UN OKs medical cannabis


The UN has been talking about drugs at their ungass meeting in New York this week. The previous meeting talked about a drug free world. This time however, after the full devastation of the war on drugs has been felt, the UN body has changed. The focus is moving from punishment to a health care approach. There are now more drugs, more readily available than ever before. Simply jailing drug users is not helping. A drug addict is the consequences of a bad environment, bad choices and an availability of drugs. To change this situation, you can’t just focus on one part of the problem. We need a tilt away from our crooked friend, Richard Nixon’s policies of racism and move in a more responsible, compassionate direction.

For cannabis, there has been an interesting positive result. Medical cannabis has been recognized by the majority of participants. This means more acceptance of the plant being used as an alternative to current pharmaceutical options. The language is still unclear, but medical cannabis is moving forward. When we understand that all cannabis use is medicinally beneficial, it finally opens the door for cannabis.

It is now up to the general public. If we organize into cannabis clubs and show that we are both engaged and trustworthy, the plant will be adopted much quicker. Join or create a cannabis club. Get serious about becoming a professional medical cannabis grower but most of all, get active. The grey area surrounding cannabis has just increased in size. It is up to us to fill it with medical cannabis community cooperation.



  • Excellent post! I’ve been curious to hear what would come of the UNGASS conference on global drug policy. It’s time for a change and our leaders know it!

    Keep writing! I love to read your work 🙂

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    • I feel the same way as Abby, It’s good information on a positive note. The same thing or reason that it took so long for them to reach this point and adopt this policy is also what we need to give attention to, namely the greed and manipulation of our present government that would have us believe they have authority over us, when in fact they have no such thing at all.. I believe it is Greg Larson who has some very good material on youtube concerning this very thing. Anarchy is not the crazy, bad thing that most people instinctively cringe from and automatically disregard without even a peek at the creds. Check it out for it’s ultimately where society is going in our evolution. It was Henry David Thoreau who said in his essay on Civil Disobedience, governments only legitimate purpose is to prepare society adequately that it may govern itself. If we were already there then it wouldn’t have ever been a problem, concerning people’s access to the many benefits of cannabis.

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  • All cannabis use is medical. Cannabis is also the most useful plant in the world; food, clothing, shelter, energy, medicine, insight, re-creation. It has been mankinds companion and helpmate since the beginning. Any law against it is a crime against humanity, creation and the Creator.

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  • Drugs are for healing. A drug addict is the result of a hollow, vacuous life and the oppression of the police state.
    The police state is a significant cause of mental trauma and illness in today’s world and people use drugs to try to ease the pain of being victimized by a police state they have no hope of ever influencing.
    The drug war forces crime, violence, mental illness and drug addiction on the community.

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