Last summer for German cannabis prohibition

Claudia Roth cannabis Germany


How many German politicians does it take to legalize cannabis? The Vice-President of their Bundestag (parliament), Claudia Roth is the latest senior politician to call for a sensible approach to the plant. Her Green party is pro cannabis. In a recent interview she spoke of the strange reality of allowing six million drunk people party in the streets for Oktoberfest but then turning around and jailing cannabis users. Cannabis is a safe, healthy alternative to alcohol. Conservative German politicians may have a problem with cannabis, but when you look at the science, legalizing the plant is the only rational course of action.

Germany is at a tipping point. The prohibition of marijuana has failed. We have made convicts out of decent human beings and given huge sums of money to criminals. Instead of discussing grow hygiene standards and best practices we are stuck debating the legal status of the plant. For the rest of the German politicians, just in case you didn’t hear, cannabis is a health supplement. Coffee is more dangerous than the plant and after following our capitalist masters to the brink of planetary destruction, I think it is finally time to stop digging this petroleum fueled hole and take a break. Prohibition of something that is healthy for you is both insane and criminal. If some old German political leaders are uncomfortable with change, then they can find a bunker and try to wait it out, but for the rest of the politicians, it is time to embrace cannabis.

If you are in Germany, you can support your local cannabis social clubs or help set up a new one. This will be our last summer with prohibition so enjoy watching the crusty old politicians flap about in confusion. The evil plant was not evil, it was just marketed that way by big pharma and other commercial competitors. They say, in order for bad men to triumph, it only requires good people to do nothing. Well, we have made doing nothing an art form. Our world is polluted and our food is toxic. Your government doesn’t give a fuck about you so it is time to start thinking for yourself. Join the cannabis revolution and help put science in charge of public policy rather than a bunch of joyless, old, white hypocrites.



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  • Great article!

    Thank you for sharing this. I am going to look for a club here in Germany. I didn’t even know they existed until I read this blog post. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    I hope it is legalized here by next summer. It will be nice not to have to use dangerous pharma meds anymore. I have to take medications to counteract side effects from the other medications. It’s a nightmare. One med takes care of the pain, but makes me nauseous and very ill unless I take the other med. When I take the other med, I have bathroom issues, so I have to take another med. I have other health problems that require that I take another med…..and so on. I know these are all going to be the death of me. I would prefer to just vape MJ. This way, I know it’s safe and not going to cause any horrible side effects.