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What about Europe’s cannabis victories?

European cannabis

Anyone who cares about cannabis legalization is delighted by what is happening in America. Pot prohibition is ending in state after state. First medical marijuana is allowed, then comes recreational pot. The taxes keep flowing and guess what, crime goes down, accidental pain killer overdose deaths go down and society functions just fine. No zombies swamping malls and terrify middle class America.

But what about Europe? Where are our successes this year? Holland, the once mighty shining light of marijuana liberalism has now taken a step backwards. Coffee shops are being restricted and it has become criminal to sell the products and materials needed to grow that fine Amsterdam green. Belgium is another country famous for its cannabis tolerance. Adults can have three grams of marijuana in their possession. Once they are not causing a nuisance in public they are left unmolested. The new major of Antwerp however has made it clear that any smoking in public will lead to prosecution.

When the whole world was against cannabis, Holland stood up and called nonsense. Now that America is ending its war on cannabis, the rest of the world get to do it too. So why aren’t we? Besides Spain there is no news in Europe, or so it seems. Below the surface, fantastic organizations like and weed like to talk, are striving to change European minds on the plant. There are cannabis social clubs, still in the shadows but very much alive in most European capital cities. These clubs seek to take cannabis off the street so it can be produced and consumed in a responsible manner. There is a great deal of optimism for the new year. There are German clubs about to step out into the light and hopefully their Czech neighbors will do the same.

Cannabis is a part of European culture. The cannabis social club model, bringing growers and consumers together in a closed group is a sensible solution for Europe. Criminalizing citizens for consuming a natural plant that is less dangerous than the legal drug alcohol is insane. The clash between what governments want and what young citizens are doing, is eroding the fabric of society. Cannabis should be legal. It should be grown in a safe, hygienic way and made available at affordable prices to those who choose to use it. Tax payers money is wasted when police focus on cannabis rather than actual criminal behavior.

2014 was the year of American and Uruguayan Cannabis. If European groups and activists can unite then 2015 will be our year.  We need a European solution to this problem. Cannabis social clubs are that solution and together we can finally “just say no, to the war on drugs”!

Cannabis cures brain cancer

cannabis cancer

A study published late last week in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics journal  has shown cannabis aggressively fighting brain cancer and in some cases completely destroying the tumors. The clinical trials were conducted on human cancerous cells in St George’s University London, lead by Dr. Wai Liu.

cannabis cancer

Glioma is a deadly form of brain cancer. The survival rates for this disease is around ten percent due to the lack of effective treatment. In the St George’s University study, cannabinoids(a component of cannabis) have inhibited the glioma tumors and crucially stopped angiogenesis(Stopped new blood vessels being formed. Cancer tumors only develop if they can have a source of healthy blood to feed the out of control tumor growth)

The best results were seen when the cancerous cells were pretreated with the active components of cannabis, cannabidiol(CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) four hours before being given conventional radiotherapy. The cannabis extracts made the cancerous cells highly sensitive to the radiotherapy.

We have never had an answer to this kind of deadly disease before. The incredible results of this study will be tested on human patients. These trials happened because of the changing climate surrounding cannabis. As America’s war on cannabis begins to end, the medical and scientific research can begin. Cancer patients have been held hostage by president Nixons declaration of war on the cannabis plant. I can only hope that Nixon understands the damage he has done to the progress of cancer research. It is time to end the prohibition of cannabis. We need to unlock all of the health giving benefits of the plant as we struggle to deal with the devastation of cancer.

cannabis cancer


Holland’s backward step

Holland cannabis law

When the world thinks of Amsterdam, it thinks of beautiful canals,  coffee shops, red light districts, Vincent Van Gogh and perhaps Heineken. Holland is also thought of as a model example of forward thinking social policies, especially in regards to cannabis. On Tuesday however, they have taken a dramatic step backwards. The sale of cannabis in coffee shops is still legal but the growing and now even sale of growing equipment is firmly illegal.

