Why become a cannabis activist?

cannabis activism

Is cannabis a life or death subject?

Yes it is. In American states that have adopted medical cannabis the rate of accidental pain medication overdose deaths decreases by 25%.

Crohn’s Disease can kill and yet it can be easily treated with pot.

Our political leaders send men and women off to war. The effective weapons, armor and training lets them do their job and then get back home. The armor they wear however, doesn’t save people from the gruesome horror show that is war. Every day army vets make the choice to kill themselves. Post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) is a silent killer that doesn’t show up in combat statistics. Cannabis is an effective treatment for this man made problem. The current treatment for PTSD involves pumping vets with a cocktail of anti psychotic medication and tranquilizers. Over time, this toxic medication leads to other illnesses directly caused by the chemicals used to treat PTSD. It is cruel to send men and women off to war, it is even crueler to deny the psychologically injured soldiers a safe treatment to help them cope.

cannabis activism

Cannabis has been shown to kill cancer cells. Since 1974 the US government knew this but suppressed the information. Compounds in the plant regulate your cell’s work. Cancer cells keep dividing and growing which eventually leads to death. A normal cell is programmed to kill itself if there is a problem (Apoptosis), cancer cells don’t know they are damaged so they just keep multiplying into tumors. When cannabis enters a cell it refocuses the cell to act properly. So cancer cells do as they should and die, leaving healthy cells to continue their work. This is an amazing natural break through for medicine. This is the cleanest way to treat cancer and instead of President Nixon being the guy who saved the world from cancer, he hid the information and expanded the war on drugs. He is a disgrace to humanity and a fine example of political behavior.

cannabis activism

Small doses of cannabis are an effective treatment for depression and anxiety.

Are there not more important issues for activists to deal with?

We live in a crazy world. Poverty, crime and cruel indifference all shadow a planet that could be paradise. At the very heart of the world’s problems, is corrupt political leaders. Look at Nigeria, it is a country of immense wealth, but its people live in utter poverty. Their political leaders are bribed by western oil and gas companies. Funds that should go to education and healthcare get stolen at the top and spent on new palaces in South Africa and penthouse apartments in Paris. In  western societies, our leaders are just as corrupt but we don’t call it a crime, we call it lobbying. A politician will tell you what you want to hear and then cash lobbyist checks to do the exact opposite. They do this over and over again and for some reason we keep falling for it.

cannabis activism

We need to end this cycle of dishonest government. One of the greatest lies that our dear leaders tell, is that they hold sacred the public’s health. This is clearly not important to them because they allow pollution, literally on an industrial scale. They are paid by corporations to promote food that is toxic, medicine that can kill and all the while cut funding for projects that can help benefit the health of society(state run schools are cutting physical education for example).

Cannabis is non toxic. It does not kill people. Sugar, tobacco and alcohol kill an alarming number of people each year. There is no public safety issue with marijuana so we must presume that its prohibition is part of the political lying game. Until we hold our leaders to account, they will continue their double speak nonsense.

Cannabis is at the heart of society’s problem. We have had information within government for decades about the medical uses of marijuana but nothing was done about it. We need governments that can be trusted to act for the good of society. Prohibition has set back the scientific examination of the plant. We have to retrain our political monkeys to do what is right, not what is in their personal best interest.

Is it not going to be legalized anyway, so why bother getting involved?

cannabis activism

The system is humming along nicely the way things are. Police get easy crime fighting statistics and politicians get an easy sales pitch to older voters that are not aware of the new scientific data on cannabis. If we don’t make it politically important to politicians they simply won’t do anything. Politicians only care about re-election. Cannabis legalization will save lives, but in doing so they will disrupt the pharmaceutical, alcohol and law enforcement industries. These are powerful actors that will try at every turn to stop legalization. Until we are all involved in creating a better society, we will have to make do with the one we have.

Ok, how do I get involved?

First off, that’s the spirit! Activism is societies way of communicating with power. Staying informed is important. Joining a group that promotes legalization is always a good place to meet great people who care about the world. Encod.org, Norml and Patients for Safe Access are just a few of the many groups that are trying to help. Join in the debate online. Help organize events. Fighting for cannabis, is a fight for human rights and justice. The plant has a bewildering number of uses. It can replace petroleum and plastics. We need the plant, not to get high, but to save the planet. Imagine instead of drilling in the arctic, we just grew our oil. Cannabis can do this. Cannabis activism is a beautiful journey, one filled with sweet people and high ideals. Praguepot urges everyone to get involved. Together we can make the world a better place.