Cannabis dream

cannabis dream

We want freedom. We want ice cream. We want free ice cream or we are literally going to go ballistic.  It had been a long day, and nobody cared to consider how irate Sam had become. He was sitting on his comfortably uncomfortable, old worn out legless couch, watching the surveillance shadows. Are you sure you are going to go ballistic though? Last time you called for ice cream and got none you only sulked until you forgot.

I’ll give you all a sulk. CIA Sam doesn’t wait around.

Preaching about the evils of forced pot prohibition does get tiresome. Let’s face it, we will get cannabis legalization but the government has decided to be a bit of an ass about it. Hi, I wrote earlier about all that super science on the health benefits of marijuana, did you get a chance to read any of it? No? No time to read a little science on the plant you have gone out of your way to assure us all that it is so evil? Not to worry man, we will come back tomorrow, maybe with some new science data too.

What is the government waiting for? I remember when I was a kid, my brother and I were happily playing pool in some old bar while waiting for our dad to come back up the memory lane he was wandering down. Anyways, after a coke and a couple of games of pool we were feeling fine. Then in walked some local red necks. After a few minutes of watching us they slapped a coin down on the pool table and smugly walked off. We haven’t finished playing we told them, but red neck rules are the rules so the end of this game was pretty much the end of the bliss we had been enjoying. Without saying a word or even exchange a glance we just kept knocking that last black ball around the table just to spite the village hanging arounders. They hadn’t seen us play so they at first couldn’t figure out if we were really that bad or were just trying to stay on the table as long as possible. We would set up easier and easier shots for each other to miss. How could you miss that? It was easier to sink that last one than miss it! I think we kept those guys on the edge of their seats for at least another hour before they figured we were just playing as long as we could. The chief knuckle dragger eventually put the black ball down the hole and told us to fuck off.

It seems to me that the government has to be playing with us too. How can you prohibit a plant that is healthy for you? The answer is and always will be, because you let them. Government has a role to play in our lives, but it is not the central part of our life. Keep the street lights on, lock up violent people and try your best not to fuck things up too badly. Almost one out of three isn’t so bad I guess. But seriously, who do our government think they are kidding? Listen young fellow, this is the way government works, we have a nonsense policy and we are going to carry it out because we are always doing it this way and besides, we are actually all drunk on the power you let us wield over you. Eventually someone has to say, right you have had your bit of fun, now time for you to fuck off somewhere else. A lawyer will see it different I am sure, but there is no natural way that a government or their agents can really be able to tell you that you can’t use cannabis. If they have that power, then what is stopping them from making you do other things you don’t like. Today the stoners are oppressed with this nonsense but what if tomorrow they say you can’t go out jogging or hiking anymore, because some of the joggers and hikers are taking a shit on the public street and leaving it there for someone to slip on. Sorry about that folks but you can no longer jog. Would you be outraged? Would you start secretly jogging around your house in defiance? Or would you accept the new orders and make the best of it? If you aren’t a jogger anyway, what is the big deal right?

So where does the government stop? If they have the right to stop me from smoking pot, what else can they do? They do go to war, they do have crooked financial deals swirling around their time in public self service. We see example after example of corruption and lobbying/bribery which benefits the few at the top and shits on those below. Crooks that have mastered the art of bullshit to such a successful degree that they not only get elected but end up leading the other snake oil salesmen and women, and we the people have to rely on these sociopaths to do the right thing? Given the chance, a politician will cut you for a dime. And the worst part is, we let them. We concern ourselves with our own lives and don’t take responsibility for our role in the screw up that is the modern world.

We have apple phones and tablets, apparently there is a new watch out, which sounds more gimmick than useful new tech thing but anyways, what have we achieved with all these new gadgets? The world has become smaller for sure. We can know so much about anything that takes our fancy, but we also get to see terrible poverty and its resulting chaos cruelly waste countless lives. Each of us must share in the responsibility of knowing we are all either part of the problem or the solution. If we are part of the problem, then go ahead and look away. Hopefully you have something else more important to keep an eye on instead of just being lazy. If you do give a damn about helping to make a better world, then start small but aim for the stars. Good people will always find good people. Organically grown cannabis is actually healthy for you. This is such a funny situation. The anti pot people have no valid reason to deny the use of cannabis so after years of just making stuff up about pot they eventually end up just ignoring us. Yes, still busting people too, but their silence is interesting. We need to use social media to lovingly remind the authorities that they are not God, they are here to help run society better. It isn’t their responsibility to stop me from making a personal lifestyle choice. I would be just as appalled if the government started dictating what kind of hair cut we could have as I am when I see the government has decided that I can’t smoke pot based on nothing more than tradition, even after the science now says the herb is healthy.

There are so many other things to concern yourself with, but you cannot dismiss the cannabis debate. There are important points of principles here. A right to privacy, a right to freedom, a right to make up our own minds, especially when we get the same science data as the government. Science data by the way, which overwhelmingly points out that cannabis is healthy for you. It regulates your system better. Takes pain and stress away. Fights cancer but can cause paranoia, go figure. A generation ago they would have gone crazy if they thought the government was spying on them. Now we accept it without a second thought and also agree to be dictated to by a government that have gotten it wrong on pot. Not only that but government knows it is wrong. So they know and we know they know. But maybe a bigger question is, do they know that we know that they are dead wrong on cannabis? It is a bloody disgrace either way. All the pointless tax payer money being spent to play along with this pointless prohibition. Bonuses for the banks and tanks for the police. Cannabis consumers are not criminals. Marijuana is a medicine for our modern times. It promotes the growth of new brain cells. Lord knows I need more of those cells so on behalf of stupid people with ambitions everywhere, please legalize pot so we can move onto fixing the next problem.