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Last summer for German cannabis prohibition

Claudia Roth cannabis Germany


How many German politicians does it take to legalize cannabis? The Vice-President of their Bundestag (parliament), Claudia Roth is the latest senior politician to call for a sensible approach to the plant. Her Green party is pro cannabis. In a recent interview she spoke of the strange reality of allowing six million drunk people party in the streets for Oktoberfest but then turning around and jailing cannabis users. Cannabis is a safe, healthy alternative to alcohol. Conservative German politicians may have a problem with cannabis, but when you look at the science, legalizing the plant is the only rational course of action.

Germany is at a tipping point. The prohibition of marijuana has failed. We have made convicts out of decent human beings and given huge sums of money to criminals. Instead of discussing grow hygiene standards and best practices we are stuck debating the legal status of the plant. For the rest of the German politicians, just in case you didn’t hear, cannabis is a health supplement. Coffee is more dangerous than the plant and after following our capitalist masters to the brink of planetary destruction, I think it is finally time to stop digging this petroleum fueled hole and take a break. Prohibition of something that is healthy for you is both insane and criminal. If some old German political leaders are uncomfortable with change, then they can find a bunker and try to wait it out, but for the rest of the politicians, it is time to embrace cannabis.

If you are in Germany, you can support your local cannabis social clubs or help set up a new one. This will be our last summer with prohibition so enjoy watching the crusty old politicians flap about in confusion. The evil plant was not evil, it was just marketed that way by big pharma and other commercial competitors. They say, in order for bad men to triumph, it only requires good people to do nothing. Well, we have made doing nothing an art form. Our world is polluted and our food is toxic. Your government doesn’t give a fuck about you so it is time to start thinking for yourself. Join the cannabis revolution and help put science in charge of public policy rather than a bunch of joyless, old, white hypocrites.



Israel will shut anti-drug department

Israel cannabis

Israel is a world leader when it comes to cannabis. In a further sign of the country’s intentions, it will now shut down the government anti-drug department. Gilad Erdan, the Minister for public security said that closing the anti-drug department will do two things; save tax payers money and finally end the war on cannabis. The anti-drugs department has been in the news recently when its general director, Yair Geller was arrested for corruption. Closing down the department means Israel’s government can focus on a scientific based approach to pot. This is another leap forward for cannabis. We can only hope that other countries can take up this example.

German cannabis is marching forward

Berlin cannabis march

Saturday the 8th of August will see German and European cannabis activists marching through Berlin. Today 464 seriously ill Germans have access to medical marijuana. The fact that so few have legal access to the health promoting plant is criminal. The German government are ignoring scientific research that is streaming out of America, Spain and Israel. Look at how slow governments are reacting to the new reality. They are happy to continue prohibition and let sick people needlessly stuff toxic medication into their bodies. Saturday’s Berlin march is our opportunity to unite in the streets.

The march organizers will talk about the history and future of the plant. If you are in Berlin on Saturday and you want to meet a fun, socially conscious bunch of people, then find the march details here. The planet needs more activists. Politicians said trust us, and then they sold us out to greedy capitalists. It is clear that cannabis is a health promoting plant. If enough people reject prohibition publicly, politicians will have to respect our collective wisdom.

Get involved, join an activist group, begin your own cannabis social club or even just go along to one of these European marches. Together we can build a safer, healthier tomorrow

Italy says yes to medical cannabis

cannabis news Europe Italy

The Italian region of Lombardy has voted to allow medical cannabis for the treatment of multiple sclerosis and other similar diseases. The council said treatment must be carried out in hospitals. This is an initiative lead by Roberto Maroni and backed by the majority of councillors. We are also awaiting the first legal cannabis crop that has been grown by the Italian army. Italians love cannabis and their politicians are beginning to show this in their legislation. To get involved in Italian cannabis activism, join Encod and help move the conversation forward.

New study confirms cannabis is healthy

cannabis science

Last January Colorado joined Holland in decriminalizing cannabis. Since then Colorado has seen an increase in taxes and a decrease in crime. New research carried out by Jordan Bechtold at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has studied young men from their teenage years into adulthood. The study was looking for a link between teenage cannabis use and ill health as an adult. Unfortunately for prohibitionists, no link was found. In fact, even young chronic use of the plant did not correlate to an increase of mental or physical ill health. No serious cannabis activist will call for teens to be allowed use cannabis but what will be welcomed by young people, is a serious debate on the subject.

This study shines more light on the absurdity of the war on cannabis. Legal alcohol and tobacco directly kill millions of people each year but still we need to debate cannabis legalization? Cannabis helps heal and de-stress sick people. We were told by prohibitionists that cannabis would destroy society, but the opposite is happening in Colorado. I guess thinking something and reality, really are two different things. That is a bit of wisdom ignored by prohibitionists unfortunately.

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