Cannabis is healthy for you

Organically grown cannabis is healthy for you. There are zero medical or scientific reasons why marijuana is illegal. Prohibition works for big pharmaceutical companies, alcohol companies and law enforcement agencies that like the look of the pot arrest numbers. Cannabis doesn’t hurt people, the law making it illegal does.

The video is testimonials from medical marijuana patients. What more do we need to do to convince people that cannabis is safe and healthy to use, especially when you compare it to alcohol!


  • Totally agree with this! Keep spreading the good word!


    • Thank you šŸ™‚
      I was just reading an article on a science website entitled, 20 years of cannabis research, what we know now. The research only catalogued the negative effects. It didn’t note one positive aspect of the plant. You are twice as likely to be in a crash if you drive while stoned. (By the way you are 16 times more likely to be in a crash when under the influence of alcohol)
      I hope when the general public finds out that cannabis is safe and healthy that they question all aspects of government interference because even though governments are playing God at the moment they cannot replace common sense!

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