What’s next for UK cannabis reform?

UK cannabis

This has been an amazing summer for British cannabis. Northern top cop Ron Hogg burst the prohibitionist bubble by declaring he wouldn’t be chasing small cannabis growers. Many other police chiefs agree with Hogg, and most importantly, they have come out to support him. This is huge. When the cops tell you they don’t mind you growing cannabis, it is time to start growing cannabis. Growing for sick people is something that Teeside cannabis club has been encouraging for years. They have developed a strong community, based on compassion and pot. They help educate the public by organizing festivals and events to promote the positive story of cannabis. A big part of cannabis activism from now on, will be about normalizing the medicinal herb in the minds of the public. You would think it is easy to convince people that cannabis is both safe and healthy after so many scientific research papers have been released, but still the public struggles with the false anti-pot propaganda.

Struggle is something Peter Reynolds, president of Clear UK knows all about. Since joining Clear he has reorganized them into the leading UK cannabis activist group. He is one of the most effective spokesmen for our movement. Praguepot caught up with him today and asked for his views on recent UK developments. Obviously he is delighted with the public comments from the police. A big part of Clear UK’s strategy is opening up and strengthening the dialogue between cannabis users and authorities. Peter explained an effective tactic medical cannabis patients are using. Sick people who can benefit from cannabis are encouraged by Clear to find a doctor that can recommend the herb. Next the patient speaks with their local elected official, and they ask this member of parliament to speak with the minister of health about their situation. This is a very clever tactic. We move the debate from facts and figures towards real human suffering.

The cannabis community needs more dialogue with authorities. Marijuana is a powerful medicine with many other useful functions. Although prohibitionists allude to the negative side effects of the plant, we are still not clear what those side effects are. The media inspired, stereotypical stoner represents a couple of percent of the actual community. The rest is made up of people from every walk of life. Business people to writers, pot consumers are a true cross section of society. In order to move this cannabis debate along, we need effective communication with local authorities and the public. We have had dramatic announcements from the police, it is now up to activists to do the hard, tedious job of following up these new developments with constant dialogue.

Now it is your turn, join your local cannabis social club, join Clear, Encod or Norml. We need more people like Peter Reynolds speaking out for our community. Get in contact with him and Clear to see how you can take part in this beautiful social revolution. As Gandhi once said, be the change you want to see in the world.


  • Cannabis is the most useful plant on the planet, food, clothing, shelter, energy, medicine, insight, re-creation. any law against it is a crime against humanity

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  • Sorry about the above link, here’s the correct one


    “Peter Reynolds, 44, living with his father in Scatterdells Lane, Kings Langley, has already spent nine weeks in custody before Friday’s hearing at Horseferry Road Magistrates Court.

    Prosecutor Mr Obi Mabowke told the court the prosecution could not rely on the alleged victim as she had been writing to the defendant while in custody with letters of a sexual nature.

    Because of this, the charges against Reynolds have been dismissed”

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  • Peter Reynolds has done a sterling job for Cannabis law reform and the ignorant comments from Mr Ditchfield and co are more or less typical of the abuse he and other hardworking activists have had to endure.Mr D,who sometimes dresses up as a nurse,has been operating phoney cannabis oil cancer cure scams for years and he thinks he is an authority on the subject They are heartless critics with no campaigning skills.Anybody who questions them is automatically branded a paedeophile or a racist.Brave activists such as Peter Reynolds and the Clear Team have been ruthlessly trolled and it is very much to their credit that they achieved so much in the face of such childish abuse.Thankyou Clear and thankyou Peter.

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    • Peter Reynolds served 9 months in prison for a serious fraud, if he’s so brave why is he hiding from the Bailiff’s and refusing to pay the £30,000 ordered by the High Court to Chris Bovey ?


      • Jeff how would we know anything about that. If he or anyone else says something interesting about cannabis, we take note. We want cannabis legalization. Anyone helping with that cause is a friend of Praguepot.com


    • prwatch523942447

      We don’t need a racist homophobic bigot and vexatious serial suer who reports medical cannabis users who criticise him to the police purporting to represent cannabis users in the UK. The man is a disgrace, he’s also a terrible media performer, which is probably why the BBC like to use him, as they have an anti cannabis agenda, yet are required to show both sides of the argument, so Reynolds is perfect for them, as he appears drunk in most interviews and is an appalling ambassador for the cause.

      PR’ick claims he is the subject of abuse, yet in fact it is he who made vexatious law suits against other activists and it is he who is refusing to pay the £30,00 he racked up in legal fees for suing somebody for truthfully calling him out on his racist, antisemitic and homophobic bullshit. He also spent another £10k or so in Court fees in issuing these vexatious law suits.

      The truth about this disgusting excuse for a human being can all be found online at http://www.peter-reynolds-watch – where we have been monitoring the activities of this clown for the last three years. Over 80 articles, all containing the truth back-up with evidence and screenshots.

      Fuhrer Reynolds claims the screenshots are forgeries, but the Internet Archive (www.archive.org) – caught him out on his lies, as was highlighted by PRW a few years ago.


      He also pretended he was a journalist called James Clay to try to get non existent dirt on a young Jewish lady he also issued a vexatious lawsuit against.



  • Ron Hogg isn’t a police officer. When you start telling the truth people might take you seriously.


  • Not only is the man Reynolds a seriel suer of cannabis activists he is also a danger to ‘young girls’ whom he repeatedly trolls on their facebook pages, he asks them for sexual favours thinking that he is some kind of woman magnet. The man is dangerous! He was caught out asking for ‘young girls’ on one of his now notorious dating profiles, he also asked woman to “lock up their daughters as Reynolds is in town” steer well CLEAR of them, all they are good for is posting pictures of their leader holding his manhood.


    • What have you done for the cause Brian?


    • Praguepot is only interested in people that take action. If you are one of those, then lets talk, if not, go throw your rancid comments elsewhere


      • Praguepot what can we do to save the petition , I’d like to hear your thoughts, our government is a disgrace and we need to stand up somehow


      • This is a marathon, not a sprint. The government has less and less options as their prohibitionist world is crumbling. From our(praguepot) point of view, we will start doing interviews with sick UK patients that need cannabis. highlight some of the real suffering caused by this nonsense. Even though the government is trying to dismis this, they have been wounded. Maybe a new petition demanding a regulated growers license like Canada, but don’t lose hope, we are only getting started with those heartless bastards !!


  • Reynolds is a racist homophobic bigot who reports medical cannabis users to the police and sues people unsuccessfully if they dare to criticise his highly offensive views. Shame on PraguePot for giving a platform to such a disgusting individual.

    Would you give an interview to Jean Marie Le Pen if he said he was in favour of legalising pot?


  • Well I’ve certainly not being promoting a wife beating, homophobic, anti semitic, convicted fraudster, like you have!
    Your just bitter and angry because you failed to do any research on the idiot prior to publication.