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Drug war nonsense

It still amazes me how backward our system of government really is. We now know cannabis is not dangerous. Enforcing the prohibition of this plant is a complete waste of our resources. The video below shows the child like nature of the DEA when it comes to cannabis. Since when was it acceptable for grown adults to behave in this way? Look at the science, and correct the prohibition nonsense. We have a world that is being polluted by short sighted economic policies, war for oil and systemic corruption. Do we really want to stay distracted by this non facts based cannabis argument?

Method seven grow glasses

Method seven grow glasses

At last years Prague cannafest I got a pair of Method Seven grow room glasses. The difference they make when you are under harsh hps grow lights is amazing. For the last six months my eyes have been given a rest from harmful UV A/B and UVC rays. If you wear sunglasses in a grow room they will protect you from the A and B rays but can leave you exposed to cataract inducing UVC rays. You get to see your babies grow in clear colors. Praguepot recommends this new technology. Being a half blind great grower is not a health trade-off needed to hone your skills. If you spend an extended amount of time under hps bulbs then do your older self a favor and get a pair !!

Mighty marijuana momentum rolls over America

american cannabis

It is hard to believe what has happened in America. They are the crazy prohibitionists that have finally seen the light. You have to remember that America has been the main protagonist in this international war on cannabis. They have spent billions of tax payers dollars fighting against the spread of pot use. They have failed miserably at this task and have criminalized a vast army of otherwise law-abiding citizens. If you are a puritanical, white Christian in America, it will be with horror that you realize that Colorado has not imploded after the legalization of cannabis. Worse from a prohibitionist’s point of view is the 25% reduction in medical pain killer overdose deaths in states that allow medical marijuana. The drop in crime and  increase in taxes all lead a sensible person to conclude, that cannabis is good for society.

Cannabis has support from both sides of the American political carnival. Each of the candidates for next years Imperial Emperor elections will have to state their position on cannabis. So far, politicians have tried to laugh off the cannabis question. They say it is not something they are proud of and isn’t something they do now. Obama, to be fair, has been the most honest about pot. He sees it as a vice like tobacco and is also afraid of the damage a large, money hungry corporation might do within the pot industry. It is cool that he has this opinion, he seems to be the only one that has developed his views on marijuana,  but that doesn’t really help the legion of poor, black men sitting in jail for cannabis crimes.

Besides the hypocrisy from the prohibitionists, the politicians are missing one very important point. Cannabis is an amazing medicine for older people. It helps with painful inflammation (arthritis), helps regulate your heath system and even regrows brain cells. They are robbing older people of their health. Pot use reduces the risk of diabetes. Those are good odds in a country that has a very serious diabetes problem.

There are hardened, grizzled cannabis activists that have dedicated their lives to legalizing pot. Here at praguepot we love those people. They have given so much to make a real difference in the world. But it wasn’t until the internet came along that their voice and information finally went main stream. Look at what has happened. Within a ten year period, cannabis has gone from a Nancy Reagan nightmare into a normal, legal commodity. The power of the people has very clearly been expressed.  With all the prior, hidden research on cannabis being exposed, the prohibitionist bullyboys have been left looking like fools. Cannabis never was a threat. The real threat has always come from out of control concentrations of power. The only antidote for this has been an engaged, active public. The cannabis community has done its job in America. There is so much work left to be done to help heal the planet and society, we might finally be on the right path. Jai Kali Ma.

A Prague pot poem

Cannabis is green.

It can help with some pretty serious illnesses.

It can be abused, misused and wasted.

Smoking pot might make you a cliché.

Using cannabis will make you seem like a reformed rapist in the eyes of the ignorant.

Not being a stoner cliché will help change the ignorant buffalo’s opinion of cannabis.

Cannabis is an amazing tonic for older people. It brings down natural inflammation and helps repair worn out old bodies.

Cannabis kills stress, which is lucky because stress kills people.

Cannabis is a gift from Mother Nature.