As Holland was the only country to have legal cannabis for decades it received the worlds pot smokers. In the beginning this was fun I’m sure, but today those cranky Amsterdam folk are trying to ruin the global party. They don’t want the influx of visitors, tourism obviously isn’t important to their local economy so they are trying to restrict the growing of cannabis until the supply dries up. If we had legal pot everywhere the pressure of demand wouldn’t have been felt so squarely on Amsterdam’s shoulders. Starting this week, the sale of equipment specifically designed for growing pot will be illegal. As other European countries begin to relax their attitude to pot, the Dutch are moving in the opposite direction.

Holland cannabis law

It wasn’t fair on Holland that they were the only country brave enough to legalize cannabis, but they will go down in history as playing a key role in the resistance against the absurd war on drugs. Crime rates went down after pot was legalized. Spain, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and a few other liberal states all need to now pick up where Holland has left off. Legalizing pot would increase tourism hugely, and as we can see from the Portugese example, dealing with cannabis in a non criminal way benefits everyone. The treatment of problem users rather than the incarceration of all users has proven to be a much more effective strategy. Tax payers money is saved, and society is safer.

Dutch growers are at the cutting edge of marijuana innovation. It was modern day Dutch masters that gave us the infamous White Widow cannabis strain. It is sad news that such creative growers are now being targeted and having their supplies restricted. We have never had as much scientific information about the medical benefits of marijuana. Growers can now target traits within specific cannabis strains and improve on them until they give optimal medicinal benefit. Restricting growers will restrict the advancement of medical marijuana, at least here in Europe.

Holland cannabis law

As evidence of  the medicinal benefits of marijuana increases the true injustice of our current cannabis laws are highlighted. We need change, not only so the next White Widow or charlotte’s web strain can be created but so we can move away from police intrusion into our private lives. We were born free. No man, woman or state has the right to tell us that a non toxic, medically beneficial, plant is illegal. That prohibition is illegal. With the momentum we have from America, it is now up to each of us to advance our movement. Within your world, be the change you want to see. Look at the science and then speak out against prohibition.

Holland cannabis law

Prague Cannafest 2014

Prague cannafest

At 11am a large crowd of excited pot enthusiasts made their way through the annual Prague cannafest main doors. Pretty girls in skimpy outfits greeted us with smiles and bags of goodies. The three day event saw huge crowds and unlike last year, there was no police presence whatsoever.

Prague cannafest

Prague cannafest

On display was the latest growing technology. Lighting, ventilation, nutrients, everything a dedicated grower could ever wish for.  Besides the old reliable seed bank companies, an army of new ones have sprung up. There were impressive deals from Dinafem. I got some and In about three months time I will let you know if that was a good purchase or not!

Of all the new products that I saw, one stood out. A couple of American guys were showcasing glasses that protect your eyes from indoor light radiation. After an interesting five minute chat I went along my way. That night, sitting between two 600 watt HPS lights I began to replay the conversation I had with the Method Seven guys. You don’t look directly at the sun, and yet if you grow, there are lights trying to mimic the sun’s rays a couple of meters from your eyeballs. Oxygen filled room good, eyes being slowly destroyed by grow lights, not so good. After a quick search online it looks like grow light eye damage is a real thing. The first stall I visited the next day was the glasses guys. They had a 600 watt HPS light set up in their display area. Without the glasses, the old familiar strain on your eyes is there but with the glasses on, your eyes can relax. I got a pair and will wear them every time I am in a grow room. In later posts we will look deeper into grower eye damage.

Prague cannafest

The east hall was packed with activist groups, stages, demonstrations and even a cinema. Speeches from scientists and dreamers incited the crowd. Medical marijuana is a fact. Hemp can replace plastic and be used for food, fuel, clothing and construction materials. When the general public becomes aware of the usefulness of cannabis the debate on its legal status will be over. You can feel  the optimism. Government propaganda and special interest misinformation is discredited and being replaced by marijuana jobs and innovation. Cannabis social clubs for the Europeans and legislation for America. We are heading for legalization, for a brighter, greener more eco responsible tomorrow. The activist, enthusiast and entrepreneur shared the same cannafest roof. Each have their role to play as we push to end prohibition.

