The nonsensical war on cannabis

war on cannabis

We need more politicians standing up for the people they supposedly represent. Social media gives voters the ability to engage with politics. This is a serious threat to the good old boys and a life line for the planet. Our online actions matter, so if you have time, follow your local politician on Facebook, etc and engage with them. We are the people and if we don’t do something we will passively help destroy the planet we live on.

Tell your local politician to get moving on cannabis! It is clearly a medicine and it clearly has many other uses. The reefer madness propaganda has been proven to be utterly false. The congressman in this video is a fine example of what politicians could be like. Both he and Bernie Sanders could help prevent the total control corporations have on society. If you want to help, join our cannabis church or question your local politician on social media. It is in our hands, so let’s get to it!