if there is a problem (Apoptosis), cancer cells don’t know they are damaged so they just keep multiplying into tumors. When cannabis enters a cell it refocuses the cell to act properly. So cancer cells do as they should and die, leaving healthy cells to continue their work. This is an amazing natural break through for medicine. This is the cleanest way to treat cancer and instead of President Nixon being the guy who saved the world from cancer, he hid the information and expanded the war on drugs. He is a disgrace to humanity and a fine example of political behavior.

cannabis activism

Small doses of cannabis are an effective treatment for depression and anxiety.

Are there not more important issues for activists to deal with?

We live in a crazy world. Poverty, crime and cruel indifference all shadow a planet that could be paradise. At the very heart of the world’s problems, is corrupt political leaders. Look at Nigeria, it is a country of immense wealth, but its people live in utter poverty. Their political leaders are bribed by western oil and gas companies. Funds that should go to education and healthcare get stolen at the top and spent on new palaces in South Africa and penthouse apartments in Paris. In ¬†western societies, our leaders are just as corrupt but we don’t call it a crime, we call it lobbying. A politician will tell you what you want to hear and then cash lobbyist checks to do the exact opposite. They do this over and over again and for some reason we keep falling for it.

cannabis activism

We need to end this cycle of dishonest government. One of the greatest lies that our dear leaders tell, is that they hold sacred the public’s health. This is clearly not important to them because they allow pollution, literally on an industrial scale. They are paid by corporations to promote food that is toxic, medicine that can kill and all the while cut funding for projects that can help benefit the health of society(state run schools are cutting physical education for example).

Cannabis is non toxic. It does not kill people. Sugar, tobacco and alcohol kill an alarming number of people each year. There is no public safety issue with marijuana so we must presume that its prohibition is part of the political lying game. Until we hold our leaders to account, they will continue their double speak nonsense.

Cannabis is at the heart of society’s problem. We have had information within government for decades about the medical uses of marijuana but nothing was done about it. We need governments that can be trusted to act for the good of society. Prohibition has set back the scientific examination of the plant. We have to retrain our political monkeys to do what is right, not what is in their personal best interest.

Is it not going to be legalized anyway, so why bother getting involved?

cannabis activism

The system is humming along nicely the way things are. Police get easy crime fighting statistics and politicians get an easy sales pitch to older voters that are not aware of the new scientific data on cannabis. If we don’t make it politically important to politicians they simply won’t do anything. Politicians only care about re-election. Cannabis legalization will save lives, but in doing so they will disrupt the pharmaceutical, alcohol and law enforcement industries. These are powerful actors that will try at every turn to stop legalization. Until we are all involved in creating a better society, we will have to make do with the one we have.

Ok, how do I get involved?

First off, that’s the spirit! Activism is societies way of communicating with power. Staying informed is important. Joining a group that promotes legalization is always a good place to meet great people who care about the world., Norml and Patients for Safe Access are just a few of the many groups that are trying to help. Join in the debate online. Help organize events. Fighting for cannabis, is a fight for human rights and justice. The plant has a bewildering number of uses. It can replace petroleum and plastics. We need the plant, not to get high, but to save the planet. Imagine instead of drilling in the arctic, we just grew our oil. Cannabis can do this. Cannabis activism is a beautiful journey, one filled with sweet people and high ideals. Praguepot urges everyone to get involved. Together we can make the world a better place.

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