New report, young Danes replace alcohol with healthier cannabis

Denmark cannabis

The Danish National Institute of Public Health has released its latest findings. School aged kids binge drink less alcohol but are replacing it with cannabis. Obviously in a perfect world, no school kids would bother with cannabis but in the real world, younger people have tried and will continue to try cannabis. It is certainly less damaging than booze, but too much of anything is going to create problems. Half of Danish school boys and a third of girls have smoked cannabis. A little over a third of all Danes have tried pot. That is a lot by European standards.

Prohibitionists will delight in this increased cannabis use. They will argue that cannabis is poisoning young, developing minds. There is a theory that early use of the plant can negatively impact your immune system. Alcohol is far more damaging however. It has been scientifically proven to lower IQs, promote aggressive, anti social behavior and is a leading cause of teen pregnancies.

Prohibitionists won’t tell you that kids have easy access to the plant because of prohibition. Drug dealers don’t have the same protection as pharmaceutical drug dealers. Not being regulated means illegal drugs easily find their way into schools. In Colorado, teens are less likely to use cannabis because there is more control on the supply side. If we want to deal with cannabis as adults, then regulate the production and supply of the herb.