Prague cannafest

Prague cannafest

Prague cannafest

Prague cannafest

Prague cannafest

Prague cannafest

Prague cannafest








Growing your own weed

growing cannabis

Growing your own pot has never been easier. We now have all the information you could ever dream of, right here on the internet. Years of trial and error has been distilled down for us. Today we know the perfect temperatures to grow(76 degrees), the ideal acidic level food should be delivered to the plants(6.5) and even the kinds of lights and the amount of time they should be on and off for. Imagine the hippies up in the Californian hills in the 1960s. No internet or books to guide their pot growing. No forums to lend a helping hand when their leaves started turning funny colors. We can buy good quality equipment, perfect for the job of growing cannabis. In short, we are spoilt. Our first concern is getting pot legal, obviously. After this big business will move in and try to profit as much from this as any other business. Sick people on lower incomes or disability’s pay will get priced out of the market as profit and taxes go up. It is important, when the time comes that we are ready to grow for ourselves. Yes it would be nice to simply buy pot, but the true value of the herb includes putting our modern selves back in touch with the earth and mother nature. There is a whole world outside of the supermarket. Our consumerist ways are killing the planet so it is time for a change. Actually living with your pot plants and going through all the stages before you get the neat little bag filled with medicinal giggles will give us in most cases, our first contact with nature. We now live in cities, our natural human form is ignored as we fly through the internet and evolve only our brains. We are still connected to the earth whether we choose to see it or not. When pot is legalized, lets not give our power away to the big companies that will step in to provide the cannabis. Lets grow it ourselves. The video below is a little cheesy but it is full of the information that is needed to grow great cannabis. If you are in Europe you can use: Sensi seeds, Dutch-passion seeds, Dinafem seeds or Paradise seeds. I know they deliver to America but I have no experience with any other companies so I can’t recommend any others. If you do have another good seed company, let us all know in the comments. Leave the name and a link. Lets start the new generation that is both smarter and still in touch with nature. Lets all become growers!

Cannabis doesn’t affect your IQ, new study finds

cannabis iq

In 2012 Duke University studied 38 heavy marijuana smokers and figured that their use of cannabis lowered their IQ. At the time there were a lot of people asking if you could really use 38 people as a basis to declare, marijuana lowers your intelligence. A couple of days ago, University College London released a stronger evidence based study on the subject. In this study, 2,612 young people from Bristol(UK) were the subjects of the report. Their IQ scores were taken at age 8 and again at 15. There was no relationship between cannabis use and IQ decline. The anti pot propaganda side will be further disheartened today. What about the children, they have said?

What the study did find, was there was a real affect between alcohol consumption and lowered IQ. Thats right folks, alcohol is the real threat to our children. In fact, the study from the London University reported that the claimed negative effects of cannabis is a distraction from the real harms to young people’s IQ. Just in case you missed previous posts, the alcohol lobby does fund anti pot campaigns. Cannabis is a direct threat to the alcohol industry. When you look at the health benefits of cannabis versus the unhealthy side effects of alcohol, I can imagine the public switching to marijuana as soon as prohibition ends and the deceitful propaganda is completely discredited.

Cannabis protects brain cells, alcohol kills them. In fact, cannabis has been scientifically shown to repair the damage of alcohol on brain cells! Cannabis has been proven to kill cancer cells, tobacco causes cancer. Tobacco and alcohol are both addictive substances, whereas cannabis is not physically addictive. All the negative reports and nonsense that is quoted in the media about marijuana refers to heavy users of the plant. For some reason, there is a small percentage of people who abuse nearly every substance. Eat too much sugar, drink too much vodka and you will put your body in danger. To say a heavy cannabis smoker is the reason to save the public from the plant is ridiculous, especially when you consider that alcohol kills tens of thousands of people each year, whereas marijuana has killed zero people, ever.

Even with this new scientific information, no serious cannabis activist will call for allowing children to have access to cannabis. There should still be a legal limit on when you can use the plant, unless it is for medical reasons. By continuing the prohibition of cannabis, young people have almost free access to the plant. With the weight of evidence now behind the benefits of pot, I think governments need to swallow their pride, admit they didn’t know what they were talking about and legalize the plant. Prohibition doesn’t work, especially when we have just as much information as the government does. Oh what a bright new world we are stepping into!

