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Standing up for Uk cannabis patients

UK medical cannabis

Medically speaking, cannabis is a game changer. We know it can kill cancer cells while leaving healthy tissue undamaged. It can treat severe pain and bring down inflammation in a natural, non toxic way. Every time you eat, vape or smoke organic cannabis, it boosts your mental and physical health. Thanks to 21st century technology, enough people have understood the true power of the plant and are now busy spreading that information. We have recently had a successful UK petition to immediately change the status of cannabis from illegal to regulated. Incredibly, the government’s response was to declare the plant evil and dangerous. The Tory leader David Cameron is following the establishment line on cannabis. Of course he is hoping that nobody remembers that he was disciplined while studying at Eton college for his own cannabis use. We also know he is bought and paid for by multinational pharmaceutical companies.

It is these giant pharmaceutical companies blocking medical marijuana today. They make a cool trillion dollars a year, with no competition until the truth on medical cannabis got out. They have enjoyed their position as top dogs. Private jets and unlimited expense accounts have seduced big pharma employees. Unfortunately for them, a dynamic little plant called cannabis is about to rock their world. Up to half of all medication available could be replaced with pot. Big pharma are happy to create life long customers. They begin with pills for your illness and soon you must take more pills for side effects. Once you get onto the medical hamster wheel, they won’t let you get off.

Thankfully, we now have other options. Praguepot got a chance to speak with the Political Director of the United Patients Alliance, Jonathan Liebling. The alliance brings together sick people who benefit from cannabis and give them a voice. Due to the legal status of cannabis in the UK, sick people must become criminals to heal themselves. Jonathan had been treating his own serious medical condition with cannabis until the police burst through his door. After being arrested and harassed by the system he had a simple choice, continue his cannabis activist journey, or hide away from the truth. Luckily for us, the injustice he suffered has made him more determined to help spread the word.

UK medical cannabis

The Patients Alliance plays a vital, public role. Sick people are needlessly suffering because politicians can’t or won’t act. Together with the alliance, Jonathan helps people with practical knowledge of the plant’s medicinal properties. They are pushing for the immediate rescheduling of cannabis so scientific research can begin in the UK. Cannabis is already grown and sold in Britain through GW Pharmaceuticals. When you grow for a billion dollar company, the plant becomes magically legal. Either using expensive Sativex, or growing your own medicine, pot helps boost our system and attacks the causes of our ill-health. One in every two people are going to get cancer so this is not an abstract argument. Cannabis is spreading in America like a California wild fire. Legalization over there has brought a reduction in crime and an increase in public health. If we look closer to home, the Israelis have decisively embraced medical marijuana. It is being prescribed to old age pensioners with amazing results. Uk patients deserve the same access. Praguepot encourages all UK activists to join the United Patients Alliance. Prohibition can only be enforced if we are divided.

UK medical cannabis

Below is a touching testimony from someone who beat cancer with cannabis. There is no legitimate law that can prevent you from staying healthy, so join the alliance and help put pot back at the center of a healthy society.

Here are some links so you can get involved. Meet cool people and help make this a better world:

United Patients Alliance website

Clear uk website

Teeside cannabis club

Uk cannabis social clubs


Uk government’s ignorant approach to cannabis

UK cannabis

A petition to legalize the growing and consumption of cannabis has topped 200,000 signatures in the UK. The Conservatives, lead by David Cameron has decided to pretend that all the new science we now have on the plant, didn’t happen. The same old tired arguments are rolled out. Cannabis is vicious, cannabis is evil, cannabis will make your brain fry itself!

The problem with this old tactic is, we clearly know that cannabis is healthy for you. The US government even finally admitted that cannabis kills cancer cells. One in every two people will get cancer so there are billions of lives at stake. Cameron is a politician bought and paid for by pharmaceutical companies. Big pharma will have a huge portion of their business replaced by cannabis when people stop pumping toxic pills into their bodies and instead choose home grown natural pot. The scare tactics stopped working when the internet spread actual science to the public. We are now just as informed as governments. Colorado has not seen society collapse after it legalized cannabis 20 months ago. Crime went down, health has gone up and they now have more taxes to put into education. Look at more and more American states scramble to adopt cannabis.

The UK government wants you to think they know best. However, when their former top scientist, professor Nutt came out and told them, and then the public, that alcohol and tobacco are far more dangerous to society than cannabis, they fired him. An elected government put their ideology and financial backer’s interests ahead of what is best for the people. We should never get used to this dirty way of doing business. They have acted treasonously. When a government doesn’t follow scientific evidence, you have to wonder, who are they listening to?

The UK has never had a moment like this before. We have evidence from America and Holland  that legalization does no harm to society, we have scientists and doctors backing up claims that cannabis is healthy for you and we have a public that is starting to unite around the idea that cannabis is healthy for you. We need more people to get involved. Join your local cannabis club, join Clear, Norml or Encod. All these groups are a vital component of change. The government hope that we will get tired of campaigning for cannabis legalization.  When you see first hand the help cannabis gives to sick and injured people, looking away is not an option.

