What does the upcoming UK parliament cannabis debate mean?

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After a successfully organized and run online petition to legalize the production, sale and use of cannabis, the UK parliament must now debate the subject. British cannabis activists should be very proud of their efforts. Over 200,000 signatures were collected.  For establishment politicians this is a nightmare. They are under huge pressure from pharmaceutical lobbyist money to kill any cannabis debate. A chronic pain sufferer has to take a handful of toxic medication every day. Cannabis can replace all these pills and allow the patient to lead a normal, healthy life. The way our political systems have developed, politicians and business are far to close to each other. This relationship causes things like pollution and prohibition, but when people  stand together, our prostitute politicians will do as they are told.

On Monday, 12th of October we will witness a piece of political theatre. We will see a parliament debate on cannabis attended by only a few MPs and little media coverage. The establishment does nice business with pharmaceutical companies. Big pharma has evolved from a life giving industry into just another ATM for giant corporations. Selfish politicians want to give the impression that this is not an important issue. They are thinking of campaign contributions instead of looking at the science on cannabis. It is clear that cannabis is one of the most amazing natural medicines known to man.

Here is a list of 700 scientific studies that show the medical benefits of the plant.

Politicians have tried imprisoning, then laughing at this issue. That hasn’t worked so they will give ignoring the public’s demands a try.  What they don’t realize is, we will never stop pushing for medical cannabis. The establishment has portrayed cannabis users as hippie stoners but the truth is very different. Cannabis is a creative fuel as well as the best, non toxic medicine we have found. We are not lazy, we are committed. Why should we live in a world were only billionaire companies get to control medicine. Look at your history books, every greedy concentration of power and money has ended in people getting needlessly hurt and killed. Opioid pain medication kills thousands of people each year in the UK. Of all the drug overdose deaths, 82% is from prescription drugs. We do have a drug problem in Europe, but it is the legal drug dealers that are causing the most harm. Alarmingly, new statistics tell us that one in every two people will get cancer in the UK. Cannabis is a known anti cancer tumor substance. Each time you use cannabis you are lowering the risk of getting cancer. Imagine the mind that believes they have the right to prohibit you from protecting yourself against cancer!

We are firmly on the road to cannabis legalization. This is important to people who suffer in silence. UK activists are dedicating their time and energy so now lets all stand up. Together, we can change this war torn, polluted world. Below are a list of fantastic UK organizations. They are filled with friendly, dedicated activists, and they need your help.

United Patients Alliance

Teeside cannabis club

Norml UK

Clear UK

UK cannabis clubs



  • United Patients Alliance are thrilled that the Petitions Committee have decided that there will be a debate at Westminster resulting from the Petition to legalise cannabis signed by over 210000 UK citizens.

    “We urge all of our MPs to participate in an informed, pragmatic, evidence-based, compassionate debate resulting at the very least in allowing sick people a legitimate, effective medicine that vastly improves their quality of life without fear of criminalisation” – Jon Liebling – Political Director

    “Anything less than decriminalisation for medical cannabis patients would be taken as a basic disregard for human rights, an insult to the many scientists who worked to produce the plethora of evidence of cannabis efficacy and safety and that continuation of the prohibition of a harmless medicinal plant can only be seen as a complete failure of the debating committee to see the most basic facts and to act on them. The most important being that UK govt policy doesn’t ban a substance based on its harm to the individual, especially if it has medicinal uses” – Alex Fraser – Events Director

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  • This is what we have been waiting for! This is our chance to educate the truth and get our voices heard during this debate. We all need to pull together and stand up for our rights. Forget about the tories, we can do this without them and we will have decriminalisation when the tories are gone. I hope this isn’t the case and we get the result that we should be getting. Contact your local MPs and ask them to attend this debate. Come on people we have to make this count!

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