Good cannabis news from Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is the next European country to make headlines for cannabis. Member of parliament Velar Enchev Penkov will introduce legislation this month calling for the adoption of cannabis to treat illness in the country.

Velar is a former spy and all round independent thinker. He has launched an online petition to have the laws reformed in his country. In June he submitted a list of illnesses that can be treated by the plant to parliament. Specifically he referred to a case involving a MS sufferer being brought before a judge for growing cannabis. Marin Kalchev was later acquitted by a Bulgarian judge who cited international studies confirming the effectiveness of cannabis treatment. Sick people are suffering as our politicians debate legalization.

It looks like the winds of change are blowing across the whole of Europe. If you are in Bulgaria, please sign the petition here or get involved with the pan European activist group Encod.


  • Cannabis is the most useful plant on the planet, food, clothing, shelter, energy, medicine, insight, re-creation. any law against it is a crime against humanity

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  • Sometimes progressive thought comes from the most unexpected places. I’ve never used cannabis in any form, but that doesn’t mean I believe it should be withheld when it is medically useful.

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    • Day in and day out we see the medicinal benefit of cannabis to sick people over here. It is a viciously cruel thing to deny sick people a natural, non toxic medicine. It really is us the people versus government that only cares about its own power and authority.