Israel is leading cannabis reform for patients

Israel cannabis

Israel has been a shining example of how to deal with cannabis. From the ground breaking scientific research lead by Raphael Mechoulam to the latest news that cannabis will be widely available in all pharmacies. There has been a real problem of patients getting access to the medicinal plant so today’s announcement outlining a clear path for full introduction into Israeli patient care will bring some much needed relief. The deputy minister of health, Yakov Litxman believes cannabis must be made available to all those who medically need it.

We know that cannabis increases health in all living beings so this announcement has far reaching consequences. Up until today, only a few doctors in Israel could prescribe the herb leading to accusations of the government not doing enough for those in pain. The chair of their parliament’s Committee on Drug and Alcohol Abuse is very supportive of this, so it is believed to pass through to law without undue time wasting or complications. Good news for Israelis and an example that Europe would want to learn as quickly as possible.

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