Cannabis legalization spreads like wildfire in America

cannabis America


Colorado, Washington, Alaska and soon even Texas! Cannabis is taking over America. If there was a pothead in a coma for the last couple of years, he or she is not going to believe what has happened to America. Once it was confirmed that cannabis did little if any damage to society, state legislators then took a look at the money Colorado was raking in through taxes. Cannabis legalization then began to spread like wildfire. It is no longer a question of if, but when. There are still patients out there suffering because they have to take toxic alternatives to cannabis but their day is coming.
The prohibitionists haven’t given up the ghost of course. They are still trying to scare us into submission but the reefer madness fever has broken. Change is coming, and in fairness to Obama, he embraced it. He was the first sitting president to admit cannabis use and then actually go on to do something about its prohibition. To the activists out there, keep going. We can’t for a moment stop the pressure until this monstrosity is dead and buried.
Look at the speed that cannabis legislation is being discussed and then adopted. The crack in the dam is now flowing. Being washed away is the prohibitionist horse shit. No brains have been fried from cannabis. No rape has been caused by marijuana. We listened to a bunch of people that had an economic incentive to keep cannabis illegal. By the presidential vote next year, praguepot predicts that a majority of states will have medical marijuana legislation. Patients will have their medicine and except for a few puritanical cave dwelling states, cannabis will once again, take its place within American society. No American presidential candidate can be elected without supporting cannabis. It is only now that politicians realize that cannabis is not a joke to us. This is as serious a subject as any of the other major issues affecting our world.

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