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UK medical cannabis

Medically speaking, cannabis is a game changer. We know it can kill cancer cells while leaving healthy tissue undamaged. It can treat severe pain and bring down inflammation in a natural, non toxic way. Every time you eat, vape or smoke organic cannabis, it boosts your mental and physical health. Thanks to 21st century technology, enough people have understood the true power of the plant and are now busy spreading that information. We have recently had a successful UK petition to immediately change the status of cannabis from illegal to regulated. Incredibly, the government’s response was to declare the plant evil and dangerous. The Tory leader David Cameron is following the establishment line on cannabis. Of course he is hoping that nobody remembers that he was disciplined while studying at Eton college for his own cannabis use. We also know he is bought and paid for by multinational pharmaceutical companies.

It is these giant pharmaceutical companies blocking medical marijuana today. They make a cool trillion dollars a year, with no competition until the truth on medical cannabis got out. They have enjoyed their position as top dogs. Private jets and unlimited expense accounts have seduced big pharma employees. Unfortunately for them, a dynamic little plant called cannabis is about to rock their world. Up to half of all medication available could be replaced with pot. Big pharma are happy to create life long customers. They begin with pills for your illness and soon you must take more pills for side effects. Once you get onto the medical hamster wheel, they won’t let you get off.

Thankfully, we now have other options. Praguepot got a chance to speak with the Political Director of the United Patients Alliance, Jonathan Liebling. The alliance brings together sick people who benefit from cannabis and give them a voice. Due to the legal status of cannabis in the UK, sick people must become criminals to heal themselves. Jonathan had been treating his own serious medical condition with cannabis until the police burst through his door. After being arrested and harassed by the system he had a simple choice, continue his cannabis activist journey, or hide away from the truth. Luckily for us, the injustice he suffered has made him more determined to help spread the word.

UK medical cannabis

The Patients Alliance plays a vital, public role. Sick people are needlessly suffering because politicians can’t or won’t act. Together with the alliance, Jonathan helps people with practical knowledge of the plant’s medicinal properties. They are pushing for the immediate rescheduling of cannabis so scientific research can begin in the UK. Cannabis is already grown and sold in Britain through GW Pharmaceuticals. When you grow for a billion dollar company, the plant becomes magically legal. Either using expensive Sativex, or growing your own medicine, pot helps boost our system and attacks the causes of our ill-health. One in every two people are going to get cancer so this is not an abstract argument. Cannabis is spreading in America like a California wild fire. Legalization over there has brought a reduction in crime and an increase in public health. If we look closer to home, the Israelis have decisively embraced medical marijuana. It is being prescribed to old age pensioners with amazing results. Uk patients deserve the same access. Praguepot encourages all UK activists to join the United Patients Alliance. Prohibition can only be enforced if we are divided.

UK medical cannabis

Below is a touching testimony from someone who beat cancer with cannabis. There is no legitimate law that can prevent you from staying healthy, so join the alliance and help put pot back at the center of a healthy society.

Here are some links so you can get involved. Meet cool people and help make this a better world:

United Patients Alliance website

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  • The recent Government report was presented by Professor Sir Michael Rawlins, chairman of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs.

    Surely, as a previous board member (and possibly still a shareholder) of Intra-Cellular Therapies (who according to their website are: “a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and clinical development of drugs”), Sir Michael has a vested interest in suppressing the availability of a common plant with proven healing properties? Along with other pharmaceutical companies, ITI stands to lose a lot of profits if the public starts to self-cure by using Cannabis products.

    Is not Sir Michael obliged to disclose any vested interests he has or has had which may influence his report?

    He also states in an interview (…/189-NICE-Sir-Michael-Rawl…) that his pension fund “probably has investments in pharmaceutical company so in the sense I’ve got best of interest in it. And yeah of course that’s fine, but we only gonna make money and profits if you can sell your products and you got them to able to sell them at the price the people can afford to pay”.

    Once again proof that he was not producing an unbiased, independent report.

    He also seems to have changed his mind since May 2008 when he was against the reclassification of the drug and seemed to support many of the statements now made by pro-cannabis supporters (…/Labour-defies-experts-cannabis…), The Daily Mail reports:

    “The council’s review acknowledged some link between cannabis and mental illness, but said the evidence was ‘uncertain’, and the connection was ‘probable but weak’, with the drug playing only a ‘modest role’ in causing mental health problems.
    Prof Rawlins said: ‘We estimate we would have to prevent 5,000 young males or 20,000 young females from ever smoking cannabis in order to prevent one case of schizophrenia.’
    The advisers accepted skunk was becoming more common, but said there was some evidence users adjusted their intake – smoking less if the drug was stronger.
    Prof Rawlins said: ‘It’s like alcohol – whisky is stronger than beer, but people don’t drink pints of it.’
    The experts also dismissed claims that cannabis is a ‘ gateway drug’ leading to cocaine and heroin abuse – which they said was based on ‘very weak evidence’.”

    At the same time Professor David Nutt observed: ‘Nobody has ever died from overdosing on cannabis”.

    I think more publicity should be made of Sir Michael’s links with pharmaceutical Companies and he (and the government who acted on his report) should be made to disclose these links.

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  • Please find my latest blog entry in response to our goverment’s initial response to the Petition calling to legalise the Production, Sale and Consumption of cannabis:

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