Cannabis freedom starts from within

cannabis prohibition

The beauty of a human soul isn’t held within a country’s legal system. Souls must find their own way to sing sweetly. We were born free but somewhere along the way we have become enslaved. Justice is dying. My fellow cannabis brothers and sisters are being oppressed. We love the herb, I think it is a messenger from Mother Nature, but that is just me. All of our civil rights have been destroyed the moment a government knowingly punished someone for a healthy lifestyle choice. Organically grown cannabis is healthy for you. The science is too strong to deny anymore.

The Jews that were slaughtered in the second world war holocaust did as they were told. They gave up their rights, their possessions and then their freedom. Since that war they have said over and over not to forget. The trouble is, fascism has many faces. Today fascism is in the strict adherence to the rule of law. Don’t walk on the grass, don’t smoke the grass, don’t feed the homeless, don’t listen to your inner voice, listen to the police megaphone declaring the truth according to brute strength. The rule of law is a spiders web.

When old Jewish people tell us not to forget their holocaust, they are talking about the battle that each human being must face. If I witness injustice, I am part of the problem the moment I decide not to act. Our governments are too powerful. As cannabis activists, we want our civil rights respected. We are not going to obediently get into stinking trains this time. Freedom is worth fighting for. Civil disobedience is your duty when laws are unjust, and don’t kid yourself, these laws that seek to strangle us are unjust. Rivers shouldn’t be polluted, food shouldn’t give you cancer. It is time for change. First look within. You are perfect. You were born with the loving strength and knowledge of all that has gone before you. It is time to stand up for your rights.