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The cannabis health debate is over

Raphael Mechoulam cannabis Israel

After spending a few days at this years medical marijuana conference in the Czech Republic, it was clear that science has finally proven the health benefits of the plant. Today we see American and European governments struggle to reform their outdated laws and practices. Caging people for using cannabis, is itself a crime. No matter what the government believes, you cannot under natural law make something that promotes health, illegal. That is why praguepot was established. We want to promote the responsible growth and use of the plant. The video below tells the beautiful story of Raphael Mechoulam

Without his science, we would still have to rely on the prohibitionists lies and propaganda. He is a hero to the movement and a credit to his country’s scientific tradition.

England is legalizing cannabis

cannabis news England

As the great Bill Shakespeare would say, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Yesterday came the announcement that police wouldn’t enforce the prohibition of cannabis in the north of England any more. So when the police say you can grow and possess small amounts of the plant, guess what, that means it is legal. This is the bear minimum our tax funded officials could do. Thanks to the internet, the public are a different animal than they were even ten years ago. We have access to the same information as the police and authorities. Reefer madness propaganda has been disproven time and again and the public are now wondering what our elected officials are up to? Have they forgotten that they work for the public? Have they forgotten that the money we pay in taxes should be spent as wisely as possible. Colorado has had no negative effects after legalizing cannabis. The crime rate is down and public satisfaction is up. Our taxes are being wasted by the system. Prohibition has never worked and more importantly, cannabis is healthy for you. There is now a need for the cannabis community to come together. The system has enjoyed crushing individuals that call for legalization but as the police are no longer enforcing the caveman laws on prohibition, it is time for the 40 million European cannabis consumers to stand up and call time on the wasteful war on cannabis. We don’t have the money to pay for America’s prohibition and society can’t afford to hand cannabis revenue to hardened criminals. Set up you own cannabis social club, register it with and lets put an end to the foolish question of cannabis legalization.

Northern English police are cool with cannabis

UK cannabis

If you are a pot smoker in the northern English counties of Durham and Darlington then get ready. Crime commissioner Ron Hogg has announced a new deal with cannabis users. Police are no longer searching for small scale grow operations or possessions. Unless there is a complaint or growers are being too stupid for their own good, then the cops will leave them alone.

Isn’t that nice? Look how benevolent our overlords are being. They are now allowing us to do something we were determined to do anyway. This is classic politics. We have leaders that are pretending to lead society. All of a sudden they are now in favor of cannabis. Yesterday the plant was evil, tomorrow it will be taxed. The people in power are busy looking like they are in control. In reality, they don’t know what is happening. They are used to seeing cannabis consumers as dirty little hippies. Science now proves that hippies were making a healthy choice with cannabis. Police and their gin soaked christmas party mayhem are the real offense to society. You don’t have gangs of pot users roaming the streets looking to fight any other animals they encounter.

As is always the case, our Northern English crime fighters are only going half way with their new liberal attitude to the completely safe and healthy plant. If they catch you with some pot, you can enroll in a program to make you realize the errors of your lifestyle choice. Yes, instead of jail, you get to listen to an over weight, middle aged moron tell you how you have made bad life choices. Alcohol is a danger to society, cannabis is not. Not only can cannabis cure some cancers and other serious illnesses but it is a perfectly healthy alternative to alcohol. Eventually, even those slow minded folks in the police will have to admit that cannabis is a positive addition to society. Until then we must leave them with the illusion that their “crime fighting” work against non violent, peaceful cannabis consumers is serving the public.

German Major calls for pot legalization

German cannabis

Bremen’s new major is also the first German minister to actively call for cannabis legalization. Carsten Sieling says his budget can’t afford the high cost of the war on drugs. If you take cannabis out of policing, you cut costs, decriminalize a large minority of society, weaken criminal enterprises and free up the courts system. Health goes up and social tension goes down. We now have the Colorado example to go alongside Holland and Portugal. Legal pot is good for employment, health and policing.

An adult European should have the right to choose pot or alcohol and a sick one should always have access to the best medicine. At a medical marijuana conference earlier this year in Prague, we listened to scientists and doctors tell us, cannabis can replace many of the toxic pills that medicine prescribes today. We tried prohibition and it has failed. We now need a lot more honesty. Cannabis has always been a part of European society, and it will be a major part of the fight back against global warming. The toxic waste that is killing our planet can be largely replaced by cannabis. Europe is slowly waking up to cannabis, once it is realized that a new 100 billion euro industry is forming the real fun will start!!

Poland moves towards medical marijuana

Poland cannabis

Poland is as conservative a European country as you will come across. The catholic church still dominates society. That means no gay people, sex is a sin and don’t even talk to me about cannabis! So when reports come out that the speaker of Poland’s lower house of parliament (Malgorzata Kidawa-Blonska) says the subject will be debated in the next parliament, it is huge news. Kidawa Blonska is a member of the senior coalition party, and together with the Minister of health, Marian Zembala, understand and publicly have stated that the plant has important medical benefits. To have such high ranking members of the political system moving towards cannabis is a revolution in itself. Almost 70 percent of Polish people support medical marijuana, so it is about time that the political stiffs caught up with the people!

Cannabis heals broken bones

Cannabis bones israel


Those trait blazing scientists in Israel are at it again. They have treated broken bones with the non-psychotropic part of the plant(CBD) and have discovered that these bones are healthier and stronger after being treated with CBD. This is another incredible scientific fact and another reason for us to question, what exactly are governments so hysterical about? Over and over it is proven that the plant has amazing healing qualities with little if any negative side effects.

We want sick people to access the plant, we want injured people to access the plant and we want health conscious people, who want a safe and healthy alternative to alcohol to access the plant. Our governments are behaving in a criminal fashion. You can’t make something that is healthy for the human body illegal, that is insane. If we don’t act together, the insanity will continue until we are all threatened.

Revolution anyone???

Italy close to yes on cannabis

Italy cannabis Europe

Today 218 members of the Italian parliament voted for a bill to legalize cannabis. Sponsored by Benedetto Della Vedova, a junior minister for foreign affairs, the bill would allow the growing of up to five plants. You could store 15 grams at home and be allowed to carry five grams outside. Selling the plant would still remain illegal. Italy is one of the biggest European consumers of the plant and is finally owning up to the fact that prohibition doesn’t work. The no side have a fitting leader in Matteo Salvini. He is against cannabis but is strongly in favor of prostitution. He believes there is no harm in sex slavery but is fearful of a health giving plant.
The Italian parliament is split down the middle on cannabis. The no side say it will increase crime and drug taking, but as Portugal, Holland and now Colarado confirm, ending prohibition only improves society.

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