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The cannabis health debate is over

Raphael Mechoulam cannabis Israel

After spending a few days at this years medical marijuana conference in the Czech Republic, it was clear that science has finally proven the health benefits of the plant. Today we see American and European governments struggle to reform their outdated laws and practices. Caging people for using cannabis, is itself a crime. No matter what the government believes, you cannot under natural law make something that promotes health, illegal. That is why praguepot was established. We want to promote the responsible growth and use of the plant. The video below tells the beautiful story of Raphael Mechoulam

Without his science, we would still have to rely on the prohibitionists lies and propaganda. He is a hero to the movement and a credit to his country’s scientific tradition.

Cannabis heals broken bones

Cannabis bones israel


Those trait blazing scientists in Israel are at it again. They have treated broken bones with the non-psychotropic part of the plant(CBD) and have discovered that these bones are healthier and stronger after being treated with CBD. This is another incredible scientific fact and another reason for us to question, what exactly are governments so hysterical about? Over and over it is proven that the plant has amazing healing qualities with little if any negative side effects.

We want sick people to access the plant, we want injured people to access the plant and we want health conscious people, who want a safe and healthy alternative to alcohol to access the plant. Our governments are behaving in a criminal fashion. You can’t make something that is healthy for the human body illegal, that is insane. If we don’t act together, the insanity will continue until we are all threatened.

Revolution anyone???

Method seven grow glasses

Method seven grow glasses

At last years Prague cannafest I got a pair of Method Seven grow room glasses. The difference they make when you are under harsh hps grow lights is amazing. For the last six months my eyes have been given a rest from harmful UV A/B and UVC rays. If you wear sunglasses in a grow room they will protect you from the A and B rays but can leave you exposed to cataract inducing UVC rays. You get to see your babies grow in clear colors. Praguepot recommends this new technology. Being a half blind great grower is not a health trade-off needed to hone your skills. If you spend an extended amount of time under hps bulbs then do your older self a favor and get a pair !!

Mighty marijuana momentum rolls over America

american cannabis

It is hard to believe what has happened in America. They are the crazy prohibitionists that have finally seen the light. You have to remember that America has been the main protagonist in this international war on cannabis. They have spent billions of tax payers dollars fighting against the spread of pot use. They have failed miserably at this task and have criminalized a vast army of otherwise law-abiding citizens. If you are a puritanical, white Christian in America, it will be with horror that you realize that Colorado has not imploded after the legalization of cannabis. Worse from a prohibitionist’s point of view is the 25% reduction in medical pain killer overdose deaths in states that allow medical marijuana. The drop in crime and  increase in taxes all lead a sensible person to conclude, that cannabis is good for society.

Cannabis has support from both sides of the American political carnival. Each of the candidates for next years Imperial Emperor elections will have to state their position on cannabis. So far, politicians have tried to laugh off the cannabis question. They say it is not something they are proud of and isn’t something they do now. Obama, to be fair, has been the most honest about pot. He sees it as a vice like tobacco and is also afraid of the damage a large, money hungry corporation might do within the pot industry. It is cool that he has this opinion, he seems to be the only one that has developed his views on marijuana,  but that doesn’t really help the legion of poor, black men sitting in jail for cannabis crimes.

Besides the hypocrisy from the prohibitionists, the politicians are missing one very important point. Cannabis is an amazing medicine for older people. It helps with painful inflammation (arthritis), helps regulate your heath system and even regrows brain cells. They are robbing older people of their health. Pot use reduces the risk of diabetes. Those are good odds in a country that has a very serious diabetes problem.

There are hardened, grizzled cannabis activists that have dedicated their lives to legalizing pot. Here at praguepot we love those people. They have given so much to make a real difference in the world. But it wasn’t until the internet came along that their voice and information finally went main stream. Look at what has happened. Within a ten year period, cannabis has gone from a Nancy Reagan nightmare into a normal, legal commodity. The power of the people has very clearly been expressed.  With all the prior, hidden research on cannabis being exposed, the prohibitionist bullyboys have been left looking like fools. Cannabis never was a threat. The real threat has always come from out of control concentrations of power. The only antidote for this has been an engaged, active public. The cannabis community has done its job in America. There is so much work left to be done to help heal the planet and society, we might finally be on the right path. Jai Kali Ma.

90% of doctors don’t know about the endocannabinoid system

Little is known and taught about the endocannabinoid system. Much like our hormonal system, it plays an active, vital role in maintaining our health. Dr. Mechoulam, one of Israel’s greatest sons, discovered the system in the 1990’s. Not only do our bodies have receptor sites cued just for cannabinoids, our bodies actually produce them internally. The active ingredients in cannabis naturally complement this system which affects pain, inflammation and our immune system. It is suspected that many illnesses are caused by a deficiency in the endocannabinoid system. In the following years of research the true insanity of the war on cannabis will be known. Smoking cannabis over a 20 year period reduces the risk of diabetes by 66%. There is no medication currently on the market that can compete with this.
Basically, whether you are using cannabis for fun or as a medicine, you are receiving the health benefits in your endocannabinoid system anyway. This is great news for a health conscious society but bad news for big pharma, the law enforcement and alcohol industries. The short video below gives us a first glance at this system.

Cannabis use lowers the risk of cancer

cannabis cancer

One in three people will get cancer in their life time. One in three, that is scary. A little more terrifying is the knowledge that right now, we all have cancerous cells in our bodies. It is a normal thing apparently and mostly the cancerous cells die because they don’t get a supply of food via access to blood nutrients. However, if the cancerous cells form near blood, you will get a tumor. Next stop, chemo therapy, long distressing nights trying to understand how your own body is trying to kill you and a constant battle with panic. Cancer is one of the greatest threats to your health. Processed food, wifi, tobacco, alcohol, a lack of exercise, and the general stress of this modern life all contribute to the growth of cancer. The way modern science deals with cancer is to burn, poison or simply cut the tumor out. Not very advanced, but it saves lives.

As the veil of ignorance and propaganda is being lifted on cannabis, it is becoming increasingly clear, that cannabis is a rock star for cancer prevention. The latest scientific research points out that cancer lowers the risk of getting bladder cancer. So not only do pot smokers get to enjoy the effects of cannabis when they consume it, their choice of intoxicant can literally save them from cancer. Why is there a need for any more discussion? Scientific report after scientific report points to the cancer fighting property of the plant. A tiny dose of cannabis in your system(not enough to get you high even) can help you maintain a healthy, well functioning body. Add in some exercise and good clean food to ensure the best chance of a healthy, long life. We don’t need any more proof that cannabis is a wonder herb. Not only that, but the plant has clearly shown that our politicians don’t give a damn about our health. Way back in 1974 the American government knew cannabis kills cancer cells but did nothing about it. Today, we have the Internet. This blog and many others are hammering home the simple truth that cannabis is a healthy, powerful medicine that also gives you the giggles. Powerful business interests wants to keep the public away from pot, it is up to each of us to get educated and then get active on this subject!

New scientific study finds cannabis safe compared to alcohol, tobacco

Cannabis science

A new scientific study has compared the lethal doses of commonly used drugs. Alcohol goes into the high risk category with a harmful score of <10 and tobacco <100 is placed in the risk group. Cannabis got a score of <10,000. The lower the number the more harmful the substance. Alcohol is Much more dangerous than cannabis but cannabis is the illegal drug? Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world that has adult politicians running the country rather than a bunch of sociopathic liars. There is no scientific reason to keep cannabis in the illegal category.

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