New study confirms cannabis is healthy

cannabis science

Last January Colorado joined Holland in decriminalizing cannabis. Since then Colorado has seen an increase in taxes and a decrease in crime. New research carried out by Jordan Bechtold at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has studied young men from their teenage years into adulthood. The study was looking for a link between teenage cannabis use and ill health as an adult. Unfortunately for prohibitionists, no link was found. In fact, even young chronic use of the plant did not correlate to an increase of mental or physical ill health. No serious cannabis activist will call for teens to be allowed use cannabis but what will be welcomed by young people, is a serious debate on the subject.

This study shines more light on the absurdity of the war on cannabis. Legal alcohol and tobacco directly kill millions of people each year but still we need to debate cannabis legalization? Cannabis helps heal and de-stress sick people. We were told by prohibitionists that cannabis would destroy society, but the opposite is happening in Colorado. I guess thinking something and reality, really are two different things. That is a bit of wisdom ignored by prohibitionists unfortunately.

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