The ideology behind cannabis prohibition

Go to school, finish college, find a job, get a mortgage, admire politicians, cut them some slack and vote for the choices you are presented on the ballot paper. Have integrity, tell the truth, the good guys always win in the end. Work hard and give your best at all times. Respect your boss and your president because they are great men. Be kind and courteous, wait your turn. God has a big complicated plan that tiny little us can never figure out, so just trust in the higher power. In fact trust all authority like you are a small child.

How’s that life working out for you?

We are living in a world where the game has been rigged from the start. 83 human beings at the very top have more wealth than the bottom three and a half billion people. Our planet has wars and crime, poverty and starvation. Men run the world while paying lip service to equality and justice for all. Earth has enough food for each of us, enough resources to give us a home. With education the human species can unlock the truths of the universe but our politicians prefer to spend tax money on projects that get them re-elected instead of advancing the common good. Drilling for oil in the ocean is a good idea they say, forget about the natural world, hate those who are different.

I have more in common with a working class person from any other country than I do with the vicious elite of my own land. From China to Pakistan, France to America, we, the working people of the world share the same problem. We are being sold a lie from above and must suffer for the greed and corrupted system that we call modern life. Business has become too big. Towering corporations now run the world and like any successful company director will tell you, profit is the only important fact.

If the decent, silent majority of the world ever got together and ran their own societies, we would have no more wars. We would watch our healthcare improve, spending would be on education rather than tax loop holes for corporations. Politicians would have to be honest and fairness rather than greedy self profit would force government to do what was right for society and the planet.

Instead of highlighting our differences, in a just world we would celebrate our similarities. Work for common, mutually beneficial goals. This is in stark contrast to our present world. Apparently my Iranian brother is not my equal. I should ignore the poverty of my African brother. Look away while my American brother is denied healthcare and fear my Russian brother. Those who wield power fear one thing, the unity of those they rule over. The concentration of power has always ended in the destruction of man. Bigger means more evil consequences for we the people.

Cannabis is not the answer to all of society’s problems. Yes there are huge medical benefits and it promotes peace and community over traditional belligerent alcoholic behaviour. More importantly, it changes the power game. Smoke pot and question your shitty life is a common side effect of the plant. Thinking for yourself and sharing is a big part of  cannabis culture. Remember those rich 83 people who have more wealth than the bottom three point five billion? They keep their evil grip on that wealth by having strong armed police enforcing laws that suit them not us. If our society’s vice was cannabis rather than alcohol, police would play a much smaller role. People would be more open minded and willing to accept creative, intelligent solutions to the planets problems. Ask a stoner, is war a good thing? Would military spending be put to better use by educating working class people rather than slaughtering working class people from other countries? Should we give tax breaks to corporations that pollute the world or invest in technological innovation that can save the planet instead?

In our societies, the answers I have just given makes me a radical. The only way feeding everyone, giving everyone the best healthcare that science can provide and educating all children to the highest possible standards, is a bad idea, is when by doing that you personally lose something. Filthy rich people and large corporations don’t want the poor educated and given free healthcare because that means they must pay more tax. As if obscene  wealth wasn’t enough, they want more.

Instead of letting the polar bear go extinct, why don’t we put billionaires on the endangered species list. We can save a few of them(maybe that seemingly cuddly Warren Buffett and Bill Gates), we could lock them up in “zoos” and let visitors feed them peanuts and watch as they viciously compete for the most nuts. Cannabis culture and capitalism are the polar opposites of each other. Warren Buffett wants you to consume until your planet has nothing left to give. He is wrong. Progress that has the wellbeing of the planet in mind is good. If you must pollute for progress then you need to go back to the drawing board and figure out a smarter solution.

It is a new dawn, a new day, a new chance to take the next real step forward. Our current path leads to war and destruction. It is time that we the people had our voices heard. We don’t need our taxes spent on wars or arming a police state. We need more healthcare and education. More care for our environment and less psychopaths profiting from our division. Science and not 2000 year old morals need to drive the next chapter of human evolution. It only takes small steps, unity and the belief that tomorrow can be better if we are willing to be the changes we want to see in the world.

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