Europe’s untapped 60 billion euro cannabis market

european cannabis market

Anyone living in Europe knows that we are in the midst of a financial crisis. Unemployment is high and voters are starting to experiment with the extremes of the political spectrum. There is also a very clear north south divide. The industrial, prudent north and the relaxed, economically disadvantaged south. Germans want Greeks to work more and pay their taxes. Greeks want to tell northern banks to go fuck themselves. As you can see, we are one charming little family. If we are to survive as a group and move past this economic test then we had better come up with new ways of keeping the bloc together.

The south of Europe has beautiful beaches and an easy way of life. Having lived in Spain, I know first hand what an amazing country it is. Friendly, smart people living in the California of Europe. Unemployment in Spain is crippling. 50% of people under 30 are unemployed. This is going to have serious long term effects for their society so they should start tackling it any way the government can. If Europe was to legalize cannabis it could be grown year round in the south. The employment and tax revenue are a persuasive argument. If the cannabis is organically grown then it can be a powerful medicine that can replace toxic pharmaceutical alternatives. Cannabis is a health supplement. A tiny daily dose can dramatically increase your health.

Besides the health, employment and tax benefits, legalizing cannabis will also free up police so they can get on with the important job of safeguarding society from violent crime. With one imperial stroke of an EU pen, a new 60 billion euro industry can be born. Couple this with the scientific and medical research and we will all wonder why it took so long to legalize. Cannabis is safe and healthy for you. There are no valid argument left on the prohibitionist side. They are simply saying no because they don’t have the imagination to move along with the current scientific research. This is a shame for sick  Europeans that must further stress their delicate bodies with toxic medication that substitutes for pot.

I am full of hope for us. We have something that can be of so much benefit to society if we would only evolve our thinking a little bit. With activist groups like we are trying to move the European Union towards its new green field. I know people within the movement say that reform will take time. But we are a new society. Technology has switched us all on and we can now communicate effectively. 60 billion euros is falling into the hands of the black economy every year in Europe. A well regulated, southern grown cannabis product would be an amazing improvement on todays situation. 70% of drug arrests are for cannabis. When the dust settles on this cannabis health debate, praguepot wagers that cannabis is as significant a breakthrough as stem cell research. That is a big claim that is backed up with the beginning of solid scientific research on the herb. Cannabis is good for Europe and our European cannabis activists are not going to stop until we have our cannabis human rights respected.