Another German city wants to legalize cannabis

German cannabis



Dusseldorf is the capital of the most populous state in Germany. They are discussing how to allow the legal sale and use of cannabis. The city council are planning a pilot program that will obviously lead to the full adoption of the medicinal plant. Great news for sick Germans that will finally have access to clean, well grown cannabis, and great news for people who would prefer pot to the more toxic and dangerous legal alcohol drug. Berlin has already started to plan for a similar pilot project and there are many other areas in the country that are also interested.

Green party councillor Angela Hebeler has recently spoken out in favor of pot. She spoke of the decrease in use after cannabis was decriminalized in both Holland and Portugal. Both countries have had positive results from their new approach to the plant and as more and more of Europe legalizes marijuana, finally we can scientifically study the actual health benefits of the herb. Her Green Party, along with the Social Democratic Party and Free Democratic Party are committed to bringing a strictly controlled system of cannabis production and supply. In one move they will take criminal gangs main money supply away from them and increase public health and happiness. After the pilots get up and running it will be a devastating blow for the blowhards in the prohibitionist camps. Just look at Colorado, pain killer medication over dose deaths fall by about 25%. Crime goes down and there is more tax revenue for governments to use. If you can find something negative in this new approach, then Praguepot would love to hear from you !!!















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