UN drugs committee calls for the end of the war on drugs

UN cannabis

Richard Branson has once again proven invaluable to our cannabis movement. He is a member of the Global Commission on Drugs Policy and has aggressively sought the end of the war on drugs. Richard has released an internal UN document that has called for the ending of the war on drugs. He is a clever business person and by publishing this document, he puts pressure on the UN to actually act for the good of the public it is supposed to serve. The UN has reacted defensively but the game has changed. We are seeing the end of prohibition. We can be a species that relies on science to dictate policy rather than political special, cynical commercial interests. In reality, the drugs war has utterly failed. Cannabis is an anti-cancer fighting substance. You grow the plant, dry it and then consume it. It boosts your health system and helps develop compassionate communities. We have a serious cancer epidemic that is being ignored. Praguepot calls for anyone that can, to start growing cannabis for their own use and for those around you that need this medicine. When laws are unjust, when they deny health or suppress our individual freedoms , we do not need to follow those laws. In fact, we must actively resist these laws for the good of future generations. 

It is time for our younger generation to wake up. No more bitching about how the system seems fucked up. It is up to us to resist the older generation’s misguided, ill-informed nonsense on cannabis. Grow cannabis, be happy and form compassionate communities when you meet like minded souls.


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  • The UN is always talking about human rights violations but they don’t have the guts to speak out against this? They should be calling for war crime tribunals. There is more than enough evidence to convict law makers and law enforcers who have supported and imposed violence against human beings over an herb.

    How many people have been put in cages, harmed or murdered in the name of the ‘war on drugs’ which is really a war on people?

    Harry Anslinger was the father of the DEA. He told Congress it should be illegal because of its effects on the degenerate races. He said it makes darkies think they are as good as white men. It started as a war against dark-skinned people. Now it is a war against all people and all creation.

    Nixon asked Governor Shaffer to form a commission to study Cannabis. The Shaffer Commission concluded that it had benefits, was harmless and should not be criminalized. Nixon ignored the findings of his own commission and increased the war efforts.

    SWAT was originally for hostage rescue situations. Now they kick in doors at 3:00 AM looking for an herb.

    John Rockefeller wanted to push patented man-made pharmaceuticals so he could get richer. He didn’t anyone to be able to grow their own medicine for free.

    This is a war against people and against liberty, self-governance, self-determination and self-ownership.

    How can any of these self-righteous parasites continue to support and justify a war that started with such evil intentions?

    Do you believe they have the right to rule over you and feed off your labor?

    Their violence should never be rewarded by ever allowing them to tax and control. Instead, they should be made to apologize to their victims and pay restitution.

    Here is the face of the drug war. It is a war on people. Woe to those who shed innocent blood. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.