The trillion dollar reason pot is prohibited

big pharma cannabis

Expensive art on the walls, plush leather sofas and the faint whiff of rich oak. The top floor of a pharmaceutical company is rarefied, filtered air. America is the largest economy on the planet and the pharmaceutical industry is its biggest business. These chemical companies are so powerful within the political system that whatever regulations they want, they get. Globally these companies sell a cool trillion dollars worth of drugs. A trillion dollars in annual sales has bought planes, senators, countries and even common sense.

big pharma cannabis

Cannabis cannot be patented (though they will certainly try to!) so it is of no use to these giant corporations. From all the great science coming out of Israel and Spain we can now clearly see that the plant is a health giving natural substance. The plant when consumed does two very important things. Firstly it is one of the most powerful anti inflammatory agents known to medicine (twice as effective as a cortisone injection) and secondly it regulates cell function. As we age, our bodies naturally develop wear and tear related injuries. These injuries become inflamed and cause pain. Cannabis can step in and bring down this inflammation. I have personally seen organically grown cannabis taking chronic pain away. Pot through regulating human cell functions can kill cancer cells. There are many examples of cannabis oil curing cancer. You see these charity organizations raising millions for cancer research, why isn’t it being used to investigate cannabis and cancer?

big pharma cannabis

Pharmaceutical companies get the money that we raise at charity events and use it to develop drugs that prolong life, not cure the disease. So after getting free money, these pharma drug pushers then sell the drugs back to the public at an obscene profit. Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the harsh, immoral world of capitalism. Profit before everything else, including sick, dying people. Cannabis can be grown in a small space anywhere. The medical benefits of cannabis keep expanding. Society will be healthier when medical marijuana is finally embraced. Unlike the snake oil sales men that give one pill for your illness and then five more for the side effects, cannabis does the job in a powerful, yet non toxic way. There is no argument left. Big pharma is just playing for time and trying to enrich their executives while they still can. There is a place for pharmaceutical companies, but not at the heart of government. Governments are supposed to look after the interests of the people, corporations only seek to maximize their profits, when government does the bidding of business it is for profit and usually to the detriment of society.

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Sick people don’t benefit from cannabis prohibition. The kids (mostly black) that get locked up for possession of the plant don’t benefit. Society now has power thirsty, military police, huge numbers of non violent “criminals” and sick people being pumped full of toxic chemicals that treat one disease but create many more. So who benefits? Surely it couldn’t be that bunch of perma-tanned pharmaceutical executives that award themselves millions of dollars in performance bonuses each year? Cannabis prohibition has taken the only serious threat to the pharmaceutical industry out of the equation. As long as marijuana is illegal they will continue to bask in the trillion dollars they make each year. The corruption is so deep and pervasive that the whole world now thinks cannabis is a dangerous substance. Junk food, pills, booze and inactivity are all a part of our modern life. We have legalized the unhealthy and made illegal the healthy. They might as well ban exercise along with cannabis because it makes about as much sense. We can put rockets into space, replace a mans defective heart but we can’t accept science when it comes to pot? Someone is profiting from this monstrous situation and it isn’t the general population. The only way this situation changes is when we force it to change.


  • In complete agreement with this writer every single word. It’s too bad there are other very greedy corporations fighting cannabis as well.

    The Eighth Amendment (Amendment VIII) to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights (ratified December 15, 1791[1]) prohibiting the federal government from imposing excessive bail, excessive fines, or cruel and unusual punishments, including torture. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that this amendment’s Cruel and Unusual Punishment Clause also applies to the states. The phrases in this amendment originated in the English Bill of Rights of 1689.

    The Eighth Amendment was adopted, as part of the Bill of Rights, in 1791. It is almost identical to a provision in the English Bill of Rights of 1689, in which Parliament declared, “as their ancestors in like cases have usually done…that excessive bail ought not to be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”[3]
    The provision was largely inspired by the case in England of Titus Oates who, after the ascension of King James II in 1685, was tried for multiple acts of perjury which had caused many executions of people whom Oates had wrongly accused. Oates was sentenced to imprisonment including an annual ordeal of being taken out for two days pillory plus one day of whipping while tied to a moving cart. The Oates case eventually became a topic of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Eighth Amendment jurisprudence.[4] The punishment of Oates involved ordinary penalties collectively imposed in a barbaric, excessive and bizarre manner.[5] The reason why the judges in Oates’ perjury case were not allowed to impose the death penalty (unlike in the cases of those whom Oates had falsely accused) may be because such a punishment would have deterred even honest witnesses from testifying in later cases.[6]
    England’s declaration against “cruel and unusual punishments” was approved by Parliament in February 1689, and was read to King William III and his wife Queen Mary II on the following day.[7] Members of Parliament then explained in August 1689 that “the Commons had a particular regard…when that Declaration was first made” to punishments like the one that had been inflicted by the King’s Bench against Titus Oates.[7] Parliament then enacted the English Bill of Rights into law in December 1689.[7] Members of parliament characterized the punishment in the Oates case as not just “barbarous” and “inhuman” but also “extravagant” and “exorbitant”.[8]
    In England, the “cruel and unusual punishments” clause was a limitation on the discretion of judges, and required judges to adhere to precedent. According to the great treatise of the 1760s by William Blackstone entitled Commentaries on the Laws of England:
    [H]owever unlimited the power of the court may seem, it is far from being wholly arbitrary; but its discretion is regulated by law. For the bill of rights has particularly declared, that excessive fines ought not to be imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted: (which had a retrospect to some unprecedented proceedings in the court of king’s bench, in the reign of king James the second)….[9]

    Most religions used cannabis…food, herbal remedy & spiritual ceremony …it’s against our constitutional rights to not let us practice our religious beliefs. Cannabis is in The Holy Anointing Oil Jesus used, It’s the Plant Of Great Renown, It’s The Tree Of Life! Seed, plants are gifts from God for our food & medicine. Governments are breaking our constitutional rights also the 8th. Amendment against cruel & unusual punishment…how can anyone say cannabis being illegal is not cruel & unusual punishment…it’s a plant that’s unusual to make laws and punishment against the use of a non toxic plant. Pursuit of health and happiness another constitutional right the government has stolen…when you are health enable one to be happy…sickness make for unhappiness and suffering.


    • Hi 🙂
      You are completely right in what you say!!
      Our governments have been captured by big money interests. Corporations can make huge financial contributions to politicians through a legalized bribery system called lobbying. As powerful as all these players are, we the people actually have the vote. We need to activate as many people as possible. Collective, community based thinking and action is the real power base in society.