German Major calls for pot legalization

German cannabis

Bremen’s new major is also the first German minister to actively call for cannabis legalization. Carsten Sieling says his budget can’t afford the high cost of the war on drugs. If you take cannabis out of policing, you cut costs, decriminalize a large minority of society, weaken criminal enterprises and free up the courts system. Health goes up and social tension goes down. We now have the Colorado example to go alongside Holland and Portugal. Legal pot is good for employment, health and policing.

An adult European should have the right to choose pot or alcohol and a sick one should always have access to the best medicine. At a medical marijuana conference earlier this year in Prague, we listened to scientists and doctors tell us, cannabis can replace many of the toxic pills that medicine prescribes today. We tried prohibition and it has failed. We now need a lot more honesty. Cannabis has always been a part of European society, and it will be a major part of the fight back against global warming. The toxic waste that is killing our planet can be largely replaced by cannabis. Europe is slowly waking up to cannabis, once it is realized that a new 100 billion euro industry is forming the real fun will start!!


  • Looks like we are getting new blood into the governing media. TOO many has beens in government. All from the old school. Now we might start with some more brighter people


    • From Tony Blairs, you know, just trust us. We can’t leave governments to their own devices because they are corrupt. An active, social media driven atmosphere would be safer for everyone