Israel will shut anti-drug department

Israel cannabis

Israel is a world leader when it comes to cannabis. In a further sign of the country’s intentions, it will now shut down the government anti-drug department. Gilad Erdan, the Minister for public security said that closing the anti-drug department will do two things; save tax payers money and finally end the war on cannabis. The anti-drugs department has been in the news recently when its general director, Yair Geller was arrested for corruption. Closing down the department means Israel’s government can focus on a scientific based approach to pot. This is another leap forward for cannabis. We can only hope that other countries can take up this example.


  • Israel is definitety leading the nations when it comes to medical cannabis. Their scientist discovered thc and have studies its medical use over 40 years. I have been studying the religious use for almost 40 years as well. I wrote Marijuana and the Bible which goes into the ancient Israelites use of cannabis. It is a fact that cannabis has been used for thousands of years for both medicinal and spiritual healing and in fact they are related.

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