Snoop Dogg to Sweden; fuck y’all !

Sweden cannabis Snoop

We need to talk about Sweden. It has many fine points, but tolerance to cannabis is not one of them. Just ask Snoop Dogg, he was arrested there on Saturday night and forced to give a urine sample. He was in the country for a concert but after being pulled over and arrested, he has vowed never to return. The Swedes, we presume with the best of intentions have become the most conservative country in Europe when it comes to the herb. In spite of the positive science headlines on the plant, the Swedes haven’t altered their stance. Their next door neighbor Denmark has the highest rate of citizens who have tried cannabis in Europe and their society hasn’t shown any ill-effects.

Instead of having a sensible approach to cannabis, Sweden has shown itself to be very intolerant. Worse, when it comes to Snoop Dogg, it seems they racially profiled that G and pulled his car over. After providing a urine sample(which proved negative of any drugs), they let him go. In an emotional video, Snoop told the Swedish authorities to go fuck themselves.

It isn’t just Snoop that is effected by this zero tolerance to cannabis. Younger people who want to use cannabis can’t, but they can get their hands quite easily on synthetic cannabis. Spice as it is often called is lethally dangerous for your health. Have a look at some of the youtube videos of a bad spice trip. People go from happy to deranged in about six seconds. Spice is the price society pays for Swedish superiority. I am glad the Swedish government believe only it knows best, but if a Swedish person wants to smoke cannabis either for health or social reasons, then they have a perfect right to. Cannabis is much healthier for you than alcohol. It can grow brain cells and repair damage on a cellular level. The once mighty Swedes, are showing themselves up to be a little backward.

Snoop Dogg is an acquired taste, but the science on cannabis cannot be disputed. The plant has serious medicinal value. For that reason alone, Sweden needs to change its mind on the herb. Secondly, cannabis is a natural, healthy alternative to alcohol. The rest of Europe is slowly easing into the idea of legalization. Sweden needs to follow them for the safety of young smokers and the well being of sick and older people. We are at the point of no return, let’s finally let cannabis back into European society.


  • I believe Snoop smoking weed alone wouldn’t have been enough reason for an arrest. The problem was the driving. Snoop’s driving must have given them some reason to pull him over. I doubt the police officers were aware of the driver’s “race” as they asked him to pull over. As for assuming that he is on drugs, I’m not surprised. I believe anyone acting like Snoop would be suspected of using drugs up north. They’re not used to people being being that chill.
    But hey, even if they had found drugs he would’ve managed with a ticket. With that said, the sum to be paid could’ve been massive as it is dependent on one’s income.


    • Maybe a bit of drama will shine some much needed light on Sweden’s attitude to cannabis. I remember talking to one young guy from Sweden. He didn’t really know how bad spice was. After I spelt it out, including youtube links, the grizzly reality of what he had been playing with, hit him. Sweden are right to want to protect their people’s health, but prohibition is a failed idea.

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    • I think it’s a bit naive to think you have to do something wrong to be pulled over, particularly when profiled. I bet I have been pulled over 3 times as often if I wear a cap for example. Or it might be red car, blue car today.
      Having said that its a shame Snoop brought race into it, I can rarely use that excuse being a white guy but still always get pulled out the line so to speak. Probably slightly individual dress sense or smell of good weed or don’t like my face, whatever. Maybe snoop was wearing a suit, smelled of peppermints and said yes sir officer, what do I know 😉

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      • The Swedes are nuts about drugs. And Julian Assange!


      • Well he didn’t necessarily have to do anything wrong. After all, he was driving a car in a foreign country so it would only be natural if he did some minor mistakes while driving and seemed a bit uncertain of which direction to take. The police could find that suspicious. Especially in the evening they’re always a bit on their toes and it’s pretty common they even block the street and test all the drivers for alcohol. At least, that’s what I’ve experienced. I’m probably way too “what if”ing. I’ve always found the Swedes so civil.

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