Organically grown Prague weed

Having some nice pot to go with a ramble through our ancient Prague streets or to bring on the giggles with friends is a treat. There are many health benefits to consuming the plant. It is a powerful anti inflammatory agent and besides regulating our nervous and cell functions it is also a fun mood enhancer. Wonderful I hear you say. Except cannabis has been kept in the shadows by governments all over the world, including Prague’s own ruling hypocrites. People don’t die from consuming cannabis, they heal. The system is doing a massive injustice by keeping the plant technically illegal. Besides putting people in prison there is another negative effect. Most cannabis growers put toxic Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) into their plants. Some of the chemicals cannot be flushed out of the plant and instead they get consumed by unknowing pot lovers.
Organically grown food and cannabis is best for you. Marijuana is a health supplement but if the pot is grown with the aid of Paclobutrazol or similar toxic chemicals then you are actually harming your body. Prague growers need to choose organic growing methods. Yes you can have smaller yields by going organic but it is the right thing to do. When you are buying pot in Prague (and obviously everywhere else!), make sure you are getting it from a bio grower. This video gives us a quick glimpse at the problem. Cannabis is an amazing plant, lets not ruin mother nature’s medicine with greed.