Serbian protest for cannabis reform

The 4th of September saw an interesting protest take place in Serbia’s capital, Belgrade. Hundreds of people gathered in the Republic Square to help push their government to accept our new understanding of the cannabis plant. Serbia is a country with an outdated approach to cannabis, the authorities believe strongly in maintaining cannabis prohibition, even though our knowledge of the plant has changed. If we, as private citizens can read and understand that science says the plant is healthy for you, then why can’t the government? We don’t want to have politicians playing god, especially if they are ill informed. Cannabis can kill cancer cells. It is an amazing pain and inflammation medication. It can help promote harmony rather than chaos and it does all this while being non toxic and safe. Cannabis is a cheaper and healthier medicine than almost half the drugs on the market today. Pharmaceutical companies know this and are happy to block any decriminalization efforts with their dirty lobbying money.

If you are in Serbia and you want to get involved, contact these activists. Together we are stronger. Together we can stand up against the commercial interests of criminal politicians.

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