We have mighty marijuana momentum, so lets make sure our politicians can’t ignore this subject. Stay united and focused on ending the cruelty of cannabis prohibition.

Another German city wants to legalize cannabis

German cannabis



Dusseldorf is the capital of the most populous state in Germany. They are discussing how to allow the legal sale and use of cannabis. The city council are planning a pilot program that will obviously lead to the full adoption of the medicinal plant. Great news for sick Germans that will finally have access to clean, well grown cannabis, and great news for people who would prefer pot to the more toxic and dangerous legal alcohol drug. Berlin has already started to plan for a similar pilot project and there are many other areas in the country that are also interested.

Green party councillor Angela Hebeler has recently spoken out in favor of pot. She spoke of the decrease in use after cannabis was decriminalized in both Holland and Portugal. Both countries have had positive results from their new approach to the plant and as more and more of Europe legalizes marijuana, finally we can scientifically study the actual health benefits of the herb. Her Green Party, along with the Social Democratic Party and Free Democratic Party are committed to bringing a strictly controlled system of cannabis production and supply. In one move they will take criminal gangs main money supply away from them and increase public health and happiness. After the pilots get up and running it will be a devastating blow for the blowhards in the prohibitionist camps. Just look at Colorado, pain killer medication over dose deaths fall by about 25%. Crime goes down and there is more tax revenue for governments to use. If you can find something negative in this new approach, then Praguepot would love to hear from you !!!















Cannabis converts the Catholic church

Catholic Church cannabis

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines has entered the cannabis debate. After consulting with their moral teachings and god (we presume), the church has come out and said; “The highest teaching authority of the Church allows for the palliative and compassionate use of narcotics particularly in the case of the terminally ill”. Asian countries have been slow to grasp the significance of scientific research done on medical marijuana. The Philippines have about 100 of 289 seats in parliament favoring medical marijuana. The leader of this group is Rodolfo Albano. He has put forward a proposal, and thanks to his powerful new allies in the church, it might actually pass.

Governments have no scientific bases for cannabis prohibition. As the old system crumbles we need sensible, public debate on what happens next. Patients must be at the heart of this debate but we must always remember that cannabis is a health supplement. The next generation of health care is focused on prevention rather than cure. Now that we have the all clear from Jesus, we can find the best medical applications for the god given herb.

What’s next for UK cannabis reform?

UK cannabis

This has been an amazing summer for British cannabis. Northern top cop Ron Hogg burst the prohibitionist bubble by declaring he wouldn’t be chasing small cannabis growers. Many other police chiefs agree with Hogg, and most importantly, they have come out to support him. This is huge. When the cops tell you they don’t mind you growing cannabis, it is time to start growing cannabis. Growing for sick people is something that Teeside cannabis club has been encouraging for years. They have developed a strong community, based on compassion and pot. They help educate the public by organizing festivals and events to promote the positive story of cannabis. A big part of cannabis activism from now on, will be about normalizing the medicinal herb in the minds of the public. You would think it is easy to convince people that cannabis is both safe and healthy after so many scientific research papers have been released, but still the public struggles with the false anti-pot propaganda.

Struggle is something Peter Reynolds, president of Clear UK knows all about. Since joining Clear he has reorganized them into the leading UK cannabis activist group. He is one of the most effective spokesmen for our movement. Praguepot caught up with him today and asked for his views on recent UK developments. Obviously he is delighted with the public comments from the police. A big part of Clear UK’s strategy is opening up and strengthening the dialogue between cannabis users and authorities. Peter explained an effective tactic medical cannabis patients are using. Sick people who can benefit from cannabis are encouraged by Clear to find a doctor that can recommend the herb. Next the patient speaks with their local elected official, and they ask this member of parliament to speak with the minister of health about their situation. This is a very clever tactic. We move the debate from facts and figures towards real human suffering.

The cannabis community needs more dialogue with authorities. Marijuana is a powerful medicine with many other useful functions. Although prohibitionists allude to the negative side effects of the plant, we are still not clear what those side effects are. The media inspired, stereotypical stoner represents a couple of percent of the actual community. The rest is made up of people from every walk of life. Business people to writers, pot consumers are a true cross section of society. In order to move this cannabis debate along, we need effective communication with local authorities and the public. We have had dramatic announcements from the police, it is now up to activists to do the hard, tedious job of following up these new developments with constant dialogue.

Now it is your turn, join your local cannabis social club, join Clear, Encod or Norml. We need more people like Peter Reynolds speaking out for our community. Get in contact with him and Clear to see how you can take part in this beautiful social revolution. As Gandhi once said, be the change you want to see in the world.

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