Cannabis might stop our species from fossil fuel driving our civilization off the cliff.

Did you see the might in the last sentence? Might? Even with cannabis and a reconnection to the natural world, we might be goosed anyway.

Cannabis is to human consciousness, as lobbyists are to the political system. Cannabis is a message from Mother Nature. Dude, chill and stop trying to kill the planet. Find peace with each other. Work to extinguish hate and ignorance.

Cannabis is an intoxicant that can make you smile and think as it regulates your nervous and endocannabinoid systems.

If you take a look at the world, a little more thinking is probably a good thing.

There is a reason ancient cultures worshiped pot.

We can and should cooperate, there is a bigger picture reason. Until we exercise our rights, the corporate system will try to remove them.

Try to fall in love, every day.

Love and laughter

The cannabis religion

cannabis religion

Sheltered from the last of the bleak winter that folds around the old, wood built cabin that passes for their church, these cannabis evangelicals are in surprisingly good humor. Each Tuesday they meet and discuss their faith. Sometimes traveling miles so they can sit and contemplate life from within the warm embrace of their church. Recently the congregation has grown, they are now looking for a larger chapel to help them spread the word. Due to the persecution they get from non believers, the church has remained a closely guarded secret.

The familiar, loving experience that is a visit to their weekly service, stands in stark contrast to the prohibition horror stories each member has had to endure. They have all, quite literally suffered for their faith. Myself and about 30 other people take our seats when the pastor moves to the raised oak pulpit. Lily has been the head of this group for more than 25 years. She is a gentle, dignified looking woman in her middle age. As she beams down on us all, you can feel the room tuning into her frequency.

“Welcome everyone, I hope we don’t have any members left stranded out there in the blizzard”. Lily went on to tell us about the role she sees for the church, as well as sharing wisdom and humor. The church is to be an example of compassion and evolution she said. We are here to share experiences, to embrace ourselves and the wider community. She reminded us that this is our one and only known chance to live and celebrate the here and now. All of creation is a sacred gift for us to enjoy. We must rediscover sharing and cooperation if we are going to  build the perfect society which allows both us and the natural world to thrive.

We begin with ourselves. Finding out who we really are is a sacrament. Trying to live by the standards that Mother Nature has given us is a fundamental goal. In short, trying to be the best version of ourselves. Once we understand who we are and what direction we would most prefer our lives to take, we get on with it. Make it happen and help those around you that want the same thing. It is your religious duty to be in a constant state of learning. We are here to evolve. You have to judge your actions based on the entire consequences of those actions. We are part of the problem until we become conscious enough to do our part to promote a better society.

She spoke at length about our duty to be authentic. Working together is more fun. Sitting in a grey, work cubical and punching things into a computer is not the full expression of humanity. It is a perversion. We were not meant to be seven billion strangers on the planet. We are family, Asian cousins, Indian uncles and European aunts. At our root, we are all from the same species, sharing the same bit of rock hurtling through infinite space and time. The non believers that oppress us believe that they are outside of nature and are masters of it. This is the same situation as when a small child throws a temper tantrum at its mother because she will not let the child play in the busy street. We are from nature, we are nature and it is time to become a more natural society. We have amazing technology and intelligence, so lets start channeling that smarts into practical things that can save the planet. Modern society is sick. Consumerism has not turned out to be anything other than a business scam to pollute the planet while benefiting only a handful of sociopaths.

The vision Lily has for society is beautiful. I don’t know if it was the ideals or the wicked white widow that made me tune into the church. All I know is that I will be attending next Tuesdays gathering. As we become adults there is a certain amount of disappointment that comes with growing up. Things keep changing. Those golden yesterdays will fade whether we like it or not and in the end, the only thing we really ever have is the present moment. Look around you, this is it. The perspective we choose to view this moment with however, is up to us. Looking up at Lily I choose to see the world as a smile. I don’t know how practical this religion is, but I sure hope it catches on.

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